The New John Frieda Beach Blonde range | The Easy Way to Beach Waves ?

products to have beach waves

Hello my Bunnies,

I’m back today to talk to you about beach waves and more precisely about products that are supposed to help us get that beachy look.

Who hasn’t pinned dozens of beach hairstyle on pinterest and dreamed of being able to recreate the same kind of style ? I know I have.

Personally if my hair is long enough and the colour isn’t too far from the pictures on pinterest, my biggest problem is that my hair is straight as can be and absolutely refuses to become wavy.

So I periodically find myself falling for products that claim to help with that and that’s why when I was offered to try the Beach Blonde range from John Frieda I didn’t hesitate one second.

I’ve also been trying a set of minis from Bumble & Bumble that claims to help you get the hair of an ocean goddess (at least …) and I decided to include it into this post in order to offer you some kind of comparison.

I’ve therefore been trying both ranges now and I want to share with you my observations.

john frieda beach blonde shampoing

John Frieda Beach Blonde Purifying shampoo* and detangling conditioner*

I’ll start by reassuring any brunette out there who might think that this range is destined to blonde hair, rest assured, it’s not ! Some of John Frieda’s ranges are colour-tailored but it isn’t the case of the Beach Blonde range which can be used by anyone, no matter your hair colour.

I don’t really want to focus on what these products are supposed to do but mostly on what they actually do.

But just to give you a little information, the shampoo is supposed to clean hair that’s been damaged by the sun and the detangling conditioner, in all logic, is meant to get rid off knots.

The press release also tells us that the range is meant to help us achieve slightly wild-looking do’s.

So, does it really ?

john frieda beach blonde après-shampoing soin démêlant

Once in the shower I realised that the scent of the products was very pleasant. You do smell the mint like it says on the packaging but to me it smells just like a virgin mojito. You should know that the scent is quite subtle and that I don’t really smell it on me once my hair is dry.

The shampoo lathers up beautifully and it makes my hair feel clean and not stripped and the conditioner really detangles my hair as I find that I don’t need to apply a leave-in conditioner before brushing my hair once I get out of the shower. So they both work well as shampoo and conditioner.

What I found really amazing though was that the combination of these two products gives an amazing texture to my hair. As I was saying earlier my hair is straight as can be and quite slippy, which means that if I try to tie it up straight after washing it it usually doesn’t last.

However after using this combo my hair is a lot less slippy and my up-do’s last significantly longer. The first time I realised that was at work, half-way though my day, when I noticed with a bit of a shock that I hadn’t had to touch up my hair and that it still wasn’t necessary when I usually have to redo it every couple of hours, especially right after washing it.

When it comes to beach waves however, there’s no miracle, it’s not a shampoo that’ll make your hair wavy if your hair is naturally straight (not my hair anyway) but, if I curl my hair or plait it, I also realised that it made the curls/waves last much longer.

All in all, I’m really happy with this affordable duo that smells nice and really helps to give my hair texture which makes any hair-do last longer without making my hair matte, making it feel weird or weighed down even though it might be ever so slightly less soft.

bumble and bumble surf foam wash shampoo

Bumble & Bumble Surf Shampoo & Conditioner

In comparison, this little kit isn’t quite as satisfying. I bought it a while back because I wanted to try the brand. The kit also comprises a salt spray that I chose not to include in this review.

The shampoo and conditioner both do a good job of cleaning and conditioning the hair as after using it my hair is clean and detangled.

I feel like the scent may convince more people, especially if you’re not a big fan of mint/mojito. It’s a much more classic scent of shampoo that I can’t rally describe. But once again it’s quite subtle and you can’t really smell it once the hair is dry.

bumble and bumble surf creme rinse conditioner

However, I must admit that apart from cleaning and detangling, I don’t feel like these products are doing much for my hair. If you compare them to regular shampoos and conditioners that are meant to repair or hydrate the hair for instance, it will indeed add a bit of texture and body, but compared to the John Frieda range, it’s just not as good to really make the hair more workable.

I will obviously use these until they’re finished because they’re not bad and my hair looks nice after using them, however if you’re looking for something that will really add texture to the hair, I would recommend the John Frieda range over this one as I find that it does a much better job.

Regardless of whether you choose one brand or the other, you could choose to use a salt spray in order to make the texture even more present as both brand include one in their respective range.

But I don’t want to talk about salt sprays because I’m only just starting to use them and I’m still a bit undecided about what I think of them. I’ve recently been told that I was using too much so I’m already making progress but I don’t feel quite ready to talk about it just yet.

But my guess is that by using a little salt spray before using a diffuser to dry the hair or before curling it, it’d be possible to get even more texture and possibly waves that last a little longer. It could also bring you a step closer to being a beach goddess even if like me you only have a lake and a pond to swim in.

What about you ? How do you manage to get beach waves ? What are your secrets ?


*press samples

  • My hair is rrrreally straight and it doesn’t hold wave or texture very well, so I usually don’t bother and keep it straight… Still looking for the wonder product that can give me that perfectly tousled beach look.

  • My hair has natural messy and undefined waves. It is rather thick, so when it is clean it is also slippery and does not hold up for very long. I think the hair not holding up is not related to the thickness of the fiber, but more with the surface of them. Healthy hair fibers are slippery, so you can be proud!!
    To get beach waves I usually use any product that gives a bit of texture and also a bit of control and blow dry with a diffuser from the ends upwards, working the waves with the hands (you have to help the thing ;D ). I use a medium strength mousse to avoid getting frizz effect from the blow drier, my favourite is from L’oréal Proffessional.
    I have tried marine salt spray and while I liked a lot my waves, I found my hair looked “greasy” quite quickly. But yeah, I was probably using too much of it !