Jason Wu for Caudalie | The Famous Beauty Elixir but Improved


Hello my Bunnies,

I’m back today to talk about a princess product. What’s a princess product I hear you ask ? Well it’s a product that you really don’t need but that’s really really pleasant to use !

The Caudalie beauty elixir is a princess product for example.

I chose to talk about this product now because Caudalie collaborated with Jason Wu to revamp momentarily the packaging of the beauty elixir. And if the look has changed, I mostly noticed an improvement upon using it.


As you’ll be able to see on the pictures, the usual green design was replaced by black lace inspired designs and the silver cap by a golden one.

I know some people got really excited by this new design, but if I’m honest, I don’t really care.

I agree that it looks really nice, but I did find that it looked really nice before too.

However, I’m convinced that if you’re on the fence about buying it, then you NEED to go and buy THIS limited edition, NOW.


Why ? I hear you ask, quite rightly so as I just told you that I didn’t find the design that thrilling.

Well quite simply because they didn’t only change the design. They also changed the spray !

And that’s where this limited edition really is revolutionary (IMHO.)


Because indeed, the spray in this limited edition, compared to the regular one, is greatly (and I mean GREATLY !) improved.

The mist that comes out is now thiner and more uniform. Whereas the original tends to be uneven and to spray big droplets onto the face, this one offers the most perfect, even mist.

What’s more is that when you push the spray down, it works effortlessly whereas the original one can tend to grip a little like a mechanism in lack of oil.


But do you really need the beauty elixir in your life ? Like I said earlier, no. But actually, you really do !

You know that occasional (or not that occasional) piece of chocolate you allow yourself ? Well the beauty elixir is the equivalent of the piece of chocolate for your skin. Unnecessary but oh so pleasant !

1. it smells great !
2. it’s incredibly refreshing !
3. it gives a good hydration boost !
4. it really smells great !
5. and did I already mention that it’s extremely pleasant ?

More seriously, I love using it before applying my foundation, after my skincare routine, because I find that it makes any foundation look better.

I also like to use it throughout the day when I feel like my skin needs a little TLC, or just before touching up my makeup, if I’ve had a long day but am going out again.

That being said, this product contains alcohol and I know that some skins react badly to it. But personally I don’t have any problem with that.

Using the beauty elixir is pure bliss, particularly with the new and improved spray.


I promise that this post isn’t sponsored, I’m simply madly in love with the product at the moment 😛

Do you know the beauty elixir ? What do you think of the new design ?


*the new edition has been kindly sent to me but I bought the original one several months ago with my own money