Discovering | Les Bains de Saillon and their Cosmetic Line Ell’ixir

A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to be invited to spend an afternoon at the Bains de Saillons, amongst other things to discover their new line of cosmetics, Ell’ixir.

To be completely honest, I knew the Bains de Saillons already. Indeed, I pretty much always stop at the Bains (in Saillon or elsewhere) on my way back from skiing. It’s a nice relaxing step after a whole day out on the slopes.

However, I had never had a guided tour of the place before, so I might be able to give you a few useful details, and tell you about my experience in general.

That way you’ll know whether you should stop in Saillon next time you’re in the area or if you should plan a trip there.

What I didn’t know for instance is that the place has not 1, not 2 but 3 restaurants.

There’s one that looks like a swiss chalet, all made out of wood, decorated with typical objects, like cow bells for instance, which mainly serves cheese dishes.

There’s also a brasserie-type restaurant, with red seats, bistrot chairs and and frosted glass panels for more intimacy.

But there’s also an italian restaurant, with a part that’s covered in vine, and with a magical tree for children. The big tree is made out of cement, and children can go “in the tree” to play.

There’s also a burger bar, for people who want a quick bite to eat rather than a full-on meal.

As with most Bains, at least in Switzerland, there are pools inside and outside.

Inside is a big pool with a starry ceiling (I unfortunately couldn’t take a picture of it as I was visiting in the daytime) which looks incredible if you visit at night. In this pool are the usual water fountains and jet nozzles that make a circuit that’ll allow you to massage every part of your body

Outside there are two warm pools, as well as a river. In the pools and the river you’ll find the same fountains and jet nozzles as well as some jacuzzis. There’s even a bit with current in the river.

Along the river there’s a cave, the entry of which is hidden by a cascade and inside which you’ll find a big jacuzzi.

And all along the river you can enjoy the landscape, with mountains visible almost all around.

Through the river you can access the Mayens du Bien-être, without being out in the open for too long (a real plus in the winter !)

Inside the Mayens, you’ll find saunas, hammams, resting room and showers.

but you’ll have to imagine that because I don’t have the skills to take pictures in very humid and foggy places. And I didn’t want to disturb the other guests too much.

There’s also a part of the floor that’s made out of pebbles which offers a nice foot massage, as well as a wood fire in the centre of the room where the water fountain is.

There’s also an extra space inside called “l’espace Carpe Diem”. You have to pay extra to get to go there, but you’ll have the entry if you’ve booked a massage or a treatment.

I didn’t take pictures down there, because bathing suits are optional and I didn’t want to make people feel uncomfortable.

On top of the rooms for the massages and treatments, there are several saunas and hammams as well as a pool, deckchairs and a little café for refreshments.

But see the plan below for more details:

I was lucky enough to get a massage, and if the massage rooms in themselves are nothing special, a massage is always awesome and the heating mat on which I was laying was a great added bonus. So nice !

All in all, I don’t think that you could have a bad time at the Bains (unless you don’t like that obvs) but I had a great time at Saillons (even if I was half working)

I think that my favourite thing about Saillon, and what makes it stand out compared to all the other Bains in Valais, is the river. The view is beautiful, day or night, and it’s simply a pleasant place to be.

As for the products, I got to go home with the body scrub and the hand cream. Both are encased in the same type of container.

This packaging works well for the thick hand cream, sadly it’s a poor choice for the body scrub. The scrub is made out of pieces of apricot kernel (choosing local and natural ingredients) and of oil, but as the container doesn’t close hermetically, you’ll quickly have oil running everywhere.

I had been warned, but though I tried to keep it as flat as possible, I ended with a bit of oil spillage in my bag. It’s not the worst thing in the world, but I feel like in 2017 we have all we need to make air tight containers. It shouldn’t happen really.

The other problem I had with this scrub (and after that I promise that I’m going to talk about what I liked) is the price compared to how much product you get. The scrub is almost 30.- but only contains 100ml of product. To give you an idea, the scrub from L’Alpage (reviewed here) costs about 40.- but for 200ml (they share similar value but the whole L’Alpage brand seems to be more “accomplished” and the packaging is much better) and the Rituals scrubs are also around the 30.- mark but you get over 300ml (and they’re my favourite scrubs at the moment). The poor packaging doesn’t help justify the price. It looks nice but with this price point you’d expect to hold something that felt more “luxurious”.

Packaging and pricing problems aside, it’s a great scrub. The pieces of apricot kernel don’t melt on the skin like sugar would, meaning that you can scrub for as long as you want, without having to pick up more product. The level of scrubbiness is ideal in my opinion; it feels gritty enough but you can still use it on more sensitive parts like the stomach or the inside of the legs. The oil in which the kernel pieces float also nourishes the skin at the same time. After using this scrub my skin feels very soft and nourished. I love it !

That being said, I don’t think that I can quite get over the price and the faulty packaging.

As for the hand cream, its packaging and its nature mean that it’s more of a night stand staple rather than a handbag staple.

The cream is made with apricot and has this distinctive scent that all apricot products share and that’s lovely. The cream is very rich which makes it ideal for an overnight treatment. I’ve almost finished my Lush Love and Light hand cream (reviewed here) and this Ell’ixir hand cream will be the next resident on my night table.

The hand creams costs 17.- for 100ml, which means that it’s almost the same price as the Lush one. I’ve been really happy with my Lush one on the long term, and on the short term I’m really happy with this Ell’ixir one, so we shall see which one I repurchase when I’ll need a new one.

All in all, I’m happy with the quality of the products themselves even if the packaging is not my favourite. At the moment you can only get the products at the Bains de Saillon, but you could also call them/email them and arrange some kind of delivery.

They also have a lot of other products available for the face and the body. The range is quite small but contains everything you could need for a full, streamlined routine.

What are you favourite Bains ? Do you know les Bains de Saillon or the cosmetic line ?


  • I’ve never been to the Bain de Saillon before but it looks amazing. I’ll think about it next time I want to take care of myself and feel relaxed… 🙂
    Ell’ixir seems to be an interesting brand to try!

    • Definitely a great place to wind down 🙂