Mac Good Luck Trolls Collection | Mini Review & Presentation

mac trolls collection

Hello my Bunnies,

I’m back today with a short post to talk to you about one of MAC’s latest collection.

I realised just how many collections MAC were releasing when I started to get the press releases in my emails. Not all of them appeal to me (thankfully) but when I saw that they were going to release the Good Luck Trolls collection, I almost squealed in delight.

I used to play with trolls when I was a kid, and it’s a special memory to me as it was my grandpa who used to gift them to me. I haven’t been able to find my old ones yet but if I remember correctly I almost had a whole village of them. Including the little red riding hood trolette.

Anyways … I got two products from this collection to try out and I thought that I would take this opportunity to talk about the collection.

The collection in itself is fairly substantial and includes : 5 eyeshadows, 1 pigment, 3 glitters, 4 lipgloss, 2 coloured hair-sprays, 2 beauty powders and 4 lipsticks. (Find the whole collection here)

mac trolls collection lipglass glitter grunge

Grunge Glitter – Lipglass*

The first product that I’m going to talk about is a gloss. It’s my first ever gloss from MAC so I can’t compare it to other MAC glosses but I can still tell you what I think of it.

To start off with, I love the purple and green glittery packaging. It does look a bit like children makeup, but considering it’s the good luck trolls collection, it’s hardly surprising.

The scent is similar to the usual scent of MAC lipsticks but it’s less potent and you can hardly smell it unless you really sniff it.

mac trolls collection glitter grunge lipglass

When I applied it, I was pleasantly surprised to see that it’s well pigmented. It’s note 100% opaque but it has a great colour pay-off considering it’s a gloss. The finish isn’t quite as intense as what you see through the packaging but it’s pretty darn close. The colour is a berry that’s almost purple with very small specks of silver glitter.

However, you should know that it’s quite sticky. It’s probably what makes it last so long but if you don’t like sticky glosses, you won’t like it.

All in all, I’m pretty happy with this gloss. I mostly like it because it has a troll on the packaging but it’s also a really nice addition to my collection as I don’t have anything like it. I’ll definitely be wearing it.

mac trolls collection eyeshadow silly vanilla

Silly Vanilla – Fard à paupières*

MAC eyeshadows are good in general and everybody knows that by now, and this one is no exception.

Silly Vanilly is a white very a few very tiny specks of silver glitter (almost undetectable)

I first thought that it could be similar to MAC vanilla but as you can see on the pictures below, vanilla is lot more pink as silly vanilly is almost a true white.

mac trolls eyeshadow vanilla silly

It’s not a particularly special shade but I think that I’ll use it because it’s ideal to highlight the inner corner and under the browbone. I had bought vanilla to do that but it turned out to be too dark to show up on my skin.

mac trolls collection swatches lipgloss eyeshadow

What’s for sure is that this little preview has made me very curious about the rest of the collection that just came out.

It may be a collection more destined for the troll lovers and makeup collectors out there, but from what I’ve seen there are some nice interesting shades. I’ve also heard that the beauty powders were quite good.
To be investigated …

Have you seen this collection ? Did you also play with trolls when you were a kid ?


*press samples

  • I hate the theme/packaging. But the colors in the collection are fun, you gotta give ’em that.

    • ahah I’m just about the opposite. I love the packaging but I’m not too sure about the colours in the collection 😛