Lush Diary #29 | Autumn Leaf | Halloween Collection


Hello my Bunnies,

I’m back today with a new edition of the Lush Diary that talks about a limited edition product right when it’s available. Amazing right ?!

Without further ado, let me tell you that the 29th edition of the Lush Diary is talking about Autumn Leaf*


Autumn Leaf is a traditional bath bomb. Meaning that it’s not a bubble bar, a bath melt or a bath oil.

This means that to use it, you drop it in the bath once the tub is full.

Well that’s a theory because if like me you accidentally drop it in the water mid-filling the tub while trying to take wondrous blog pictures, it’ll work just as well. #fail


And if you didn’t think that it could be possible to have a double fail simply trying to take a bath and taking blog pictures, well I’m here to prove you wrong.

Yup. Because not only did I drop the bath bomb before I could take all my pictures, I also mis-closed the tub and my bomb therefore slowly went down the drain.

As a result, after 5 minutes when I should have been able to enjoy a wonderful bath I was left with a little puddle of absolutely pure water. #majesticfail


That being said, I still saw –and smellt– enough to tell you about this bath bomb. Phew !

If looking at the bath bomb the colours might seem a bit dull, it isn’t the case at all once you drop it in water. Indeed, the colours become really intense once the bath bomb is in the water.

My guess is that if you were to gently drop it in the tub you would get the shape of the leaf in green, orange and red. Indeed, despite my mishaps I could see that the bath bomb was releasing some green, orange and red and if you drop it very gently on calm water, you’ll get the original shape of the bath bomb which looks gorgeous.

It also looks like the final colour would be an orangey-red. Beautiful !

As for the scent, I think that it will please those who usually find Lush scents to be too sweet or too potent, as well as a lot of other persons. The scent is more foresty and herby. I’d also say that it may be more adapted for men. Though I’m not entirely convinced that fragrance preference is a gender thing. But that’s a whole other story.


However, what’s for sure is that I’m gonna run to the nearest Lush store to get another one while they’re still available because I’ve seen enough to know that I like it.

I did this post anyway because I wanted to talk to you about it while it was still available ! Despite the fact that I couldn’t test it properly, I’m convinced that Autumn Leaf is one of the highlights of the Halloween collection.

Have you tried this very pretty leaf ?


*press sample

  • So pretty!

    • It could have looked sooooo nice in the water had I not accidentally dropped it =(