L’Alpage’s Latest Launches | Hydralpine Waterproof Makeup Remover and Body Scrub


Hello my Bunnies,

I’m back today to talk to you about l’Alpage’s latest launches. If you don’t know l’Alpage, may I suggest that you have a look at this post where I present the brand.

It’s a swiss brand that has a really good ethic (imho), trying to use as many natural products as possible (but they’re not 100% natural), all the while being as local as possible regarding the making of the products and the ingredients.

Recently, l’Alpage has launched two new products in their Hydralpine range, a bi-phase waterproof makeup remover and a “body shower exfoliating and peeling”.


L’Hydralpine bi-phase eye-makeup remover waterproof*

The founder of l’Alpage told me that their makeup remover was special because when you shake it, it takes longer for the two products inside to separate again compared to other bi-phase makeup removers. You may have experienced that already: you know when you feel like you have to shake the bottle while pouring the product on your cotton pad to be sure that you get the two products ..?

Well I can assure you that you won’t have this problem with l’Alpage. It indeed takes quite a few minutes for the product to separate again.


Other than that, it’s a great bi-phase makeup remover that’s very efficient to remove waterproof makeup. Makeup remover can be tested very easily, it either does its job well or it doesn’t. And this one works well.

What’s more is that it smells really nice and doesn’t sting the eyes.

Compared to the Maybelline one that I usually use, the one from l’Alpage is just as good.

What’s for sure is that the price isn’t the same as the one from l’Alpage is CHF 19.95, but the brand really makes an effort to have a good ethic and I’m guessing that this has a cost.

You can find the product on their website here or in one of their retail points.


L’Hydralpine body shower exfoliating and peeling*

The l’Alpage website tells us that :

The Body Shower Exfoliating & Peeling is enriched with Swiss glacier water, wheat and salt, and will take care of your skin by exfoliating your skin gently to help remove dead skin cells, leaving it fresh and delicately scented.

I think that “gently” is the key word here, and my biggest issue with this product.

Because I’m not gonna hide it any longer, I don’t really like this scrub. I’m a bit sad to say this because I love the brand l’Alpage, but this body exfoliator just isn’t for me.

I don’t really like the scent but I wouldn’t really mind it if the product was really good.

But I do find that this exfoliator is just too gentle and it isn’t “aggressive” enough for my skin.

So it might be the point to have something very gentle that isn’t too harsh on the skin and maybe people who want a very gentle exfoliation will like it. But when I use a body scrub I want something less gentle and that really does something for my skin. But that’s just personal preference.

If you find that the usual body scrubs are too harsh, then I suggest that you look at this one. If on the other hand you look for a scrub that’s a little more abrasive then I would recommend checking the Rituals body scrubs.

You can find this product on their website here or in one of their retail points for CHF 39.95.

EDIT: after reading this post from Charlotte, I decided to try this scrub on dry skin because she explained that it was more intense on dry skin than on wet skin. I must say that it does work better for me on dry skin but as I use my scrubs in the bath, I’m afraid this one isn’t quite the one for me.


So that’s it for my opinion on the latest L’Alpage launches.

Have you tried these ? Do you know the brand ?


*press samples

  • This is the second positive review I read about the make-up remover, so yeah, I’m definitely tempted to try it now!

    • Yup it’s a good’un !

  • Thank you for an honest review and I was hoping the scrub would be great as that’s the one that I am interested in but guess it’s just not meant to be. I like to feel my scrub doing a good job on my skin instead of gentle ones so I know I won’t like this.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    • Same as you. But it’s just a question of personal preference. I like the rituals scrub for a more intense action =)