Top 5 of 2016 | My Best Beauty Discoveries

First post of 2017, and we’ll start by taking a step back. Let’s go back to 2016, just for a little while, and I’ll talk to you about my best discoveries of the year. Cosmetic-wise of course.

A lot of bloggers and youtubers offer similar content at the moment, but rather than telling you about my favourite product in each category, I decided to talk to you about my top 5. For all categories.

It is indeed much harder to pick the 5 best products of 2016, especially when you try as many as I do. But this means that you’ll only see products that really made a difference to my routine. I guess you could almost say that they’re the products that changed my life, at least a little.

I’ll start with hair and this duo of shampoo and conditioner from the Repair range from Björn Axèn that I discovered early last year. I already wrote a full review on these here.

After finishing my travel sizes, I was so happy with them that I bought the full sizes. This already says something !

The big bottles are now almost empty and I’m still as happy with them as I first was. This duo makes my hair really soft and silky. It also makes them very light, doesn’t weigh them down at all and doesn’t make them too slippy either.

I haven’t repurchased them just yet because I really want to try the Amino Acid range from Kiehl’s. However it is the only duo that goes onto my list of “shampoos I like so much that I might repurchase them even though I always want to try new things”.

It’ll be the range I go back to if I’m ever in a place where I’m really unhappy with the shampoo and conditioner I’m using.

The second great discovery of the year was a fragrance. I’m quite picky when it comes to perfumes because there are a lot of things that I don’t like and a lot of fragrances just smell weird on my skin even if they smell nice on paper or on other people.

Fortunately it wasn’t the case with the new Zadig&Voltaire fragrance, This is Her.

It’s a bit of a later discovery (end of summer I think) but every time I wear it I fall back in love with it. I really like the fact that it stays on me for a solid 24 hours without the smell being too potent when first applied. Perfume doesn’t usually last very long on me and I’m really happy that I can still smell this one at the end of the day.

As for skincare, it’s no surprise that Dr Hauschka should make an appearance here. I don’t want to talk about any product in particular, because for me it’s using the whole range that made a difference to my skin. And when I say a difference I really mean a miracle.

If you want to know more about my skincare routine with the Dr Hauschka products and my experience with them in general, I suggest that you go and read this post, where I explain everything. I’m also planning on doing an updated skincare routine very soon.

But to tell you a little more about this, in June I put all of my skincare products aside and started a 3 month adventure with Dr Hauschka. I used nothing else on my skin for 3 months. I used to get really bad breakouts along my jawline, but after 3 days (seriously !) it was already better and they never came back.

If you suffer from breakouts (even if you don’t actually …), I can only suggest that you give Dr Hauschka a try. They have a few little kits that allow you to try out the products for about a week.

But as you may be able to tell, I’m not longer 100% faithful to Dr. Hauschka. Indeed, when I discovered the new cleansing balm from the Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair range my life changed.

It can sound a little over the top, but it’s true. It’s very likely the best cleansing balm I ever tried. It’s even better than the Emma Hardi Amazing face cleansing balm (reviewed here). I already posted a review of the Estée Lauder one that you can find here.

What I like so much about this balm is that it’s incredibly effective to get rid of makeup (even heavy and waterproof makeup), it smells nice, it doesn’t sting the eyes and it washes off really easily without leaving a film, even if you don’t use a flannel or a muslin cloth, which you usually have to do with other cleansing balms.

Only downside, the price. And it can leave a little bit of a film on the eyes but it doesn’t last and doesn’t sting so that’s okay.

And last but not least, the only makeup item (how surprising !!!) that managed to reach the top 5, the Yves Saint Laurent le teint encre de peau foundation.

I had tried it when it first came out, but I felt like it was very similar to the Chanel Perfection Lumière Velvet that I already owned, which is why I didn’t get it at the time.

Then Karine from Nailderella told me that it was one of her favourite foundation and I caved. Best idea ever !

I think I can say that I found the perfect foundation for my skin. Medium coverage, natural to matte finish, extra light and really long lasting.

This is probably what impressed me the most. Usually my foundations break up around the sides of my nose and make my pores visible halfway through the day, but it isn’t the case with this one. It does tend to fade a little throughout the day, but it does so naturally and more or less imperceptibly. I also noticed that I don’t need to repowder half as often as I usually have to when I wear this foundation.

And like I said, it’s extremely light. I don’t feel it on my skin at all. I find that very pleasant as I hate feeling like I have 2cm of cake on my skin.

Only downside, the price. It’s even worse than with the makeup remover. What’s more is that I went through the bottle quite quickly (I’ve only used it for two months –albeit everyday– but I already ordered a new one) because I use a little more than with other foundations (in 2017 I’ll try to use less of it) but also because the bottle only holds 25ml of product, whereas pretty much every other foundation on the market holds 30ml. Ugh !

But as it is actually the best foundation I’ve ever tried, I’ll keep on repurchasing it, until I can find something better (but honestly, apart from the price, I don’t know what I would change about it.)

What about you ? What are the products that rocked your 2016 ?


  • Huuuuuge fan of the Zadig & Voltaire fragrance as well, such a unique scent, mmm.