Lush Volcano | The Really Refreshing Mask for Tired Feet

lush masque frais pieds volcano revue avis

Hello my Bunnies,

The sun is back so I (quickly before it changes its mind) take this opportunity to squeeze one more summery post into my feed.

Today I’m going to talk to you about a fresh foot mask from Lush that’s called Volcano*

The point of this mask is to refresh tired feet and I’ve used it several times over the summer so I’m ready to tell you all about it.

You may have seen it on my snapchat {feathersnbrush} as I did a sort of live review over there. But I enjoy it so much that I decided to also talk about it here.

lush fresh foot mask volcano review

I’ll start with a little disclaimer. This is a pure princess product. It isn’t an essential part in any routine by any means.

However there’s no two ways about it, it’s extremely pleasant !

This mask comes in one of the famous Lush little black pots and is quite a thick grey paste.

nb: in case you don’t already know, if you bring back 5 empty pots/bottles to Lush, you’ll get a free fresh face mask !

The first thing I noticed when I opened it is that I really didn’t like the scent. I sort of got used to it over time but it’s still far from being my favourite scent out there.

But I’m still very happy that this mask is now in my life and here’s why:

lush fresh foot mask volcano

You start by applying the paste all over your feet, though it’s quite thick it’s easy to smooth it over the skin. Then you wrap your feet in cling film to stop the mask from drying (but mostly it’ll avoid a gigantic mess) and finally you enjoy the fantastic refreshing feeling this mask offers by letting sit on your feet for at least 20 minutes.

So the mask is very very very pleasant while it’s on. The refreshing effect is really intense, so much so that if you tend be sensitive to the cold you might actually hate it.

But for me, who absolutely loathe having warm feet, it’s a blessing !

When you rince it, you can also massage it in a little bit as this will allow the gritty texture to offer a gentle exfoliation.

And, I hear you ask, is that it ?

Well pretty much yes. The refreshing effect does last for several hours after removing the mask but I don’t think that this mask does anything else for my feet.

However, if like me, you have a job that’s quite hard on your feet, the effect of this mask after a long week of running around is absolutely heavenly and gives

lush masque frais pieds volcano

All in all, if like me you get really tired feet because you work them too hard and/or you hate having warm feet, I can only recommend checking this mask out as it will offer you several hours of freshness, a gentle exfoliation and a little energy back to your feet.

Do you know it ? What foot mask do you use ?


*press sample

  • I’m gonna be completely honest: I’m probably too lazy to invest time in a foot mask. But I do think it’s a cool concept. And with the menthol I’m sure it feels very cooling.

    • I know right. I mean if my feet weren’t feeling so bad I’d never have done it … But it’s so soothing after a long day at my job =/

  • This sounds fun! But as my feet are often cold even in summer, I don’t think it’s a product for me. I can imagine lots of people liking it though 🙂

    • My first reaction to that comment is : having cold feet year round ? what a dream ! ^^,

  • Oh, how interesting! I have never tried anything similar, I don’t like having cold feet in winter, that for sure, but in Summer that could be pleasant! Thank you for the really nice review!

    • You’re welcome =) Trust me, it’s sooooooo nice in the summer =D
      ps: I think you should know that I have about 15 tabs open in my browser. It’s all the posts I want to catch up on your blog ^^

      • Oh, wow, 15 tabs, I’ve been writing a lot lately, haha.

        • you have 😛 I shouldn’t have opened them all though. It feels overwhelming now ^^

  • I have a similar problem ! Except that I don’t have the time to write =(
    But there are so many things that I want to share, I’m behind on everything and I don’t ever have time to take part in the Monday Shadow Challenge anymore =(

  • Oh and I would happily have bought some drafts this summer when I barely managed to publish once a week XD