My Skincare Routine With Dr. Hauschka | How I Got Rid of my Acne


Hello my Bunnies,

I’m back today with a post that I’ve been prepping since June. Yup, it’s been a while in the making.

What I’m going to do is walk you through my “new” skincare routine, but I didn’t want to do it before I had really tried it out properly. Which is what I’ve been doing the past 3 months.

So let’s jump back in time a little, until the 16th of June to be precise, which is when I discovered Dr. Hauschka products for the first time during a press event in Lausanne.

There, after a personalized treatment, the beautician who was taking care of my skin advised me to stop using all my other products and to try using only Dr. Hauschka for a while to see if that would help me get rid of my acne.

Usually I’m not easily convinced because I know that each brand is going to try and convince me to do that, but the fact that this brand is natural and organic, and the fact that their products aren’t supposed to do things for the skin but rather supposed to give the skin the best possible tools for it to do its job by itself, sort of appealed to me and I decided to give it a go.

Well I could have written this post after three days of using Dr. Hauschka products and I wanted to tell you all that they were the best products in the world and that you all had to go and buy them, immediately !

Worse than that, on the day of the press event, straight after it, on my way home, I stopped in a shop and bought a body oil for my mother in law, two bath oils for my father and a discovery kit for one of my friends (and she loooooved it !)


What I like about the brand is that their routines are quite simple as there only are 3-4 steps each evening and morning (including makeup remover). You start by identifying your skin’s problems (or lack thereof) and then each skin type has its own routine.

What’s more is that the whole range isn’t huge. Indeed, for instance the makeup remover and the cleanser are the same for all skin types and there are only two different toners. This also means that if your skin changes slightly, you won’t have to change your whole routine and you’ll be able to keep some of the products you’re already using.

I’m now going to attempt to construct this post in a logical manner by dividing it into several categories. I’ll start by talking about my skin type, then I’ll go on to the products in my routine, I’ll then talk about the extras, as well as the products from other brands that have made their way into my routine and I’ll finish by talking about the results and how it’ll be from now on.


My skin

When I started using Dr. Hauschka, my skin was oily, sometimes slightly dehydrated, but mostly I often had big nasty breakouts around my chin, jawline and on my cheeks. To make it even worse these would hurt, last forever and leave big red marks behind them.

So we quickly determined that my skin type was “oily skin with imperfections.”


My evening routine

As I was saying, the routine is quite simple, and I really appreciate that at night when all I want to do is go to sleep.

In the evening, the first step is to remove makeup. For that I’m using the soothing cleansing milk*. I’ve never really used milky formulas to remove my makeup because it doesn’t really appeal to me but this particular one is very light, fresh and very comfortable to massage into the skin. It’s not the best product to get rid of heavy eye makeup but on a daily basis it works just fine. Particularly if you use a cloth or a sponge to remove it.

The second step is to cleanse the skin. For this I’m using the cleansing cream*. Again, it’s not a texture that I’m used to using as what you get is a granular pink paste that I first hated the scent of but that I grew to like. In terms of application, it’s also quite different as you’re not supposed to rub it in or to massage it onto the skin but rather you’re supposed to press it into the skin and then release the pressure to create a sort of succion that draws the dirt out of the pores. The formula and application process take a little getting used to but I love this product because it leaves my skin feeling clean but with a nice hydrating film. I’ve already repurchased it.

Then you use a toner and I use the clarifying toner*. I like that it’s a spray because it’s quicker and easier to use, but also because it means that I’m not using as many cotton pads. The toner feels very light and refreshing and has a nice scent.

Then, the last step is the night serum*. You read well, there’s no night cream or night oil because they think that night treatments are too rich and keep the skin from breathing properly when it’s trying to regenerate itself at night. I must say that at first I thought the serum wasn’t enough for my skin, but after a little while my skin got used to it and I find it soooo nice to have only one product to apply, especially as this one is so light and refreshing.


My morning routine

To cleanse, I use the same cleansing cream that I use at night.

And I also use the same clarifying toner.

Then, I had two options for day cream and the first one isn’t a cream but the clarifying day oil* which is supposed to help balance the skin and help it get rid of impurities. If you’re anything like me, the idea of applying oil on oily skin during the day is pretty horrifying but the fact is that my skin is doing much better and doesn’t at all feel oilier than it did before.


The other option is perhaps more adapted for oily skins that have already gotten rid of all their imperfection.

My second option was the Melissa day cream* which is the lightest of their day creams and that also has clarifying properties. I must say that I haven’t used it a lot but the texture is really light, fresh and I find it to be very comfortable on the skin.


The extras

As you may suspect, there are other products that can be added to this simple routine.

As is the case for the daily hydrating eye cream* that I added into my routine after a few weeks because I found that I needed a little more moisture there. Unfortunately, I didn’t find it to be quite moisturising enough for me.

I also tried a few masks, including the clarifying clay mask* that I really love. Indeed, after using it, I can see that a few impurities have travelled to the surface of the skin and I can get rid of them easily (very little white heads). This makes me feel like this mask is really doing something.

I’m not as convinced by the revitalizing mask* because I can’t see that it does much for my skin.

As for the hydrating cream mask*, I find it to be a little too rich for my skin, particularly in the summer, but I think that I’ll use it more often in the winter. The consistency is reminiscent of the classic nivea cream in the blue tin.

Then you can also see a little vial on the picture, it’s a steam bath that you’re supposed to add in hot water and steam your face over it to open the pores in order for the masks to work better. But I must say that I really don’t have that kind of patience and I’ve only used it once.


The intruders

I did my best not to use anything other than Dr Hauschka during those 3 months despite the temptation and I must say that I did a pretty decent job. That being said, there are still 3 products that have crept their way into my routine and that have been used on more than one occasion since the 16th of June.

The first one is my makeup remover from Maybelline that I use whenever I’m wearing a stronger eye look or when I’m wearing waterproof mascara. Because like I said, the Dr. Hauschka cleansing milk isn’t the best makeup remover if you’re wearing a lot of it. But I made sure I was using the maybelline makeup remover only on my eyes and always used the cleansing milk on the rest of my face.

The second one is my Bio Performance Lift Dynamic Eye Treatment* from Shiseido because as I said earlier, the Dr. Hauschka eye cream isn’t quite hydrating enough for me.

And last but certainly not least, I cheated by using the acne pimple master patch from COSRX that I got on eBeauty and Care and that largely contributed to make the rare pimples I got disappear at light-speed. (these are truly incredible and if you ever get breakouts you need them in your life ! Now ! (10% off your order with the code FEATHERSANDBRUSHES btw))


The results and the next few months

I haven’t explicitly said it yet but as you may have gathered, I’m absolutely in love with this routine. I don’t think I’d be madly in love with any of the products if I used them separately but together they got rid of my acne. Indeed, if, as the presence of the COSRX patches suggests, I’ve still had a few breakouts during those 3 months, I haven’t had any (not one !) of the big hurtful ones I used to get.

I’ve had 2-3 breakouts on my cheeks and 2-3 on my forehead, but over the course of 3 months, compared to what I used to get, it’s really nothing !

I noticed that my skin was really better when doing my makeup because I was hardly using any concealer. I remembered having to dot it all over my face to hide pimples and scars but I’m now only doing a couple of dots, and it’s mostly on scars.

So I’ve barely had any breakouts since I started using these products but I also feel like the few that I get go away much quicker and don’t leave such awful scars as they did before.

All in all, I think that I’ll keep on using the Dr. Hauschka products because it seems like my skin is loving them. What’s more is that my skin isn’t particularly happy at the moment. It might be stress or it might be last weekend’s intense partying with way too much drinking involved, repeatedly, but I’m doing my best not to sway and I keep using Dr. Hauschka as much as possible hoping to get my skin back on track.

That being said, I’m trying out the two new makeup removers/cleansers from Estée Lauder that are absolutely incredible (review to come) and I’m pretty sure that these two are going to pop into my routine quite regularly. But all in all, at the moment, I’m pretty confident that I’ll keep using mostly Dr. Hauschka.

Also, as you can see on the above picture, I’ve just started the renewing night conditioner*. It’s a cure that runs over the course of 28 days. You’re supposed to use the content of two capsules every night instead of the toner and serum. I’ll do a review on that too.

Another important thing I want to mention about the brand is that their products are incredibly gentle on the skin. As opposed to most anti-acne products that are really harsh on the skin, that strip everything away and often leave the skin dehydrated, over sensitive and a little red, these products are kind to the skin. Proof is that you can use them all around the eye area (except for the cleansing cream but that’s mostly because the grainy bits would be a little hard on the soft skin under the eyes). And to me it makes more sense to try and comfort my skin when it’s upset by using gentle products rather than punish it further with harsh products. No ? I’ve also noticed that my skin becomes less red when I’m applying products than it did before.

I should probably address the issue of the price. Yes, Dr. Hauschka is more expensive than your usual drugstore skincare. But it’s organic, it’s natural and it mostly contains active ingredients and not filling ingredients like water. This means that you need to use less product. I’m genuinely surprised to see how much product I have left in my bottles and tubes. After three months of daily use, I still have half of the bottles of cleansing milk (1-2 pump(s) is enough) and toner (2 spritz are enough) left. I’ve only used about a quarter of my day oil (2-3 drops do the trick) and a third of my night serum (very little goes a very long way). The only things that runs out quicker is the cleansing cream. I use about a tube/month. So yes, buying the full routine is an investment, but it will last you a long time.

And if you want to give Dr. Hauschka a try but don’t feel like committing to the whole routine by buying full sizes, I suggest you have a look at their discovery kits that are available for several skin types and that offer enough product for about a week of use.

Do you know Dr. Hauschka ? Tempted ?


*press samples

  • I really like the appearance of these products too. I really want to start including some more natural products into my skin care. I’m lucky with the type of skin I have but it can be easily upset! If you didn’t make me love this brand before, you certainly have now 😀

    • That’s the thing with this brand, their products are extremely gentle on the skin. Proof is that you can use every single product everywhere on the face, including around the eyes. (i’m gonna edit my post to include that, i forgot …)
      I’ve also noticed that I get a lot less red when applying my cream which I always did when I used other products … Honestly I can’t say anything bad about them =D

  • Nice, you really streamlined your routine it seems!

    • I did. It’s soooo convenient too !

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