Skincare Routine Update | 6 Months with Dr Hauschka

You might remember that back in September I talked to you about my skincare routine, in which I used almost exclusively Dr Hauschka products (read more about it here)

I made a pact with myself that I wouldn’t use any other products for 3 months (from June to September) to see if I could get rid off my acne with Dr Hauschka. And it worked !

I now want to talk to you about the 4 following months, how my routine changed (or didn’t), what are the products that I use now and how my skin is feeling.

Removing Makeup and Cleansing

As I told you in my previous post about my routine, the cleansing milk from Dr Hauschka was not my favourite. It’s been formulated to work with their makeup that isn’t waterproof and it doesn’t really work on heavier or waterproof makeup.

So I went back to using regular makeup removers. I’m just finishing up my bottle of the l’Alpage bi-phase makeup remover (reviewed here) that’s really good in one swipe even on waterproof mascara. But I’m also using the Estée Lauder cleansing balm (reviewed here, and mentioned in my 2016 top 5) that’s incredibly efficient and so nice to use.

As for cleansing, I keep on using the purifying cream from Dr Hauschka, as it leaves my skin feeling very clean but not stripped at all. And seeing how good my skin looks, I’m convinced it’s doing a good job.

The only downside regarding that cleansing cream, is that I finish it quite quickly compared to the other products. A tube lasts me about a month. But seeing as I already repurchased it 6 times, we can safely say that I like it enough not to care too much about that.

Morning and Evening Routine

My basic routine hasn’t changed much, if at all. I’m still only using Dr Hauschka products.

I’m still using the clarifying toner, day and night before any other skincare. The bottle lasted me exactly 6 months, and I just bought my second one. (As I was saying in my previous post, the products are expensive but they will last you a long time because you use very little at a time)

In the morning, I use the clarifying day oil (as you can see, after 7 months I still have about a third of the bottle left.) Since it’s been colder, I’ve been applying a thin layer of the melissa day cream on top, as my skin is a bit more dehydrated. Sometimes I even add a very small amount of the hydrating cream mask around my nose or on my forehead. But that’s only when I’ve been skiing or on very cold days.

maybe I should just get the rose day cream that’s more hydrating than the melissa one, but right now I’m happy with my technique.

In the evening, I apply the night serum on top of the toner. And as you can see, after 7 months I still haven’t finished it. But there isn’t much left in the tube.

Some days I feel like the serum isn’t quite enough for my skin, so I’ve started to add the Estée Lauder advanced night repair serum on top. However I haven’t tried that often enough yet to be sure that it’s a good idea.

Eye Contour

I had the same problem with the eye cream as I did with the cleansing milk. I didn’t quite like it. As I said in my last post, I find their eye cream to be a little light for my needs.

As I don’t break out around my eyes (fortunately !) I allowed myself to try a few things. I’m currently using the Shiseido Bio-Performance eye cream that I already mentioned in my previous skincare routine post, as well as the Clinique Pep-start eye cream.

I feel like both of these are a bit more heavy duty than the Dr Hauschka one. But honestly I struggle to know for sure. I feel like you don’t really ever see the effect of an eye cream. So what I do is that I just use all three of them, depending on my mood. But I tend to use the Shiseido one at night and the other two in the morning (one or the other.)

The extras

That’s the category where there’s the most turnover and the most products that aren’t from Dr Hauschka.

From Dr Hauschka, I’m still using the clarifying clay mask, when my skin is acting up (that happens very rarely nowadays. YAY !), as well as the hydrating cream mask when I feel like my skin needs a hydration boost. I like using both of them.

But I also use other masks, because I have quite a few in my collection that I don’t want to throw away. At the moment I’m using the Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask fairly often as my skin is becoming more dehydrated because of the cold and it’s a great one for that. But I’m also trying out a few things from Peter Thomas Roth and Estée Lauder, amongst other things. But I’ve only just started using them so I can’t say much about those just yet-

I’m also still using the COSRX anti-pimple patches from eBeautyandCare because they’re really good at making breakouts go away quicker. I’ve just opened my fourth pack. (If you’re interested the discount code FEATHERSANDBRUSHES will save you 10% off any order on that site)

And that’s about it.

All in all, I’m still very happy with my Dr Hauschka products, because they really changed my skin. I almost never break out anymore, except once a month (and it’s not that bad) and sometimes if I try too many different products I can feel that my skin is not loving it.

But what I’ve noticed is that, anytime my skin starts acting up, if I go back to using only Dr Hauschka, then it gets better, almost immediately.

Do you use Dr Hauschka ? What are the best products in your routine ?


  • It’s clear that you’re a Dr. Hauschka fan! My routine consists of a mix of products and brands, really, but two of my favorite brands are Clinique and Paula’s Choice.

    • I probably shouldn’t say that but I like them purely because they stopped my breakouts. It could literally have been any other products out there but they did the trick for me.
      I don’t know Paula’s Choice at all, where do you find it ?

      • Online only, and not in Switzerland. I always buy it from Belgium.

  • Charlotte Wilson

    The more you talk about Dr Hauschka the more I waannnnt!

    • Try it ! Get one of the little samples kits.
      But be warned, you might get hooked 😛