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boxmopolitan review avis qu'est-ce que c'est what is it unboxing

Hello my Bunnies,

I’m here today to talk to you about a subscription to a box. Not to worry, this post contains no spoiler as I’ll be talking about last month box.

For a long time I was jealously looking at my french and english neighbors and watching enviously the posts about the different subscription services available abroad while in Switzerland we almost had nothing.

And all of a sudden the world of subscription boxes opened itself to Switzerland and good ideas were making their appearance one after the other and now there almost is one for everyone.

The box I’m going to talk about today is called Boxmopolitan and has been around since January.

The first impression was very positive as I like the fact that it’s not too restrictive. It’s not a beauty box, it’s not a food box, it’s not a jewelry box, it’s a box that’s a bit of everything. There’s makeup, cosmetics, home decor, food, music, … something for everyone.

There’s a theme each month and the goodies inside match the theme. The theme of the month of July way Chica Boom Chic, so we have a very summery and tropical box.

If you want to relive the opening live, like I did, I strongly recommend that you watch my video down below.

Otherwise, you can take a look at my pictures.

unboxing boxmopolitan

In your letterbox you’ll get a parcel that contains a simple black box with the boxmopolitan logo. My guess is that it’s what contrasts best with the magic that’s inside the box.

boxmopolitan c'est quoi revue avis

As you can tell, it looks really nice straight away !

boxmopolitan carte de bienvenue

We start off with a little card that has a super cute saying on it.

bambou paille en papier boxmopolitan

Before you’ve even taken a look at the content of the box, you’ll also discover two paper straws that look like bamboo and that will be ideal to decorate your summer drinks.

boxmopoltan what to expect

Once you’ve opened the box you’ll find a little menu with details on the content of the box. I find it’s a bit of a shame that it’s in german but I figured it was good practice 😉

what is boxmopolitan review

When opening your box, if you don’t want any spoilers I suggest you keep this closed until the end.

bon musique flavio lira quartet

The next little piece of paper is a voucher to download some summery music.

cocobello heeley échantillon parfum

Then there’s a little perfume sample. It’s the scent Cocobello from the brand Heeley.

one glass wine margarita cocktail

There’s also a ready-made cocktail if which you’ll be able to use your bamboo paper straws. Inside this little bottle shaped box you’ll find a ready-to-drink margarita that’ll be best enjoyed chilled.

fresh box snackbox bio

And to go with the margarita is a box of dried organic exotic fruits. It’s the Snackbox by Freshbox. (a box within a box …)

physician formula happy booster bronzer

The next product is probably the one I was most excited about in the box. It’s the Happy Booster bronzer from Physicians Formula which is a brand that I’ve been wanting to try for quite some time.

kms california hair play sea salt hair spray

Then there’s a sea salt spray from the Hair Play range from the brand KMS California which is supposed to help you achieve that beach wave look. (even though no matter how much I seem to use I can never manage to get that kind of look.)

petit bol ananas en céramique

To keep with the theme of the ananas that welcomed us into the box is a little ananas shaped ceramic tray that’ll be useful to store any knickknacks such as your keys, your rings, earrings and any other bits and bobs you could think of.

paréo imprimé tropical boxmopolitan

Finally, at the bottom of the box is a beautiful tropical print sarong which will be ideal to go to the beach or the pool, as a towel or as a beach cover up.

All in all, I’m really happy with this box. I love the idea of having a different theme each month and products from different categories that fit the theme.

I also find that it’s a particularly good present idea for a friend, for a month or several months. Indeed there are different subscription offers that range from a months to 12 months. The longer the subscription, the cheaper the box. You can find all the subscription offers here.

If you were to purchase just one box it would cost you CHF 65.- but for the month of july, the combined value of the products inside is CHF 117.-, which makes it a pretty good deal if you ask me. And like I said, if you subscribe, rather than just purchase one box, the price decreases.

If you particularly enjoy the look of the box of July, there are still a few on sale on their website. They’re currently 15% off (so CHF 55.-), which is also the case for the box of June. Unfortunately, the box for the month of august is already pretty much sold out.
June : here
July : here

Do you know this box ? What are your thoughts ? What would be your favourite box ?


*this post ins’t sponsored but I was gifted the box by Boxmopolitan

  • The ananas tray!!!!! I want it 😀 it’s super cute. I didn’t know this box 😉

  • Oh, really nice box! I like the ananas tray and the sarong too! It is a bit expensive for what it carries, though.
    Nice video too!!

    • I guess it depends on how much you like each individual product and whether you would consider purchasing them anyways…
      Thanks ! ❤️

  • I like the July box better than the June one I got. They put some rrreally nice stuff in there!