My Best Sport Discoveries of the Year | Gap Sport & Pole Dance

Back in September I started a new sport: Pole Dance. I wanted to try it because it’s really interesting athletically speaking and I immediately fell in love.

That being said, the thing about pole dance is that you can’t wear a lot of clothes because the skin has to grip to the pole.

So I went looking for cute sports bras on Zalando. I mean if everybody was going to see them, they might as well be beautiful. And pretty sport clothes also help with motivation. It’s shallow but it’s true.

That’s how I discovered Gap Sport. I’m so happy with my new clothes that I wanted to share my discovery with you.

It all started with a simple burgundy sports bra.

While browsing, I chose very randomly, purely based on what the sports bras looked like, and I didn’t expect to have such a nice surprise waiting for me at home.

I got my new burgundy sport bra out of its plastic bag, tried it on, and before I could take it off, I had already placed another order of Gap sport clothes: Two long sleeve t-shirts, a tank top, a second sports bra and leggings. Good to know I was originally just looking for a sports bra.

What I love about these clothes is that they’re light and soft (very very very soft !) and fairly affordable too !

I like the sports bras because they work both for my pole dance classes and flexibility classes as well as for my at-home yoga sessions. (I’m doing the 31 Day Yoga Revolution on Youtube with Yoga with Adriene. By the way, I already “reviewed” the “30 days of yoga challenge” here).

The support of this bra is fairly light, but this means that you won’t feel encumbered during more acrobatic moves, and its softness means that there’s no way that it’ll irritate your skin.

The long sleeve t-shirts are incredibly comfortable and I like to wear them on the daily at home (you don’t even need to work out to enjoy them, eheh) but also during warm up or for the more relaxed yoga sessions when I tend to get a little chilly.

As you may have guessed, I’m pretty smitten with my new clothes. And my workout drawer is now looking very much like a Gap Sport shop.

At the moment, I’ve literally ordered everything I liked from them, but I’ll be sure to check it out every now and then because I’m really impressed with the quality and the price. (This is a lie, I just placed another order and I can barely wait for it to arrive)

burgundy sports bradark grey and pink leggingblack long sleeve t-shirt

What about you, what are your favourite work-out clothes ? And what’s your work out ?


*sponsored post, but I still mean every single word I wrote

  • Finally made it to the blog post! Love that top! Looks really pretty! And the way the long-sleeved shirt shows the top’s straps through the keyhole in the back is so nice. Also: that last photo? AWESOME.

    • thank you ! I loved the keyhole detail, beside its softness, it’s pretty much the only reason why I got it 😛 didn’t need it at all 😛