Lush Body Care for the Festive Season | Sleepy, Snow Fairy and Bubbly



Another Lush post … Whoops ! Are you mad ? As you may have noticed, the blog is running a little slow at the moment. The thing is that I don’t have a lot of free time and I’ve therefore stopped spending so much time doing my makeup and that’s why I don’t talk about makeup as much as I used to lately. (But it’ll be back because I miss it greatly !)

That being said, I still take a bit of time to take care of myself and I found that these Lush products really helped to make me feel better on a daily basis, that’s why I decided to share them with you.

We hear a lot about Lush’s bath bombs that come out for their Christmas collection, but in the midst of our excitement, we tend to forget about the products that aren’t bath bomb. And I find that this is a shame because they’re just as great ..!

So I decided to share with you three of my latest discoveries in the Lush body care department.


My first discovery is the shower gel called Bubbly*.

My first surprise was the texture. It’s something between a shower gel and a shower jelly. This product isn’t quite liquidy but it’s not quite solid either. (That being said, there are two solid shower jellies in the Christmas collection this year, Snowman and Santa’s Belly)

All that just to say that I find the texture very amusing. But what’s more is that the scent is amazing ! It’s a bit orange-y, a bit sweet (but really not too sweet) and a bit “spicy”. I find this cocktail to be ideal in the morning to bring a little pep to my routine.

So it’s true that it’s just a shower gel, but the lively scent, the bright colour and the funny texture contribute to brighten my mornings and I appreciate that !

There also are other shower gels in the winter collection, like Lord of Misrule that basically has the best scent ever, Rose Jam for anyone who likes the scent of roses and Snow Fairy if candy is what’s up your street.


Talking about Snow Fairy, my second discovery is actually the pairing of two products that I already loved, it’s the Snow Fairy* body conditioner.

I mentioned the Snow Fairy shower gel earlier, well they’ve combined this scent with the formula of Ro’s Argan (which is the rose scented body conditioner) to create a candy scented body conditioner.

Just like Ro’s Argan, you apply it in the shower, on wet skin, you rinse it out and it’ll leave your skin feeling soft and hydrated and deliciously scented.

If candy isn’t your type of scent, they also have Christingle which is a mint version of the body conditioner or Ro’s Argan that’s rose scented (reviewed here) which, as an added bonus, is part of the permanent collection. And by far my favourite scent on this earth !

They’re also products that make really great gifts in the winter time as they’re the perfect treat during a pamper session ..!


And last but not least, I discovered the body lotion called Sleepy*. If you don’t like the scent of lavender, run ! Far away !

This little pot of purple magic has found its place on my night stand and I like to use it before bed to help me relax and to surround myself in a calming scent before sleep.

Obviously, if you like, you can also use it in the morning before you start your day but I personally prefer using it at night.

If you know someone who likes Lush but who unfortunately doesn’t have a bath or if you like Lush but unfortunately don’t have a bath, then I can only suggest that you go and check those little wonders.

What are your favourite products from Lush’s body range ?


*press samples

  • I’m so tempted to try out Bubbly because so many people are raving about it and I really need some motivation to get out of my cozy bed and take a shower every morning in this cold winter!
    Lovely pictures 🙂

    Agnese | Agnese’s Coiffeuse

    • I’d really recommend giving it a go ..! It’s soooo uplifting !
      Thanks !

  • I love Snow Fairy. It’s my favorite LUSH scent!

    • ahah so you’re not part of the gang who thinks that it’s sickly sweet. Me neither ^^