Lush Diary #33 | Over and Over | Valentines Day Collection

I’m about to do something I’ve never done before. As the title would suggest, this is the 33rd time I’m talking about a Lush bath bomb. However, it’s the first time I’m talking about a bath bomb I didn’t like. #spoileralert

The bath bomb I’m talking about today is called Over and Over* and is part of the Valentines Day collection.

To start off with, you might have noticed that it looks an awful lot like Never Mind the Ballistics from the Christmas collection, which I reviewed here.

There’s a fizzy part, yellow, and there’s a solid cocoa butter part, orange.

When I got it out of the box I immediately disliked the scent. To me it smelt like dish soap. A citrussy dish soap, but a dish soap nonetheless. It’s not the worse by any means, but it’s not particularly nice.

But I’ll start with what I enjoyed about this bath bomb, then I’ll tell you why I was not happy with it.

I have to admit –and the pictures speak for themselves– that this bath bomb offers one of the most incredible show in the bath tub.

It starts with a pastel yellow foam, very peaceful, then you’ll see bits of pink coming out and finally the orange bit starts to melt slowly.

So what you’re left with is an incredible pink, yellow and orange marble bath, as the fizzing creates a little bit of white foam on the surface. #sotrendy

As for the water, it’s a beautiful bright orange shade.

Sadly, the visual part is the only one that convinced me. The scent once in the water doesn’t get better in my opinion. You can still smell something that’s reminiscent of dish soap, but at the same time it’s smells like really sour orange candy, or something like that. (I know I used those exact same words to talk about the scent of Never Mind the Ballistics, but for NMTB it was more orange-y and really nice, whereas here it’s mostly sour I’d say. I’m so bad at describing scents.)

And I agree that “on paper”, sour orange candy doesn’t sound like such a bad thing. But in the bath, it’s just a bit odd, and quite frankly I didn’t enjoy it at all.

But let’s not forget that we might all have a different opinion. And that’s just mine.

That being said, I didn’t like the moment after the bath either. Indeed, the bright orange cocoa butter that’s on the bath bomb, once it’s melted, tends to stick to the sides of the tub. And it sticks real good ! I really found it tough to clean my bathtub when I was done, even though I didn’t let it dry before cleaning it.

But the other thing is that this bright orange butter will also stick to your skin. I usually rinse myself off with water when I get out of the bath. But when I use a bath bomb with some kind of butter, I like to take a quick shower before my bath and then get straight out of the bath so that the nourishing properties can keep on doing their magic to my skin.

So maybe that’s my bad, but I never had a problem like this before. Because with Over and Over, once I was dry, I realised that my white towel had become orange.

It’s not the worst thing and it’ll probably wash off, but it’s not great either.

Fun Fact: I got this bath bomb for my dad’s girlfriend at Christmas (they already had it in the store on Oxford St.) and she sent me a text to say thanks for the bath, but also to ask me if it was normal to be orange afterwards. I assumed she was joking and told her that it was part of the Lush 6D experience. Retrospectively, she probably wasn’t joking.

So here ends the first (and I hope last) negative edition of the Lush Diary.

I didn’t like the scent of this bath bomb, or the fact that it turned me into an Oompa Loompa. That being said, it was one of the most beautiful ones to watch in the water.

If you’re tempted to try it, it’s available in stores and online, as well as many other Valentines Day products (which are great even if you don’t care about Valentines Day btw.)

And let me take this opportunity to redirect you to two of my other posts about Valentines Day products: the one about Unicorn Horn, which though it looks slightly different this year than it used to is still basically the same, and the one about Lover Lamp, which is just gorgeous !

Have you tried this one ? Any other mishap experiences ?


*press samples

  • Oh noes 🙁 The scents indeed sounded so promising at first! Too bad it wasn’t quite as good as you had expected. And yeah, the stickiness must have been a PITA.

    • It was -.- But I didn’t encounter that with Never Mind the Ballistics which is weird because they seem to be very similar …

  • Charlotte Wilson

    I just tried this one yesterday! I didn’t have too much problems with cleaning my bathtube, though. I didn’t mind the smell, I like anything citrusy and clean. And I loved the pink surprise. It’s not my favourite but I had a nice time in my bath with it, while watching netflix!

    • If you like anything citrussy, have you tried Lovestruck ? very fresh and very lemony !
      What do you watch on netflix ? 😉