Sheet Masks | Etude House 0.2 Therapy Air Mask | My Review


I’m back today with a post that, surprise surprise, isn’t about Lush products. It’s been a while.

I tried two new Korean sheet masks from the eBeauty and Care online shop and that have been kindly sent to me by Laetitia as they’re a new addition to her boutique. They’re the new 0.2 Therapy Air Mask from Etude House.

As I’ve been pretty happy with the Korean products I’ve tried so far (the anti-pimple patch from COSRX (here), the green tea makeup removing oil from Re:cipe (here)(and reviewed here), or the pineapple face peeling from Skin Food (here)(and reviewed here), to only name a few) I didn’t hesitate one second and agreed to give these new masks a try.

For those of you who don’t know, sheet masks are face masks made out of material that are pre-soaked and enclosed in little sachets. You apply them to your clean face, let them sit and when you take them off, you don’t rinse off the excess but massage it in.

I find these masks to be quicker to use and more convenient, particularly on the move.

I also find that sheet masks are really comfortable to wear because they are very refreshing on the skin while you have them on.

And what about these new 2.0 … oh … 0.2 (geek joke) make them different ? Well these new face masks are much thinner than the other ones currently on the market.

And is that the good thing ?

Yes it is ! The good thing about it being so thin is that it fits much better on the skin. I found that even if the mask isn’t exactly the right shape (which luckily enough it was for me) it’s easier to play with it, make it fit, and it’ll stick to the skin no matter what. Being thinner also makes it lighter which means that it’s not affected by gravity as much. #physics

So in short, these masks stick to your skin more efficiently which means that you can go on about your day and be active while you have it on, which isn’t the case with every sheet mask.

And I also felt that they were very refreshing while I was wearing them.

So that’s for the theory and my experience with them, but I suppose that you’d like to know if they work too.

Well … if I mainly focused on the ease of application and the confort while wearing them it’s because I can’t really tell you about the results.

I started by using the lemon one that’s brightening and hydrating. I found it very pleasant all the while I was wearing it but upon removing it I realised that my skin was bright red, and it burnt for a couple of hours afterwards (not a very bad burn by any means but a burn nonetheless)

After the two hours (ish) it was gone and my skin felt normal. So that’s why two days later (that probably wasn’t very smart, I should have waited longer methinks) I used the second one, the Lotus one that’s soothing and purifying.

While wearing it, just like with the first one, it felt comfortable. But upon removing it, though it wasn’t bright red and not really burning either, my skin didn’t feel very comfortable and I really wanted to splash my face with cold water.

In the few days that followed I got a few small white heads on the surface of my skin but I can’t say for sure that that’s because of the masks.

So I talked about it with Laetitia who was really surprised as she only had good feedbacks from other people who tried them, and mostly because these masks have a much better ingredients list than all the other ones I’ve tried and didn’t have a reaction to.

But if it’s an allergy, like I think it might be, I could very well be allergic (or sensitive) to something that’s natural or harmless to other people. That can happen.

*beware as the next picture might shock your sensibility*

They might be thinner but you look just as much like a psychopath wearing it … there’s no getting around that.

So all in all, I still want to recommend them to you. They’re exceptionally comfortable to wear and more importantly it’s not because I’m allergic to shrimps that everyone should stop eating shrimps (no I’m not allergic to shrimps, why do you ask ?) What I’m saying is that I don’t think that my reaction to these masks is a good reason for you not to try them.

Also, my blogger-friend Charlotte loved them, and here’s her review as a proof.

And if you choose to order on eBeauty and Care (see my suggestions at the beginning of this post if you think you’re allergic to shrimps too) –which I would strongly advise you do as Korean products are generally good on top of being really cute– don’t forget to use the code FEATHERSANDBRUSHES to get 10% off your order.

Have you tried the 0.2 Therapy Air Masks or any other Korean beauty products ?


  • Lemon… I’ll pass. Citrus tends to aggravate my skin so I’m not tempted to risk it. And from the sound of I’d better skip the lotus mask also, eek.