Estée Lauder Advanced Night Micro Cleansing Balm and Cleansing Foam | Review


Hello my Bunnies,

I’m back today to talk to you about two new products from Estée Lauder that have really impressed me !

They’re two cleansers/makeup removers and I want to tell you why I’m so smitten with these.


Estée Lauder Advanced Night Micro Cleansing Foam*

I started using this product towards the end of the summer and I was in love from the first time I used it.

Indeed, this product allows me to get rid of all my makeup and grime in a short amount of time and very pleasantly.


The first thing that impressed me was the lightness of the product, which glides on the skin effortlessly if you apply it on slightly wet skin and melts the makeup away. After massaging it in a little while, I add a little water to melt away any trace of makeup and dirt.

Then, all I have to do is rince it away, no need to use a sponge or a cloth, because even if you only use water, everything comes off (product and makeup) and it doesn’t leave a film on the skin.


And I think that that’s what I like the most about this product, it’s efficiency and how effortless it is to use. Personally I haven’t found anything else that works as well and as quickly.

So when I come home late, tired after a long day it’s the product that’ll make me go from “oh screw it, it’s late, I’m tired and I’ll go to sleep with my makeup on” to “well it takes so little time, I might as well take it off” which my skin really appreciates.

On the packaging, it says that you shouldn’t use it around the eyes, but I personally do and I haven’t had any problem with that. It removes eye makeup well and doesn’t sting my eyes.

That being said, it’s Estée Lauder so it ain’t cheap (CHF 40.-) but I must admit that I haven’t found anything else as efficient as this one.

All in all, this cleansing foam is perfect to cleanse/remove makeup very quickly and efficiently.


Estée Lauder Advanced Night Micro Cleansing Balm*

If you’ve already heard me talk about the Emma Hardi cleansing balm (reviewed here) you’ll know that I really like cleansing balms, particularly when winter is upon us.

If you read this post, you’ll also know that I don’t mind spending a bit more for a cleansing balm if I find that it’s really good as the Emma Hardi one is CHF 50.- for 100ml.

But let’s talk about the balm that is the reason behind this whole post, Estée Lauder’s Micro Cleansing Balm. Regarding the price, we’re along the same line as Emma Hardi, but even a little worse at CHF 48.- for 70ml. But I feel like you can use less product and that it’ll therefore last longer.


I’m just as convinced by this cleansing balm as I am by the cleansing foam I talked about earlier. The good thing about this cleansing balm is that it’s meant to remove eye makeup as well, which isn’t really the case for the cleansing foam (but like I said, I use it around my eyes and it works really well for me.)

I really love the scent of this cleansing balm that’s really comforting as well as the texture that melts immediately into a liquid when in contact with the skin without it feeling oily at all. I don’t really understand how it can be possible but this balm melts into a light oil that doesn’t feel oily at all on the skin. It’s really pleasant to massage into the skin.

When you add a little warm water, the balm emulsifies and becomes slightly milky. Just like the foam, it removes makeup very efficiently.

But once again, this product’s really different when it comes to rinsing it. Indeed, like the foam, you don’t have to use a sponge or a cloth to remove it, a bit of water is enough and there won’t be a film left on the skin. With most of the cleansing balms and oils I’ve tried, I’ve had to use a cloth or a sponge to get rid of all the residue of product and makeup.

All in all, this balm is really pleasant to use, smells really nice, removes makeup efficiently and rinses off effortlessly without leaving a greasy film on the skin.


I’ll admit, they’re quite an investment, one as well as the other, so if I had to choose one, I’d pick the balm because it feels a bit more special on the skin and is a bit more luxurious me. For some reason, to me it also feels like it’s a better investment.

However, the cleansing foam is still the most efficient makeup remover/cleanser I’ve used so far (particularly in terms of time) and if you don’t like the richness of balms on the skin, you might like the cleansing foam better.

With Christmas just around the corner, I can only suggest that you put these on your wishlist or on your list of gift ideas because I’m sure that they’ll please many.

Have you heard of these ? What’s your favourite cleanser/makeup remover ?


*press samples

  • I’ve used ’em up both now, and I enjoyed them until the last drop/swipe.

    • Wow you’re pretty efficient ! I’ve barely made a dent in the balm … however the tube is 2/3 empty already =(