Lush Diary #28 | Shoot for the Stars | Christmas Collection


Hello my Bunnies,

After months of summer heat, I’m finally back with a new edition of the Lush Diary now that I feel like taking baths again.

I’m not going to try and hide it from you any longer, today’s bath bomb is one of my absolute favourites ! It’s called Shoot for the Stars.


Don’t worry, yes it was part of last year’s Christmas collection, which is obviously no longer available, but it’ll be back for this year’s Christmas collection, which will be available soon.


I’ll also take this opportunity to warn you that the bath bomb has been updated a little for 2016. Indeed, it no longer looks exactly the same. This year’s version is more of an electric/teal blue and the shooting star on it has been replaced by three yellow stars that are made out of [shea, kokoa, … i need to check] butter, which makes it hydrating !


Last year’s version wasn’t hydrating and that’s probably the only fault I can find with it.

Because when it comes to scent or results, I’m deeply in love. It almost feels like magic !


It’s a bath bomb that fizzes away quite quickly. As you can see on the pictures, once in the water it becomes blue, but also purple, pink and yellow. But most importantly, it releases heaps of micro-glitters that don’t float or sink to the bottom but that go everywhere from the surface to the bottom.

At first you don’t really notice it because of the white foam at the surface but once it fades, you realise that the bath is a gorgeous midnight blue (slightly purple) colour and the glitter looks just like stars.


It may sound a bit cheesy, but I’m telling you, in real life, it looks absolutely magical ! (unfortunately, I wasn’t able to capture that on camera, so you’ll have to take my word for it)

however, it kind of makes sense. You can’t really take pictures of magic, and this starry night in the bathtub is some kind of magic.

There also are a few little pink stars that float and melt away slowly.

As for the scent, it’s a bit sweet, like caramelized honey, but also a little spicy, which means that it’s not sickening. Personally I’m a huge fan !


I was lucky enough to attend a demo of the new version this week and I can tell you that the starry night effect is still present. Phew ! (I got really scared when they announced that it’d changed a little)

I’m really impatient to try this new version and to see if the butter stars make it even more incredible ..!

EDIT : I tried the new version. The scent is still just as heavenly and the yellow stars make the water extremely hydrating which I loooove ! However, when I got out of the bath I was covered in glitter. I personally don’t mind but I thought you should know. The colour is also slightly different now, rather than turning the water an incredible midnight blue it’s now lighter and a bit more teal-y than before. Mind you it’s still pretty but I liked the colour better before.

Do you know this bath bomb ?