Wet’n’Wild Brand Overview | Cheap & Good Quality ? | + Giveaway

YES ! This post is finally being published ! I’ve had a very busy few months and I found it hard to try out makeup properly, that’s why it’s taken so long for me to talk about Wet’n’Wild.

A few months ago, I got a nice parcel from Wet’n’Wild filled with their products so that I could discover the brand, that just landed in Switzerland.

If you don’t know the brand, it comes from the US and is extremely cheap. Another good thing about it is that their products aren’t tested on animals.

As with every brand out there (be it cheap or expensive) there are some good and some bad things about Wet’n’Wild. That’s what I tried to determine to help you choose.

So I tried everything from the parcel I got and I’m here to report back !

I think I’ll start on a happy note and talk about my absolute favourite thing, the coloricon blush* in the shade E3262 Rosé Champagne.

It doesn’t look like much: the shade’s a little pale, there’s no pretty packaging, no engraving on the powder. But on me, it looks incredible !

The shade is perfect, not too dark, not too pigmented, it’s not powdery at all and applies beautifully and effortlessly.

When you look at it closely, you can see that it contains a lot of mini golden glitter. I usually don’t like that because it aggravates the texture on my skin (actually it makes it look worse than it is) but for some reason this blush doesn’t do that. I just looks amazingly pretty.

I love to use it on a everyday basis because it always makes me look better, very quickly. It’s by far my favourite thing I’ve discovered from the brand !

Let’s move now to the next base product I tried: the contouring duo. It’s quite simply called the megaglo contour palette*, and I have the shade E7491 Dulce de Leche.

The first thing I want to mention is that the “contour” shade isn’t actually one. You can totally use it to warm up the complexion and bronze up the skin, but don’t use it to contour your cheekbones, your temples or your nose.

You can see that by comparing this shade with other bronzers and/or contour powders. The dark shade in this palette is too warm to be a contour powder, it’s not quite as warm is my other bronzers but it’s still warm.

But that’s not really a problem. I simply used it (and judged it) as a bronzer. You just have to know it. And when you use it as a bronzer it’s a good product. It is a little powdery, but it blends really well and the finish is beautiful. It hasn’t changed my life but it’s a good bronzer.

As for the slightly yellow powder that’s supposed to be used to illuminate the skin, well I’m not really convinced of its usefulness.

I always powder my face anyway so it feels like an unnecessary additional step and if I want to illuminate or highlight, I much prefer either using a very light concealer under my eyes or a full on glittery highlighter on my cheeks.

Honestly when I apply this powder on my face I can’t really see that it makes a difference, and it’s very powdery which doesn’t make it very practical to use.

Talking about powder, I also tried the coverall compact powder in the shade E821B. Well actually I say I’ve tried it but that’s not quite true …

I have used it. But I didn’t really want to. I can’t quite say why, but even before I had tried it, my brain had already decided that I didn’t like it. It makes no sense but it is what it is. (Sherlock !!!)

However, I really used it and though it’s too powdery and maybe a tad too light for me (I never thought that would happen I’m so pale) I don’t really have anything bad to say about it. Applied with a brush (I wouldn’t use the sponge that’s included in the compact) it doesn’t leave a powdery finish and is slightly mattifying. However I’m looking for a powder that’s more mattifying.

Actually I’d say that it’s a powder that’s like many other on the market: it’s okay, it’s not bad but it’s not amazing either. However compared to a lot of other okay powders this one is really cheap. So you don’t risk too much by getting it.

Let’s move now to the coverall Concealer palette*. It’s one of those colour correcting palette: it contains a green shade for redness, a pink shade to brighten, a concealer shade to cover and a highlighter.

My main problem with this palette is that it’s not something that I use at all. Primer, foundation, concealer and powder, I find that that’s enough steps already. I don’t want to spend time colour correcting to hide every single little thing. After all I’m not perfect and neither is my skin. And that’s okay !

That being said I tried it anyway. I found the consistency to be a bit too thick and the shades a bit too dark for my complexion.

The formula is a bit like that of the concealer sticks that I used to use when I was younger : too thick and quite tough to blend into the skin.

It’s the case with this palette too. The products are tough to blend and they leave a slightly visible thick finish. Not the prettiest.

The highlighting shade isn’t as thick as the other three and blends more easily. However it’s a bit too cool for my taste (it’s pretty much a silver highlighter) and even when you blend it properly (which I didn’t do in the swatch above) it doesn’t look natural at all.

So like I said I’m not in love. But it doesn’t help that it’s not a product that I usually use.

Let’s move to eyes now and let’s start with the base. It’s the photofocus eyeshadow primer*.

Just like with the concealer palette, this isn’t a product that I usually use. My skin is very oily but for some reason my eyelids aren’t. I tried a lot of eyeshadow primers but I was forced to realise that I don’t need it. Shadows last really well on my lids with or without a primer.

That being said I tried it on one eye so that I could compare with the other primer-less eye throughout the day. I didn’t really like it because it’s quite sticky and drags on the skin when you try to blend it.

As for it being worth it, well I didn’t really notice any difference between both my eyes. The shadows looked just as intense without it and lasted just as well (but like I said that’s never really a problem for me).

I sadly can’t say much more about it.

As for the wet’n’wild eyeshadows, I’ve often heard that they were really good, but not necessarily every single palette. I tried the E738 Comfort Zone* palette that contains 8 shades.

I immediately agreed that the quality of the shadows in this palette was good. They’re easy to work with, well pigmented and on me they last all day, even without a primer.

They do have a little bit of fallout however (the darker shades) but it’s really not that bad. I’d say that if you’re looking for a good basic palette, with mainly neutral shades but also a few more out there shades, then this one would be a very decent choice.

I find that the bottom right shade looks very much like Urban Decay’s Solstice. I wouldn’t say that it’s a perfect dupe but it’s pretty darn close. The idea is the same, a duochrome shadow with a reddish base and metallic blue-green shimmers on top.

However, despite the fact that it’s a good palette, I already own a lot of palettes and I have to say that I haven’t been reaching for this one over the ones I already had.

So if you’re like me and already own 38 neutral palettes, I don’t think that this one is going to change your life. However if you’re starting your collection, I can recommend this palette as it offers good basic shadows at a very reasonable price. (Though one might wish for a matte brown to use as a transition shade in the crease) Also, if you’ve always wanted to try UD’s Solstice but didn’t want to spend the cash on one shadow, you might pick up this palette just for that shade.

Let’s move now to the brow bone highlighting pencil, the ultimatebrow highlighter*.

I’ll admit then when I first used it I was hoping that it would be a dupe of the Benefit High Brow that I love. Unfortunately it isn’t.

This pencil is a little too thick and it doesn’t melt into the skin as well as the Benefit one does.

However, I must say that it’s not a product that I use on a daily basis, but when I do, there’s no doubting that I reach for the Benefit one as it’s just nicer.

That being said, this one is much much cheaper and even if it’s not as good as the Benefit one, it’s still good and will help to lightly highlight underneath your brows.

I then tried the lipsticks, the famous megalast lipsticks*. Tati the youtuber used to talk about them a lot and she is still a big fan. Personally I can see why, the pigmentation is insane and the texture is comfortable.

That being said my lips are almost always chapped and this means that I can’t wear such opaque lipsticks because it always looks a bit off. Indeed the more opaque formulas tend to make the little lines and bits of dry skin more obvious.

But, if you’re looking for a comfortable opaque lipstick then I highly suggest that you give these a try. Because opaque and comfortable they are. You just have to have slightly smoother lips than me.

So I was a bit more hopeful trying the big fat lip crayon that reminds me of the ones from Revlon and of the Clinique Chubby Sticks. It’s the megaslicks Balm Stain*.

It’s exactly the kind of product that I get along with. As the name would suggest it’s a balm and a stain in one. This means that the colour will last longer than the balmy effect.

The shade I have is slightly metallic all the while being very neutral, which means that it’s perfect for everyday wear. It’s one of those lippies that I can just throw into my handbag and (have to) reapply anytime throughout the day. Indeed the balmy effect (or the stain for that matter) don’t last very long on me.

Here you’ll see swatches of all the products I’ve just mentioned.

And finally, to close this post on a happy note, you can win two of the megalast lipsticks, in the shades Cherry Picking and Cinnamon Spice.

Like I said, I’m convinces that these are good, I just know that they’re not for me. But they might be for you !

In order to win them, all you have to do is :

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  • leave me a comment with your email address, telling me what your favourite lipstick is
  • be over 18 or ask your parents’ permission to participate
  • live in Switzerland

For an extra entry you can :

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The giveaway is open for a week, that is until the 31st of January at 23:59.

And to go back to the brand in general, I highly suggest that you try their blushes as I was really blown away. Proof is that I continue reaching for it despite my ridiculously large collection of blushes.

As for the rest, the eyeshadows get a thumbs up from me, as well as the lip products I’ve tried, but I’m slightly less convinced by their base products.

Do you know wet’n’wild ? What are your favourite products ?


*press samples

  • The Wet ‘n Wild product that impressed me the most so far is their loose pigment eyeshadow.

    • The special one they brought out around christmas ? They looked insane !