5 Minute Makeup Challenge | With Roberta and Alexia

défi, comment se maquiller en 5 minutes

Hello my Bunnies,

I’m back today with a new video !

Yup I did it again. Or at least I tried. And this one is a collab with two of my swiss blogger friends, Roberta and Alexia.

We spent a whole afternoon together, during which we filmed a few videos for each other’s blogs and channels and the time has come to share all of that with you.

If you don’t know them yet and if you speak a bit of french, I strongly recommend that you go and check out their blogs (Alexia’s blog is called Lexie and Roberta’s blog is Réglisse et Myrtilles) because they truly are amongst the best swiss bloggers in my humble opinion. We spent such a great afternoon together, I’m really happy that I got to work with them. Though it really didn’t feel like work 😛

The idea behind the video I’m about to share with you is pretty straight forward : We have exactly 5 minutes to do our makeup. Well I’ll have you know that 5 minute is a very short amount of time ..!

I won’t say more right now, it’s all in the video. I hope you enjoy it because we had a lot of fun filming it and watching the footage !

But, like I said, we also made content for their blogs and here are the links to their posts and videos :

On Alexia’s blog we had to do a whole face of makeup with just 5 products ! Click here or on the picture below to go and see what we did.


And on Roberta’s blog we had to guess beauty products blindfolded. Click here, or on the picture below if you want to see how well (or badly) we did.


I hope you enjoy those as well ..!

Have a great day !


  • L’idée d’avoir fait ce challenge à trois, je trouve beaucoup plus fun !
    Au moins on ne s’ennuie pas, ça c’est sûr ! 😉
    Contente de t’avoir découverte ! 🙂

    Laura | https://furiouslychic.blogspot.ch/

  • So nice to see you all in the same video 🙂 I must say, five minutes would be QUITE the challenge for me. I usually take 20-25 minutes. But you guys did well.