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nars fall color powerfall collection

Hello my Bunnies,

Due to an increase in new collections coming out at the moment from all over the place, I thought I should introduce a new kind of posts. The point of these posts will be to present the new collections even if I haven’t had a chance to test out the products to their full potential.

This type of post will mostly be informative in terms of what’s available at the moment, but I’ll also –obvisouly– give my two cents as to what I think is worth looking at or what I’ve started trying. The best (and worst) products will also end up on the blog somehow, and I can obviously answer any question you may have through the comments, via email or any of the other social medias (my link are in the header)

The first collection I’m going to present to start this new series is the Nars autumn collection and is called Powerfall. I’ve received 4 products from the collection so I should be able to give you a fair overview.

nars fall collection soul mix review swatch

When I first got the press release I got really excited really quickly. Everything about the collection is dreamy, be it the shades, the products or the visuals.

The tones are warm, with a lot of chocolatey hues. It could only make me happy.

nars contour blush melina

The first product that caught my eye was the Contour blush in the shade Talia*.

The contour blush contains two matte shades, a contour shade and a highlighting shade. You use the darker shade to sculpt the face (down the side of the nose, on the temples, along the jawline and in the hollows of the cheeks) and the lighter shade is used to bring forward other parts of the face (under the eyes, down the centre of the nose, on the forehead, the chin or cupid’s bow) in order to get a more defined face. Well that’s the theory anyway.

In reality, the lighter shade in this particular duo is quite surprising. It’s way too dark to be used as a highlighter and has quite a weird undertone.

The fall collection contains two shades of the contour blush and Talia is the lightest of the two, so that means that if you’re anything like me there isn’t a contour blush for you in this particular collection. However, there are three other shades of the contour blush in the permanent collection, amongst which, a shade that will suit the fairest of them all.

In the picture below you can see both shades of the contour blush in Talia swatched, next to Nars Laguna as a reference (on the right)

nars contour kit blush melina swatch

That being said, I really enjoy using the darker shade to do a little bit of contouring. I’m not the biggest fan of contouring and you’ll never see me with a face sculpted like Kim K, but I like to explore the possibilities and to have fun with makeup.

I’d say that this is not a product for the beginners as it is really pigmented. Indeed, you get a strong colour pay-off very easily. However the tone of the shade is great, the application is even, and if you happen to go a little too strong, blending is fairly easy with a clean brush or a beautyblender.

I also noticed that this product was extremely long lasting. Indeed, after a 7 hour shift where I sweated 75% of the water in my body, I still had beautifully chiseled cheeks. Impressive !

nars velvet eyeliner fall collection

As much as I was looking forward to testing the contour blush, I wasn’t terribly excited by the Velvet Eyeliners. The proof being that I’ve had them for over two weeks and I still haven’t used them. Problem is : I don’t really ever wear eyeliner.

I initially thought I could use the white shade in the waterline to combat redness and give the illusion of bigger eyes, unfortunately it doesn’t really last. Probably because it’s not waterproof.

That being said, the two shades that I got, Mambo* and Las Pozas* look really pretty. Las Pozas is a pure white with a slight pearly finish and Mambo is a delicious-looking chocolatey brown.

They both have a beautiful satiny finish and feel very creamy. I’m quite sad I don’t wear eyeliner but maybe I should start, just to use that gorgeous brown.

nars creamy eyeliner swatch

But I kept the best for last … The Dual Intensity Eyeshadow in the shade Rigel*.

When I got it, I wasn’t expecting much. I found the shade beautiful but if you’ve read my post about the Nars summer collection (here) you’ll know that I’m not really a fan of the formula of these eyeshadows.

And as expected, the formula is very much like that of the shades in the summer collection. This means that the shadow swatches beautifully and if you use it wet, the result is very intense. However, if you use a dry brush (which is how I like applying my eyeshadow) the colour pay-off isn’t good enough for my standards.

nars dual intensity eyeshadow soul mix fall color nigel

So what I do is that I apply it all over the lid, with my finger, simply, and it looks gorgeous !!! When I want to pretend like I made a bit more of an effort I use a matte brown shade to define the crease and outer corner slightly (I usually simply use my bronzer or contour shade).

Like I said, the shade is itself is absolutely gorgeous and as I was saying on my instagram, I’ve barely worn anything else on my lids for the past two weeks. The shade is very much like MAC “All that Glitters” expect that its finish is more metallic and light reflecting.

nars dual intensity eyeshadow rigel swatch

To get back to the collection in itself, there are a couple other shades of eyeshadows, as well as several shades of eyeliner and a second shade of the contour blush. But most importantly, there are two shades of the Velvet Matte Lip Pencil which are matte lip crayons. I already own two shades of these (from the permanent collection) and believe me, they truly are incredible (more about them soon !)

You can find the whole collection here.

Are you tempted by this collection ?


*press samples

  • The collection looks great but it sounds as if the quality wasn’t the best. I’d still love to try the contour&highlight shades.

    • Honestly I’m not as wowed by anything as I would have expected to be seeing it’s Nars.
      That being said they’re really not bad. My friend Charlotte is a huge fan of the eyeshadows, whereas I think that they’re just a bad compromise. And I quite like the contour shade (though I’d definitely another duo to be able to use the highlight part) whereas she found it too pigmented and blotchy. Each to their own eh ?

  • I am just dying to try more NARS. I like the color of that shadow, it’s indeed the perfect shade for ‘marathon’ wear 🙂

    • Exactly ! There aren’t many things I’ve tried from Nars so far where I would say : “go get it ! now !” but this is one of them, for sure !