The Good Thing About Solid Cosmetics | Review | Lush Jason & the Argan Oil and Sugar Daddy-O



Not long ago, I discovered Lush’s shampoo bars for the first time. I mean I knew they existed but I had never tried them for some reason. Go figure.

*I was probably too busy sniffing the bath bombs to give the shampoos any attention actually …

After trying and rather liking two of their solid shampoos, I decided to get myself one of their solid conditionners to see if it was as good as the shampoos.


I started by using the solid shampoo called Smuggler’s Soul*. It’s not part of the permanent collection but it was part of the father’s day collection (you can read more about that here) and if I’m not mistaken, it’s still part of some gift sets.

The first time I used it I found it extraordinary, then horrible, then extraodinary again. Shall I make myself clearer ?

I was immediately impressed by how well it lathers which makes it really pleasant to use. Then when I had rinsed it off, I found that it left my hair feeling awful. It felt like it had stripped my hair down entirely. So much so that I couldn’t run my hand through it, as it was gripping to the hair. Do you know the feeling of squicky clean hair ? It ain’t a pleasant one.

So I soaked my lengths and ends in conditioner to put some moisture back in, and once dry my hair looked great, the roots felt extremely light and were less greasy than usual on the second day. So I was a little unsure about it. The results were nice but the sensation in the shower was really putting me off.

Then I also realised that I couldn’t use it more than once at a time. Indeed, if I use it several times in a row my hair becomes much more greasy quicker. I guess it’s a defence mechanism to the overly stripping properties of the shampoo that’s perhaps just not the one for me.

That being said, I like using it every week or every two weeks to deep cleanse my hair and to ger rid off any product build up.

Other than that M and my brother have used it and they didn’t feel that overly stripped sensation in their hair and they also found that it lathered up beautifully.


The second solid shampoo I used is Jason and the Argan Oil* and Oooooooh My (!) is the scent incredible ! It smells just like Ro’s Argan, Rose Jam and Rose Bubbleroon, that is Lush’s signature rose scent.

When it comes to using it, it’s just like the other one, it lathers up beautifully and is pleasant to use. I also feel like it perhaps cleans my hair more thoroughly than my other shampoos but it doesn’t make my hair squicky clean or unpleasantly stripped like Smuggler’s Soul does.

After using it my hair looks nice and I’m happy with how it feels. It’s not incredible or better than everything else I’ve tried but it’s really nice. Only downside in my opinion is that the scent doesn’t really last.

It has become one of my daily shampoos, particularly on holiday.

And as I was saying, being quite pleasantly surprised by the shampoos, I decided to give the solid conditioner a go.

I went for Sugar Daddy-O, a bit by chance, a by default, faced with a sales rep that didn’t really know what she was talking about (she must have been a real beginner because usually this NE-VER happens in Lush !)

I don’t find it as pleasant or as easy to use as the solid shampoos. Indeed, the solid shampoo lathers up easily between the hands or straight on the hair (which is what I do) but it’s almost impossible to achieve anything by rubbing the bar of conditioner straight onto the hair and you have to rub it for quite a while between your hands until you get enough product to smooth it onto the hair.

That being said, when I got out of the shower, my hair was completely untangled and I feel like it was sufficiently nourished and hydrated.


I’m not taking the big step of renuncing liquid comestics just now. Solid cosmetics are quite convenient, more ecologic and just as efficient, but I’m too curious and I want to keep trying everything out there. They also haven’t rocked my world so hard that I’m left thinking that nothing else will outshine them. There are still some of my shampoos and conditioners that I like better than these (I’m looking at you Björn Axén)

That being said, one thing’s for sure: I’m not going to travel with liquid shampoo, conditioner or shower gel anymore. Between the good solid shampoos and conditioners and the pieces of art that are Lush’s soaps, it wouldn’t make any sense in my opinion.

Indeed, when travelling, solid cosmetics are better than liquid cosmetics for several reasons. For one thing, they take less room than standard products (unless you travel with samples, but depending on the length of the trip it might take as much room) but also they don’t need to follow the stupid liquid rules that need to be respected with carry-on luggage (the famous max. 10 times 100ml) which means that you can take more of other things. But what’s more is that they won’t leak all over your stuff. For each and everyone of you who have had to clean shampoo off everything, you know how good it is to have leak-proof cosmetics.

Have you tried any solid cosmetics ?


*press samples