New in | Kiko Cocoa Shock Blush | Review and Giveaway (closed)


Hello my Bunnies,

I’m back today to talk to you about a new launch that looks delicious. And yes, I’m talking about makeup.

Following the trend of the Too Faced chocolate bronzer and chocolate bars, and of the Bourjois délice de poudre, Kiko has launched a new collection of blushes inspired by chocolate.

I was lucky enough to be sent all 4 shades and I decided that I wanted to share these products with you. Literally even, as you’ll be able to win two of them at the end of this post.


There are four shades available in this collection, each containing two different blushers.

Visually, they look like chocolate bars filled with forest fruits mousse (ugh … how disgusting though ?! fruit filled chocolate ?! but it looks lovely !)

There’s a white chocolate one, a very light milk chocolate, a darker milk chocolate and a very dark chocolate.


I’ve only used shade 02 so far (bottom right on my pictures) because I really like the dusty pink tones that are perfect for the season. They’re also a bit more subtle on the skin which is good as I tend to have a little redness around my nose at the moment. I find that a lot of blush doesn’t look very nice when I also have a little bit of redness around my face.

The first thing you notice when opening them is the delicious vanilla scent (even though when I have a bit of a cold I find that they smell a bit of plastic… weird)


As for the packaging, it’s really cute and I like that it looks like a bar of chocolate. Obvs.

That being said, once you hold them, they do feel a bit light which makes them feel a bit cheap. But Kiko isn’t expensive by any means and if they choose to invest in the product rather than in the packaging I find that it’s a good thing for us.

Also, if it is a bit too light for my taste, it doesn’t feel like it’s going to break easily which is also a good thing. Light but fairly sturdy.


Upon my first time using it, I thought that the pigmentation was quite poor.

However, I didn’t feel like that using it the second time so I must just have had a weird first impression. They’re not extremely pigmented but they’re pigmented enough and it’s nice for them no to be too pigmented as it allows more control upon application.

Indeed, if a product isn’t too pigmented you can really control how much you apply, you can build it up and the risk of ending up with clown cheeks is greatly minimized. They’re not powdery which also makes them easier to use.

But if you like very pigmented blushers, these won’t be for you.


I find them very easy to work with, they blend nicely and have a very average lasting time.

I don’t think they’re revolutionary in any way apart from the way they look and the way they smell. If you already have a big blush collection they won’t do much for you.

That being said, having two shades in one compact is quite convenient and allows for more variety easily. Their look and their scent are also great selling points. In particular for the chocolate lovers out there and the ones who love to extend their makeup collection.


If you’d like to try these blushers but not buy them, you can ! I offer you the chance to win shade 01 (white chocolate) and the shade 03 (semi-dark chocolate).

It’s very easy to take part in the giveaway.

To take part in the giveaway you have to :

  • be subscribed to my newsletter (under the blog header)
  • live in Switzerland
  • leave me a comment to tell me you’re taking part, which blush you want to win (01 or 03) and including your email address so that I can check you subscription and contact you if you win

For more entries

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The giveaway is open until the 16th of October at 11.59pm.

And that’s it.

Good luck !

The winners are Anne-Marie S. & Myrtilla !

Have you seen these ? Tempted ?


  • I recently picked up shade 4 (the darkest one?) and love it! I agree that they’re not the most pigmented ever but I like that you can build them up 🙂 x

    • You can definitely build them up and they’re easy to work with =)

  • The packaging is so cute 🙂 And the shades look nice. Good luck to everyone who’s entering the giveaway.

  • I have long wanted to try Kiko because many have raved about the brand but they don’t ship to Canada as I know of. These blushers are gorgeous and I prefer my blushers to be build able instead of intensely pigmented so these sounds perfect! Shame it’s not worldwide but good luck everyone who entered.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    • Oh I didn’t know Kiko wasn’t available in Canada. Do you know if it’s available in the states ? Maybe you could get it shipped from there ..?
      I didn’t do it worldwide because the P&P would have been more expensive than the product itself and I find that really stupid ^^
      Sorry about that !

  • Charlotte Roberts

    Ooh I like the look of 03, I’d love to take part 🙂
    My email address is

    • Good luck to you then !