Nars Haul | My First Purchases (skin, eyes, lips) | + Giveaway (closed)

mes achats chez nars

Hello my Bunnies,

I’m back today to talk to you about my latest Nars purchases. I’m also going to share with you my first impressions on the products I bought.

And as I’ve recently discovered a wonderful Nars product, I decided to get one for you to win. The giveaway info are going to be at the end of this post.

But let’s start at the beginning…

I was wandering aimlessly in Lausanne because I had about 10 minutes to kill before a meeting when I stumbled upon Bon Génie. I decided to go in and have a look at the Nars counter fairly quickly but the girl working there told me that they had 30% off everything if you bought 3 Nars products, because they were closing the counter. Because apparently Sephora is coming to Lausanne.

So 30% off Nars… that’s an offer that can’t be turned down. So I came back, later that same day, with Karine from Nailderella and together we bought 3 products. I got a foundation and an eyeshadow duo and she got the Rigel Dual Intensity shadow (I talked about it here) because I told her how great it was.

But this wasn’t the end. The very next day, I was back in Lausanne and after a discussion with the Nars marketing manager, I knew I had to get something else and that’s when I decided that I would also get something for you.

However, when I got to the till, it was a different girl and she told me that it wasn’t 30% off everything you bought but only 30% off the cheapest product of the three. But the day before, we did get 30% off all three products.

Honestly, I don’t know which girl made a mistake, but the second one did give me a mini lipgloss to make things better.

And whatever the deal is, it’s valid until the end of September so you might want to check it out.

But let’s get to what I got myself.

nars foundation velvet matte skin tint finland

The first product I got is the Velvet Matte Skin Tint foundation in the shade Finland light 1.

As I have pretty oily skin, I’m always on the hunt for a good mattifying foundation and I thought this one could be the one.

I’ve used it a few time since I got it and I must say that I’m not sure what to think of it.

My biggest issue with it is the application process. I don’t like how it looks when I use my Beautyblender to apply it for instance. It’s better when I use my Sigma F82 brush (get it on Cosmeticsobsession) but I’m still not 100% convinced by the finish.

I find that it tends to highlight the texture around my nose and between my brows which I’ve never experienced with a foundation before.

That being said, I love how it looks on the rest of my face and I must say that it lasts longer than my other foundations.

Indeed, if the result isn’t perfect, it does stay the same for a long time. This means that on average, if you take the whole day into account, my skin looks better.

But I’m on the fence at the moment, and I’ll keep looking for a better way to apply it.

nars ombre a paupières duo isolde

The second product I got is an eyeshadow duo in the shade Isolde.

If you’ve read any of my posts on Nars products (here, and here) you’ll know that I don’t really like their Dual Intensity eyeshadows. But I was very curious to try their original shadow formula and that’s why I got this little duo.

Retroactively I’m thinking that it wasn’t the greatest choice as both shades are fairly similar. However, the good thing is that it makes it super easy to create a beautiful ombré effect on the lid as both shades blend effortlessly into each other.

And I must say that I really like the formula of these shadows ! Indeed, they’re really pigmented, they apply and blend easily and last all day.

All in all I’m very happy with the quality of these shadows and I think that this little duo will quickly become one of my autumn essentials as the coppery, golden brown hues are perfect for the season.

nars crayon matte velour dolce vita fall must have

My second visit was purely to get this product in particular. It’s the Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in the shade Dolce Vita.

I already knew and loved two shades of these lip pencils (Sex Machine and Fragon Girl) so when the Nars marketing manager told me I needed Dolce Vita, I didn’t hesitate.

I never never ever wear matte lipsticks because they’re always too drying for my lips. But these lip pencils aren’t and I still don’t understand why but I’m really happy they’re not ! Their velvet finish is gorgeous, they last a really long time (especially the darker shades) and they’re very comfortable !

The shade Dolce Vita immediately became a favourite. It’s quite a neutral shade yet it’s a lot more browny-red than all my other neutral shades (it looks way too bright on this picture, see the swatch at the end of this post) which makes it really appropriate for autumn-winter and makes me looks … more chic.

Yup … when I wear this lipstick I feel more chic and mature than I usually do. It sounds a bit ridiculous but it’s oddly true.

I’m pretty sure that it’ll become as much of an autumn essential as my Isolde eyeshadow duo.

nars lipgloss babydoll

Finally there’s the Baby Doll mini lipgloss that the girl kindly gave me.

I personally would never spend that much on a lipgloss because I’m quite confident that cheaper lipglosses are just as good as higher end ones.

That being said, the shade is nice, it’s a little sticky but not too much and I think that I’ll keep it in my handbag for on the go.

achats chez nars avec swatches haul

Lastly, here are swatches of all the products I mentioned.

… but let’s not forget about the giveaway.

giveaway nars velvet matte lip pencil dragongirl

As I was saying about, I really like the Velvet Matte Lip Pencils and that’s why I also got one for you ! And I chose the shade Dragon Girl which is the prettiest shade of red on earth.

I was always the girl to say : I love red lipstick but it looks awful on me.

Until I discovered Dragon Girl. I don’t what kind of magic this is, but this shade of red looks gorgeous, even on me ! And I dare say that it probably looks great on everybody ! I have indeed met other girls who told me that they’ve had the same experience as me with Dragon Girl when they would never wear red before.

So if you want to experience this magic too, here’s what you have to do:

To take part in the giveaway you have to :

  • be subscribed to my newsletter (under the blog header)
  • live in Switzerland
  • leave me a comment to tell me you’re taking part, including your email address so that I can check you subscription and contact you if you win

For more entries

  • share the giveaway on instagram or facebook, tagg me in your post and use the #FaBNarsGiveaway, please also link your posts in your comment

and that’s it ..!

The giveaway is open until the 2nd of October at 23:59

Good luck !

The winner is Nailderella !

What about you, what Nars products do you use and love ?


  • Nice giveaway. I unfortunalty cannot enter I live in the Netherlands.

    • That’s quite unfortunate !
      I’ll do others open to europe !

  • Nice products Nars.

  • GREAT pics! Absolutely love the Isolde duo. One of my favorite NARS products is their eyeshadow base. I’ve bought it countless times.

    • Thanks =)
      It’s true a lot of people rave about that base … but if I’m honest I’m quite lucky and don’t really need one so I didn’t feel the need to invest.