New Lip Launches from Nars | Velvet Lip Glide & Audacious Lipsticks


Hello my Bunnies,

I’m back today with yet another post talking about Nars. I have a few of their latest lip launches to share with you.

I’ll start by presenting one of the new shades in the Audacious Lipstick range and then I’ll talk about two shades of the brand new Velvet Lip Glides.


I’ll start with the shade Apoline* of the Audacious Lipsticks.

When I saw all the new shades, I instantly knew that this one was the one for me. I’ll admit, it’s another boring nude shade, but it’s exactly the type of shade that I absolutely love and this one is slightly darker, which gives it an edge.

The Audacious Lipsticks are lipsticks that have a satin finish (most of them at least) that are meant to be incredibly pigmented.

They’re not hydrating but they’re not drying either. They’re slightly creamy and bit thicker (probably due to the crazy pigmentation) than most lipsticks.

But what is it like on the lips ?

On my lips, as they’re always a bit dry, with a few bits of flaky skin and slightly marked lines, this slightly thick and very opaque lipstick doesn’t look very good, especially after a while.

Indeed, it tends to highlight any dry bits and lines I may have. It’s by no means the worst I’ve tried but I’d rather use something else.

That being said, if you have rather smooth lips, the shade looks absolutely beautiful, the formula isn’t uncomfortable and the pigmentation is incredible !


Then we have the shade Unspeakable* of the new Velvet Lip Glide range.

I’ll start by talking about the range in general. The Velvet Lip Glides are liquid lipsticks. But as opposed to most liquid lipsticks that can be found on the market, these are note matte.

The finish of these isn’t matte or shiny, it’s satiny, velvety. They’re not meant to be particularly long-lasting. They’re not supposed to last all day.

However, like the Audacious Lipsticks, these are formulated to be incredibly pigmented and opaque in just one swipe.

So what are they like on the lips ?

I initially thought I was crazy because out of the two shades I own, I love one and hate the other. But after seeing this video from Tati who swatches all the shades in the range, I understood that they’re were not all of equal quality. And if you’re interested in seeing all the shades swatched, I strongly suggest you go and watch this video that will really help you choose the best shade possible for you.

So the shade I don’t like is Unspeakable. I like the colour, which is a beautiful plumy shade that’d be perfect for autumn but I don’t like the formula.

Indeed, the problems start when I try to apply it. It’s really hard to stay inside the lines as the product tends to leak and the applicator doesn’t really help.

What’s more is that it’s almost impossible to get an even finish. It looks a bit blotchy and there always are bit that are more opaque than others. It also tends to highlight any dryness which really isn’t a good look.

You can see that quite clearly on the photo below where I’m wearing it, as well as on the swatch at the end of this post.

If you use a brush to apply it, it’s slightly easier to stay in the lines and the finish is a bit more even but I find that it takes too much time and effort.


On the other hand, the shade Bound* is absolutely gorgeous ! The colour is beautiful, it’s a kind of nude-ish dusty pink, that looks chic because it isn’t too pink.

And when it comes to application and finish, it’s a totally different story than when using Unspeakable.

Indeed, the application is effortless and the finish is even and simply beautiful.

I also love the feeling of this product on the lips, the formula feels like it’s whipped and it leaves a very light feeling on the lips and it glides on effortlessly. It’s also very comfortable.

Like I said earlier, the formula isn’t meant to be long-lasting, so it’s not a product that will last all day and it will not live through a meal, but with this shade, it’s easy to touch up so that’s really not a problem for me.


Above you can see all three products on my lips. I’m sorry for the poor quality of the pictures but I hope that it still helps you to have a better idea of what they look like on.

I want to say that the Velvet Lip Glide don’t look quite as shiny in real life as they do on the pictures.

I also did swatches of the products next to each other so that you can compare the shades.


To sum it up, I fell madly in love with the shade Bound of the Velvet Lip Glide, which is a beautiful product with a velvety finish, that’s comfortable and that has a natural yet chic shade that’s perfect for everyday.

I like the colour of Apoline in the Audacious Lipstick range but I’m not the biggest fan of the formula because it doesn’t work with my lips as it tends to highlight any dryness I might have. And as my lips are pretty much always dry, I can’t really ever wear it.

Finally, I’m quite disappointed by the shade Unspeakable in the Velvet Lip Glide range because I don’t feel like it’s nearly as good as the shade Bound. But it’s a shame because the colour could be beautiful !

Do you know Nars Lip products ? Do you like them ?

On that note, you should read this post on Nars products where you can win a Velvet Matte Lip Pencil until tonight at midnight !


*press samples