Christmas Gift Guide 2016 | Beauty and Non-Beauty | + Festive Giveaway (closed)


Hello !

I’m finally back with one of the most exciting post of the year. I’ve been prepping it for months and I can’t wait to share it all with you. Litteraly !

If you’re struggling to find ideas on what to get your loved ones this Christmas, this post might help you. I have indeed put together a list of gift ideas, and what’s more is that everything mentionned in this post (save one thing) will be up for grabs at the end of this post.

As the blog mainly focuses on beauty products, this list contains a lot of them. But I also included a few ideas that are not cosmetics.

And I’ll start with these.


If you’ve been around here before, you might remember my post about my rose gold elephant necklace (find out more about it here). It was a necklace from the Kosha Joligami collection that I still love and found gorgeous. Hence when I thought of gift ideas I thought of it and of Kosha in general.

If your loved one-s is/are into jewelerry then I’d highly recommend checking out the Joligami collection. However there’s another beautiful object that caught my attention on the Kosha website, and that’s their feather bookmark.

My idea of a gift is that it should be something that people are not necessarily going to buy for themselves, and I don’t think that many people would spend that amount of money on a bookmark for themselves (after all, an old train ticket does the trick just as well…)

But I find these feather bookmarks beautiful (without looking tacky) and I’m convinced that anyone who enjoys a bit of reading will be happy to get such a gorgeous object.

The bookmarks are available in several finishes and colours (you can find them all here) but my favourite one is the rose gold one (which you may have seen on my instagram).

And if you don’t know anyone who would enjoy a precious bookmark, then I can only suggest that you check out the Joligami collection, or the rest of the Kosha website in general as it holds a few other treasures.


For the second idea in the non-beauty category I chose a candle. I personally love to burn candles around the house and to fragrance the various rooms in my home. Also candles are poetic, romantic and in general a peaceful addition to any home (unless you burn it too close to the curtains in which case it turns from peaceful and poetic to catastrophic very quickly !)

For this post in particular, I chose one of the latest fragrance from Lalique that’s called Chili. Lalique offers a candles collection called Voyage de Parfumeur (Parfumer’s Travels) that has a candle for various parts of the world. Chili is the latest addition to this collection.

Personally, if I get someone a candle I like to make it special and I find this one to be particularly elegant, both visually and olfactively.

The fragrance of Chili is exactly what I look for in a candle: a bit spicy, a bit woody, quite rich but not too sweet or sickening (aaaaaand I still can’t describe scents… so sorry !)

I also noticed that it was burning fairly slowly which means that it should last a long time and it kicks off enough scent to lightly fragrance a whole room.

Usually when people gift candles they go for Yankee Candles but I find this one to be more beautiful, and more elegant.

In a completely different price range, I quite like the small candles from Muji (the ones in the tins) that are much cheaper, really cute, and smell nice, though they don’t kick off as much scent.


And last but not least in the non-beauty category I have two magical books to share with you, the Passeport Beauté and the Tables Ouvertes.

If you’re not big on material gifts and enjoy gifting “moments” instead, these two gifts might tickle your fancy. Smartbox has been around for a while and there’s still the possibility of buying someone tickets to a concert but here the idea is a little different and has the advantage of lasting all year. Though it’s a gift that’s not entirely free to use.

The Passeport Beauté allows you to visit many beauty instituts in Romandie and to only pay half the price on your first visit. There’s everything from hair dresser to massages, from manicure to hair removal. On your second visit you get CHF20.- off your bill.

The Tables Ouvertes is a similar idea but it works in restaurant. When you go to a restaurant with someone, the cheapest of the two meals is free.

Both books can be shared with your friends and family so it’s basically a gift that keeps on giving.

So if you know someone who likes to discover new restaurants or someone who likes a bit of a pamper session, then I’m sure that either one of those will be a good idea.


Let’s get to makeup now. And though makeup is by far my favourite thing in the world of cosmetics, it’s not the easiest one to buy for other people. I mean you can’t really get any face products (foundations and concealers) because if you don’t know someone’s exact shade the risk is to big.

As for the colour products (blushers, eyeshadows, lipsticks, …) the choice can be difficult as every colour doesn’t look good on everyone.

But I just can’t make a list of gift ideas without including makeup … How could I ?! So here are a few tips.

You can choose to look at the exclusive products that are around at Christmas. I’m talking about the pricy limited edition that you can’t really justify buying for yourself, but that look incredible even before you start using them. I’m always drawn to Chanel, Dior and Nars for incredible-looking products.

And if you want to get someone makeup and don’t know what they like (if she’s a blogger she might have posted a wishlist, otherwise, look at her pinterest boards …) the best thing you can do is to follow a few ground rules on how to buy makeup that’s most likely to be a pleaser.


Neutral eyeshadows are a good idea for instance as they look good on everyone (I think …) and most people find them beautiful to look at.

Here you can see the latest addition to Clarins’ collection, it’s called The Essentials and it contains neutral tones that lean towards pink, plummy shades. It reminds me of the Naked 3 palette from Urban Decay. But the really good thing about this palette is that it helps protect the forests (they plant a tree for each palette sold if I’m not mistaken …)

And if you like something smaller, Lancôme (for instance) does beautiful little neutral palettes.

The good thing is that nude palettes are very trendy and you’ll find them absolutely everywhere. From cheap to very expensive. My favourite ones are the Urban Decay Naked 2, Naked 3 and the Lorac Pro 3. I also never travel without my Urban Decay Naked Basics.


You can also try your luck with lipsticks, in which case I would advise going either for a true red (if you know a person who enjoys that) or for a nude shade which is easier to wear (in my opinion)

Personally if I buy someone a lipstick, just like with the candle, I like to make it special and I go towards the more expensive brands so that it feels more special every time the person is using it. Also you wouldn’t necessarily spend a lot on a lipstick for yourself so it’s a nice gift to get.

I really like Nars product and that’s why you’ll find three of them included here. The shade Bound in the Velvet Lip Glide is probably my favourite discovery of the year, as is Apoline from the Audacious Lipstick range that has a very similar shade but in a lipstick form (I reviewed them here) I also loooove that the Audacious lipsticks have a magnetic closure. It’s very satisfying !

As for the red shade … well there are many “true red” lipsticks and it can be very difficult to choose. My favourite red of all time is Dragon Girl from the Velvet Matte Lip Pencil range from Nars, but there is a red shade in every brand so take your pick.


Let’s move to body products now, and that’s where it becomes a bit easier. There are many brands that offer beautiful gift sets and/or bring out limited edition for Christmas. So you’ll see the little selection I made for you.

Last year, I discovered the brand Rituals and immediately fell in love with it. Particularly their body scrubs that are really something and simply the best ones I’ve tried so far.

Above you can see part of this year’s Christmas collection, Ritual of Light. That packaging though ! And the smell doesn’t let down either.

I strongly suggest that you go and check those out as this collection makes wonderful gifts (there are body products as well as candles and tea bags)

But unfortunately these are the only products in this post that are not up for grabs. Quite simply because I already used them.


That being said, this foam shower gel and this body cream from the Sakura range that smell just as nice are up for grabs.

Other than the limited edition, my favourite scent in their permanent collection is the Happy Buddha range. Rituals do many gift sets that are a really good value for money if you wish to discover the brand.


The second brand that immediately springs to my mind when I think of gift giving is obviously Lush. You probably already know that I’m one of their biggest fan.

Hence I find it hard to recommend something in particular. They offer mostly great things (there are a few duds too as no one’s perfect but most things are fantastic) and it all depends on what you’re looking for.

You could choose to make your own selection and wrap it in one of their Furoshiki, the wrapping “paper” that turns into a scarf.

Or you could choose to go for just one bath bomb as an addition to a gift or as a little attention for someone (find all the bath bombs I’ve reviewed so far here to help you pick)

And if you’re not feeling particularly inspired, they do beautiful gift sets that are already beautifully wrapped (like the one you can see above)


Another brand I like for gifts, especially for adults (yup still don’t consider myself an adult) is L’Alpage.

I’ve talked about the brand a few times on the blog already (you can type “l’alpage” in the search bar if you want to know more) and I’m really happy to be able to give away a selection of their products !

I find that it’s a particularly good brand to gift because their products look great on top of being really nice to use. And to top it all up, they have a good ethic !

What’s more is that for a lot of people there are slightly more pricy than people would spend on products for themselves, and thus make the gift more special as it’s not something that people would have lying around the bathroom year-round. (Could I say people one more time in this sentence ..?)


Caudalie also offers really cute gift sets around Christmas and as you can see they are really photogenic. I’d say that they’re a lovely slightly more affordable option.


And let’s keep going with the gift sets. You might have read my post about my experience with Dr Hauschka and how their skincare got me rid off my acne (you can read more about that here) and that’s why if you know someone who enjoys using natural and organic cosmetics, I’d strongly recommend the brand.

Skincare might be a bit hard to buy for someone else (although the Dr Hauschka range is fairly simple) but they also do body and bath products.

For Christmas they did two gift sets, one with almonds and one with roses. But they also have a lot of other fragrances in their permanent collection.


Let’s move to Estée Lauder now. Not long ago I posted a rave review about their new makeup removers (here) so it was only logical to include them on a christmas gift idea list. They’re really good, and are adapted for all skin types. They’re honestly some of my best discoveries of 2016.

I was saying earlier that gifting skincare could be complicated, but some are less risky than others and I find that to be the case for makeup removers as well as for some other multi-purpose skincare products (like the Advanced Night Repair serum from Estée Lauder that’s supposed to improve your skin no matter what needs improving)


Last but not least, the gift that’s always tempting but one of the most dangerous, perfume. Personally I don’t take that risk unless I know for sure what fragrance the person likes (it might be an opportunity to buy a set that includes the matching shower gel and/or body lotion).

But I still wanted to share with you the latest additions to the Burberry collection: Mr Burberry came out early this year, but My Burberry Black came out just a few months ago.

As you can see they’re really classy and elegant and that’s why I think they’d make a great gift. That being said, they both have a powerful scent so you’d have to make sure that the recipient likes it.

And now for the exciting part … As I was saying, everything mentioned in this post (except for the Ritual of Light products) is up for grabs. I divided everything into 4 prizes and all you have to do is choose between the four, and then you can either keep it all or use it to avoid some of your Christmas shopping. You decide.


The first prize contains all the body care products, that is :

  • the foam shower gel and the body cream from the Sakura range from Rituals
  • the gift set Under The Mistletoe from Lush (a body scrub, a lip scrub, a shower gel, a soap, a body conditioner and fairy dust –> find it here)
  • the gift set Rose de Vigne from Caudalie (a fragranced mist, a shower gel and a body lotion)
  • the gift set Velvety Almonds from Dr Hauschka (a soap, a bath oil and a body lotion)
  • 1 Hydralpine gift set from l’Alpage (a scrub, a body lotion and a hand cream)
  • 1 Mielicime gift set from l’Alpage (a shower oil, a night cream and a face mask)


The second prize contains all the makeup products, that is :

  • the new Clarins palette (The Essentials)
  • 2 Audacious Lipstick from Nars (Apoline and Shirley)
  • 1 Velvet Lip Glide from Nars (Bound)
  • 1 Lancôme palette (Bruns adorés)
  • 1 Lancôme lipstick (raspberry red)


The third prize contains the gifts that are ever so slightly harder to gift but oh so beautiful, that is:

  • 1 Advanced Night Repair gift set from Estée Lauder (1x 50ml serum and 1x 7ml serum)
  • 1 Advanced Night Micro Cleansing Balm from Estée Lauder
  • 2 Burberry fragrances (Mr Burberry 100ml and My Burberry Black 90ml)


And finally, the fourth prize contains all the non-beauty gifts, that is :

  • the Kosha bookmark in white
  • the Chili candle from the Voyage de Parfumeur collection from Lalique
  • the Passeport Beauté édition 2017
  • the Tables Ouvertes édition 2017

To take part you have to :

  • be subscribed to my newsletter (top right corner, in the blog header)
  • leave me a comment telling me which prize you’d like to win (1, 2, 3 or 4) and including your email address so that I can check your subscription to the newsletter and contact you if you win.
  • be 18 or ask the permission of your parent-s/guardian before you enter
  • live in Switzerland (some gifts can only be used in Switzerland, that’s why)

If you really want to win, here’s how to add to your chances :

  • share the giveaway on facebook and/or instagram, tag my page or my instagram profile, and leave the links in the comments below (1 chance/social media)

The giveaway is open until the 12th of December at 23:59

Good Luck !!!

The winners are Clara, Marie, Laetitia and Estelle. Congrats !

What about you, what is on your wishlist and/or on your gift idea list ?


  • Count me in! You KNOW I’ve been drooling over Apoline since the start so I’d like to try for prize 2. Just liked (can’t believe I didn’t do that yet, I thought we were FB buddies!) your FB page and shared the post. Thanks for the giveaway!

    • Oh I remembered. I’m so sorry you didn’t win. There were so many people that really wanted to try things =( I wish I’d had a prize for everyone who entered =/

  • Charlotte Roberts

    What an amazing post! Really helpful for some last minute gift ideas. I’d love to win gift number 1 as it contains items from some of. Y favourite companies.

    • Oh thanks ! I’m so happy if people can also see past the giveaway and if my ideas are helpful =)
      Thank you so much for taking part and I really hope that you win next time !

  • Love this! Always happy when there are some amazing pictures of Nars lippies and Burberry.
    Really great ideas, thank you!

    Agnese | Agnese’s Coiffeuse

    • Oh thank you ! Means a lot

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    Here’s a link to my share. coupkrazy aka Brenda Haines

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    • Thank you for taking part !
      I wish you a fabulous festive period !

  • OMG thanks for appreciating that ! I started in September so that allowed everything to be spread onto several months and it felt like less of a ginormous task 😛 but it was quite a process (i feel like I can’t really express myself in english properly today XD)
    Did you end up getting one of the origami jewellery for your sister ? They’re so precious !
    I’m sorry you didn’t win. Hopefully better luck next time !!!
    I wish you a great time at home, full of festive spirit 😉