Lush Diary #31 | So White | Christmas Collection


Hello !

I’m so glad there’s still some time left for me to share with you a few more of Lush’s Christmas bath bombs before it’s too late and while you can still get them.

Today I’m going to talk to you about So White*.


So White isn’t a new addition to the winter collection. It was already available last year and perhaps even the year-s before but I don’t remember.

But it’s my first time using it.


I must say that I wasn’t really surprised to see that So White wasn’t in fact all that white …

I think that it used to be entirely white on the outside, but now, the little leafs that adorns it suggests that the inside may be more colourful.

I find that So White looks pretty, a simple white apple with a little leaf. I like that.


And I think that simplicity is a good word to describe this bath bomb in general. But I did say simple and not boring.

It looks very simple, there’s no outrageous burst of colour and confettis when you put it in the water and the scent is not overpowering either.


So White, in a sense, is the best way to achieve a softer, calmer bath. More simple, more zen, more relaxing.

When you drop it in the water it fizzes away softly, slowly. And then you start to see a little pastel green, a little pastel blue and a little yellow coming out of it, gently.

The water changes colour progressively, you can hardly see it as the transition is so slow but you do end up in an almost bright green bath with a little bit of white foam on the surface.


As for the scent, like I said, nothing outrageous or overpowering. I had a bit of a cold when I used it and I’m naturally unable to describe scent but I can still tell you that it was really soft and less intense than most Lush bath bombs. (on the website they say : rose, bergamot, apple, neroli and orange blossom)

There is no glitter either in this beautiful green bath.


So if you like your bath to be a show, then I suggest that you look elsewhere (Shoot for the Stars (reviewed here), Lord of Misrule (reviewed here), Golden Wonder (reviewed here) or Yoga Bomb (reviewed here) to name but a few). But if on the contrary you’re looking for relaxing softness, light fragrance, pastel colours and a lot of calm, then I can only recommend that you try So White.

When I got out of the bath I was feeling very peaceful and relaxed. What a pleasure.

It doesn’t look like much from the outside but I found that it was really quite therapeutic to use… or maybe I’m overdoing it..?

Have you tried So White ?


*press sample

  • Oh no, simple definitely doesn’t have to equal boring. Haven’t tried this one yet, it sounds lovely.

    • It really is. I was so pleasantly surprised =D