Fancy Club | Presentation of a Swiss Jewelry Subscription Box


Hello my Bunnies,

After days of searching for the memory card that has all my blog pictures all over the house, I finally found it thus I’m back with a new post. What a relief !

I’m back today to talk about another subscription box. A little while ago I presented Boxmopolitan to you (here) but today I’m here to talk about the Fancy Club by Mumson.

Last time I was telling you how I enjoyed Boxmopolitan because it had a bit of everything in, well the big advantage of the Fancy Club is exactly the opposite, you know exactly what you’ll be getting as it’s a jewelry box.


The Fancy Club is a family adventure as it was created by a mum and her son. The general idea is fairly straightforward as is that of every subscription box:

You get a subscription (1 month, 3 months, 6 months or 12 months) and each month you receive a piece of jewelry, beautifully packaged, at your door.

As is often the case, the longer the subscription, the cheaper the box. The prices range from 49.-/box for a month long subscription to 40.-/box for a year long subscription. You can find all the subscription offers here.

The value of the jewelry in the box is between 60.- and 120.- so you always get your money’s worth but you also get some pretty sweet deals.

I have a few pictures of the August box to share with you, so keep scrolling.

As you’ll be able to tell, everything is very neat, detailed and looks really nice. The jewelry is wrapped in a velvet pouch, which is incased in an origami (how cute !) placed in a black pouch, and all of that is packed in a bubble wrap envelop. So there’s no need to worry about your jewelry, it’s well protected.







And here is the August jewelry. It’s a long necklace with a beautiful stones and gorgeous details. The necklace was available in gold and silver and there were several different stones available.

If you want to have an overview of the past boxes to get an idea of what you might get, click here.


If you’re not a fan of surprises, you can also order the box knowing what’s inside. Indeed, each month, after keeping the suspense for a little while, the jewelry is unveiled and you can order it then if you’re very picky with you jewelry for instance. That being said, by doing that you’re running the risk of realizing that the box is out of stock.

All in all I find this box really really cute and well executed. Every last detail is cute and beautifully made. My opinion is that it’s a wonderful gift idea !

What do you think of the concept ?


*This post isn’t sponsored but the box was gifted to me by Fancy Club

  • What a neat concept! Love the necklace.

    • It’s so cute down to the last little detail =D

  • What a lovely idea! I love the turquoise too. I bet it looks beautiful on you! 🙂

    • Imma be brutally honest with you, turquoise really isn’t my colour. I love the look of it and I know loads of people it would look great on but I don’t really like it on me and I don’t think that it really goes with anything in my wardrobe =(
      phew, that’s a weight off my chest. ^^