3 New Face Products | Cover FX, Estée Lauder and MAC

routine de teint automne

Hello my Bunnies,

I’m back today to talk to you about three new products that made their way into my base drawer (that is my foundation, concealer and primer drawer)

I’m gonna talk to you about a mattifying primer from Cover FX (the brand is pretty hyped up in the states and is making its way to the UK but I haven’t heard much about it around here), Estée Lauder’s latest foundation launch and MAC’s latest concealer launch.

It’s all looking pretty good isn’t it ?!

So let’s get to it, and quite obviously, let’s start with the primer.

goutte pour contrôler la brillance

Cover FX Custom Blot Drops

This product comes in a small glass bottle with a pipette. The product in itself is a very light gel that melts into the skin and soon becomes undetectable (unlike the porefessional from benefit for instance that you can really feel on the skin.)

base de teint mattifiante

This product can be used at a primer, mixed into your foundation, or on top of foundation. In any case, the point of these custom blot drops is to control shine by controlling excess oil on the skin.

I tried all three ways to use it and personally I much prefer using them under my foundation, as a primer. I think that that’s how you get the best result.

In order to really test them out, I applied the blotting drops on one half of my face before applying my foundation, so as to be able to see the difference they make (or don’t make).

Well I was pleasantly surprised when I realised that the difference was quite obvious ! Both sides of my face weren’t looking the same halfway through my day. The drops didn’t stop me entirely from becoming shiny, but on the side where I applied them I was significantly less shiny than on the side where I didn’t apply any primer.

What’s more is that they aren’t drying at all like mattifying products can sometimes be.

les gouttes mattifiantes de cover fx avis

I don’t think that mixing the drops into foundation is the best idea because I feel like it affects the coverage of my foundations and the way it applies. I don’t really understand the point of mixing it into foundation over applying it before foundation. The way I see it it’s just a bit more of a fuss as it means that you have to mix two products together rather than applying them straight on your face.

As for using it on top of foundation, I feel like the result isn’t as good as it is by applying it under foundation and it doesn’t make as much of a difference as if I were to use a powder. What I’m trying to say is that if I start to get shiny, I’d rather use powder than the custom cover drops. I also find that a powder is more convenient on the go than these drops.

That being said, if you only get a little shiny and don’t like to use powder for touch ups, you might like this which gives a less intense result. However, in that case, I feel like blotting paper would also be more convenient on the go than these drops. But the effect is similar.

All in all, I’m really chuffed with my purchase when I use these drops under my foundation. I find that they’re convenient, quick and easy to use. It’s easy to apply the drops exactly where you want them if you’re whole face doesn’t get shiny. And most importantly, I’m blown away by how efficient these are.

You can find them on BeautyBay (here) for CHF 39.-
*so it is a bit of an investment but it will last you a really long time as one drop is pretty much enough for the whole face and the results are there.

nouveau fond de teinte estée lauder

Estée Lauder Double Wear Nude Cushion Stick Radiant Makeup*

The new baby in the Double Wear family, and as opposed to its big brother it doesn’t offer insane converage.

In my opinion, the name in french is exactly what the product is. In french this foundation is called “cushion stick teint natural lumineux” which translates to “cushion stick natural luminous base”. The finish of the Double wear Nude being exactly that: natural and luminous.

fond de teinte double wear nude avis

It’s actually not at all a foundation for my skin. It’s not really adapted for my skin type and not really for my skin concerns either. That being said, I still quite like this foundation and beyond the fact that it’s not quite right for me, I can see that it’s a great product.

What impresses me the most with that product is that the finish really is natural. Once you’ve applied it, you really can’t see it.

Obviously, to be able to offer such a natural finish, this foundation also has a light coverage. The Double Wear Nude will not hide all your imperfections (but that’s why there’s a third product in this post). That being said, if you like your foundation to look natural and to hide your imperfections and dark circles with a concealer then it’ll be perfect for you.

double wear nude foundation review

As for the finish, it’s –as I was saying– quite luminous. For me and my oily skin, it really isn’t ideal.

But I figured out a way to wear it anyway. What I do is that I powder twice which gives me a semi-matte finish that lasts better than most of my matte foundations that tend to get more shiny quicker.

new estee lauder foundation review

All in all, the Double Wear Nude is a natural and luminous foundation (as the name would suggest) with a light coverage that melts into the skin effortlessly and that lasts really well once powdered, even on my oily skin.

What I don’t like about this foundation is the little sponge that comes with it. I appreciate that it’s easy enough to clean thus getting rid of the hygiene problem, but in my opinion this sponge is just too hard to be used on the skin effectively. But that might be personal preference.

Also like I said, the sponge comes off easily, which means that I simply get rid of it and use my Beautyblender to apply the foundation (which is a lot softer !)

Shoutout to the twist-up system that dispenses the product : you turn the base of the cylindre to get the product out, but if you accidentally get too much product out, all you have to do is to twist the other way around and it sucks the product back in. Genius !


MAC Studio Fix Perfecting Stick*

As I was saying, the Double Wear Nude offers quite a light coverage and isn’t enough to cover my imperfections or my beautiful dark circles.

That’s why I was very happy to try the new Mac Studio Fix Perfecting Stick.

This product has a very surprising consistency. It isn’t really creamy or dry (as some sticks can be) but it’s more of a waxy formula. I agree it doesn’t sound too good, but it’s actually quite nice on the skin.

When using it, it means that the product glides on the skin effortlessly (you can apply it under the eyes straight from the stick and it won’t pull at the skin or drag), but also that it blends in the skin effortlessly. It also means that it doesn’t crease like a creamy concealer would.

It’s not the concealer that has the most coverage but it’s clearly one of the easiest ones to use. The stick makes it really convenient to apply the product right where you need it and the products melts into the skin very quickly whether you use a sponge, a brush or your fingers to blend it.

The other good thing about it is that it’s not too luminous which means that it can also be used on imperfections as well as under the eyes.

All in all, it’s quickly become my daily concealer to hide my dark circles and other imperfections. I also like to put it in my handbag for on-the-go touch-ups.


And that’s it for the latest additions in my basse drawer.

Have you tried these ? What are your favourite base products at the moment ?


*press samples

  • I like the MAC Perfecting Stick. I didn’t like the new EL foundation, I just found it too fussy to work with. As for those oil control drops, I must say I’m very intrigued! I’m just wondering, how oily exactly are you? Do you just get a little shiny or do you go full-on oil slick like me by midday?

    • Oh ok … I don’t really mind having to take the sponge off tbh. Which now that you mention it, I’m quite surprised because I usually don’t get along with product that are fussy to work with. But I really quite like the natural, glowy finish of this one. And my mum looooooves it !
      I’m “bottom of a frying pan” oily. Particularly on my forehead and nose. At the end of the day, you could probably draw designs in the oil slick with your fingertips. I mean I can use TP as blotting paper. It’s that bad :/ I usually touch up my powder mid-morning. But like I said, the drops don’t get me from being shiny altogether, but on my forehead I could definitely see that one side was really oily and the other side was significantly less of an oil slick.
      Hope this helps.

      • Yes, this definitely helps, I never realized you were so oily! It really doesn’t show. Turns out we have the same issue then. I reapply powder at least once a day and I blot several times a day, and yes, sometimes also with toilet paper, lol. Crazy that the foundation works for you then! I didn’t like the finish on me at all. Plus, like I said, I found it fussy to work with.

        • I’m always with my little compact and I repowder 3-4 times a day (the number of compacts I go through is insane !)
          I was really surprised that I managed to make the foundation work. But what I do is I powder twice (sometimes 3x) before leaving my dresser. The finish I get is not as matte as what I’m used to but it looks more natural (which is actually quite nice) and what I’ve noticed is that it doesn’t change as much as my other foundation. the level of shine/glowiness/dewiness stays the same longer compared to how long I stay matte with my other foundation. And I find that this glowiness looks better than when my matte foundation become shiny. But I still can’t use it everyday because I’m not used to it I guess. I wear it on short days and when I have a long day I take a matte one and powder like a madwoman throughout the day.

          • In a way this makes me feel SO much better about my constant battle with shine. I always feel like no one else struggles with shiny skin, ya know.

          • I feel you sister. I feel like every single you tuber/blogger out there either has normal or dry skin.