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favoris du moment marc jacobs lipstick queen stila

Hello my Bunnies,

I’m back today for a type of post that’s never been seen before on the blog (or so rarely that no one remembers), but that’s kind of a cult classic on the blogosphere. I’m going to talk to you about three of my current favourite products.

At the moment, I find that I’m talking a lot about new launches, and if these are not posts that I do because I have to but because I want to, I kind of still sort of do it because I have to. The thing with new launches (especially with limited editions) is that you either talk about them when they come out or you dont talk about them at all.

All that to say that I’ve been missing talking about products just because I want to talk about them and for no other reason.

The three products I’m talking about today are not new, they’re not limited editions, they haven’t been sent to me and they’re not particularly hyped up online. I bought them because I liked the look of them, I fell in love and I want to share them with you.

favoris du moment instamarc marc jacobs

The first product is #instamarc from Marc Jacobs in the shade 40 mirage filter.

I bought this product on a whim, the day I discovered sephora in Geneva. I was looking at all the Marc Jacobs goodies and decided that this one was the one that had to come home with me.

It’s yet another contouring duo … They’re absolutely everywhere at the moment ! So there’s a dark matte colour to contour the face and a light matte coulour to highlight.

I chose this shade in particular because I felt like the dark colours in the other two shades available were a bit too pink and because I thought that the yellowness of the lighter shade would make it great for under the eye and to fight any of the redness that I sometimes get around my nose and brows.

Other than that I wasn’t expecting much, I was mostly curious to discover some Marc Jacobs products.

Well I really fell in love with this product, especially with the dark contour shade that’s pretty much magical. Yup !

I was blown away when I first used it to see how amazingly uniformly the product applied. There’s no harsh line, no blotchiness, no powdery finish. The powder melts into the skin, it’s completely undetectable, and yet the results are there, the definition that gets lost under foundation is back.

I’ve used loads of bronzers and contour powders, but I’ve never experienced something like that. It’s really one of the easiest products to use in my collection. I take my brush, swish, swish on each cheek and I’m done and the finish is quite simply perfect !

It’s not the ideal product if you’re looking to create a really strong contour in the hollows of your cheeks, but if you want to add a subtle definition to the perimeter of the face, if you want an uber natural finish and if you want it to last all day then this is absolutely the product for you !

As for the light yellowy shade, without being as amazing as its sister, it’s not bad at all.

I like to use it to set my under eye concealer because it’s very fine and the yellow in it helps brighten everything. I also use it a little on the rest of my face to set everything else, particularly where I tend to get a little redness and I quite like it.

To be honest I mostly use it because it’s in the same compact as the other which I can’t live without anymore, but it’s still good.

Last but certainly not least, and this is true of both powders, I feel like this product offers a blurring effect that makes my skin looks smoother than it really is. I find that to be a really nice addition, be it for a contouring powder or for a setting powder. Personally I don’t see the product on my skin, but after applying it, my skin definitely looks nicer and smoother. Yay !

favourite lipstick queen jean queen

The second product is the Jean Queen lipstick from Lipstick Queen.

I bought it on the same day I did #instamarc in the same sephora. I was looking at Lipstick Queen and as I quite like their Frog Prince lipstick (the famous green lipstick that turns pink) I was curious to try something else from the brand.

So it was again on a whim and without any research that I decided to go for Jean Queen.

Like Frog Prince, it’s a confortable, shiny, sheer lipstick that has a shade that’s slightly different on everyone. Nothing out of the ordinary really.

Indeed, these kinds of lipstick are also quite common and can be found at several different counters like Dior and Clarins for instance (I did a comparison between these too here) but in my opinion, what makes this one different to all the others I’ve seen so far is the shade.

Most of these lipsticks tend to be pink on everybody. A slightly different shade of pink, but always more or less pink. And if I quite like this colour, I was looking for something a bit different.

Compared to the other ones, Jean Queen is a lot more red. So again, it’s not at all an opaque lipstick. This product will merely give a slight tint to the lips but it gives a beautiful reddish hue.

I read somewhere that the best shade of lipstick for someone was the shade closest to the colour of the inside of one’s bottom lip and I was quite surprised to see that on me Jean Queen makes my lips look exactly like the inside of my bottom lip. Maybe that’s why I find that it looks so good on me …

This kind of lipstick, comfortable, quite sheer, slightly shiny, easy to apply and to reapply is exactly what I’m into in general and I’m really happy to have found one that isn’t pink like all the other ones I have.

It hasn’t left my handbag ever since I purchased it and I wear it pretty much everyday.

favourite stila stay all day eyeliner

Finally the third product is the Stay All Day eyeliner from Stila.

I’ve heard a lot about it quite a few years back but as Stila isn’t a brand that can easily be found in Switzerland, I waited quite some time until getting it. But I added it to one of my latest Cult Beauty orders and it was more or less the arrival of the Holy Grail in my life.

This eyeliner is the product that made me make peace with eyeliner. Thanks to it I can do wing liner without needing to start 1.5 hour before leaving the house and without fearing all night that I’ll smear black all over my face. It’s also thanks to this product that you can see me rocking winged eyeliner on my instagram selfies 😛

Indeed, the problems I encountered with my previous eyeliners were : the colour was never quite opaque the first time round so I had to go back and it was always an opportunity to mess everything up, the tip of the felt tip would never get quite enough pigment and using the side is always a little messy, and the product was never really long lasting enough and the mere contact would smear everything from my temples down to my jawline.

But then I discovered this Stila eyeliner and my whole life changed.

This eyeliner is perfectly opaque the first time round. This eyeliner has an incredibly precise tip that always contains enough pigment which allows me to trace a very fine line. This eyeliner isn’t too rigid or too flexible which makes it very easy to work with. This eyeliner really does last all day. And it even lives through a little tear and sweat (experience talking …)

And quite frankly … what else could you ask for ? Since I got it, and for the first time in my life, I’m happy to do my liner and it even makes me want to become a little more adventurous with it. This is a first !


So that’s it for my current favourites.

What are you favourite products at the moment ?


  • Love the look of that liner, it looks veeeeery precise.

    • It indeed is ! The best I’ve used so far.