London City Guide | 3 Must-See Shops

flowers window front liberty's london

Hello my Bunnies,

I’ve been thinking about adding a new category on the blog for a while now, and today’s the time to do it. I’m introducing my first ever City Guide and we’ll be talking about London.

London in particular is a city that I’ve had the chance to visit times and times agains and like I do for the beauty products that I try, I want to share with you the good, the bad and the wonderful discoveries that I make whenever I’m travelling in London and in other cities around the world.

I fell in love with London upon my first visit when I was just over 18 and since then I’ve managed to go every single year, often 2-3 times a year.

I also spent quite a lot of my free time there when I spent a year in England a couple of year ago. This means that the City Guides regarding London will be a mix of old favourites and new discoveries.

Indeed, even if I make a point to always see something new, there are things that I just want to do every single time.

But enough with the introduction, let’s get to today’s business, London, and more precisely, three shops that are amongst the things that I want to see every single time I’m in London.

There are indeed three big shops in which I love to go, not necessarily for shopping but mostly to have a little stroll around. I rarely ever buy anything there because they’re a bit more up there in price but the shops in themselves and everything being sold is very swoon-worthy.

anthropologie home homeware home decor

The first one and probably my favourite of the three is Anthropologie.

Anthropologie is an american storie (I think) that sells absolutely everything, from home decor to clothes, as well as jewelry and stationary. You’ll also find bedding and a bunch of small kitchen, office and bathroom accessories.

anthropologie kitchen plates candle pots saucer

What I love about this shop is that everything looks gorgeous. Everything they sell as well as the way the store is decorated, the plants that are everywhere and even the buildings themselves.

anthropologie bedding bed mug plant candle tray

There are two Anthropologie stores in London, one on Regent’s Stree and one on King’s Road in Chelsea. Both stores carry pretty much the same range, but the one on Regent’s St. might be a tad bigger. However, the one on King’s Road is even more beautiful, inside and outside. Especially as the one on Regent’s st. doesn’t look that amazing from the outside

There also are other Anthropologie stores around the UK, for instance in Edinburgh and in Bath.

letter lettering anthropologie office home decor

As everything is fairly expensive and as it’s quite hard to travel with homeware stuff, I almost never buy anything. I have however already bought some of their candles and jewelry.

This time I really wanted to get those three beautiful letters to decorate my blogging office but as they were 20£ each I decided to be reasonable instead. How sad !

It really is a fantastic place to have a walk and dream about your ideal home.

Where ? 158 Regent’s Street / 131-141 King’s Road / 33-34 Marylebone High Street

and other stories sink body wash hand wash

The second shop in which I love to go is & Other Stories.

If I’m not mistaken, & Other Stories is one of H&M big sister’s with COS. They carry clothes, jewelry, accessories, shoes, and cosmetics. The price aren’t as high as they are in Anthropologie but it’s definitely more expensive than H&M.

and other stories cosmetics beauty products

Once more, the way the store is laid plays a big role in its being so nice to walk around. Clothes and jewelry are surrounded by plants. Everything is pure and white and very well lit which makes the whole place quite peaceful (perhaps not during sales season though) or at least very pleasant.

They have a big range of beauty products in gorgeous products. Surprisingly I almost haven’t tried anything apart from a hand cream (which smells amazing) and a blush (very pretty

and other stories jewelry ring necklace bracelet

Again, I rarely ever buy anything in & Other Stories, apart from their jewelry that is really gorgeous and is pretty good value for money though they won’t last you forever (especially if you wear them all the time like me). Their jewelry is always quite simple, often very dainty and delicate and almost always beautiful.

and other stories scrubs tester in store

I’ve also invested in one of their bags once and I’m really happy with it !

As for the clothes, they’re not excessively expensive but they’re not quite my cup of tea. Like I said, it’s mostly a shop where I like to look at everything rather than buy.

Where ? 256-258 Regent’s Street

liberty's diptyque candle shop in shop

Lastly, the third shop on the list is Liberty’s.

Liberty’s is a self-standing shop in London. It looks absolutely gorgeous already from the outside with its white and wooden facade. It even has a flower shop right at the main entrance. (first pic of this post)

On the ground floor you’ll find chocolate, beauty and accessories.

liberty's store shop aesop cosmetics

I rarely ever go upstairs or downstairs apart from using the bathroom or visiting the beautiful Christmas room on the 4th or 5th floor. The Christmas room can be admired for several months before Christmas and has absolutely everything you could ever dream of in terms of Christmas baubles and decoration.

The beauty hall is a dream for any beauty blogger and a nice place for pretty much anyone.

Aesop, Kiehl’s, Aveda, Nars, Hourglass, Chantecaille and Trish McEvoy, to only name a few.

There’s also a little corner dedicated to the famous candle brand, Diptyque.

liberty's diptyque candle body soins corps

The store in itself is beautiful, almost entirely made out of wood. The lift allows you to go from one floor to another (as lifts usually do) but I would strongly suggest using the old creaking wooden staircases instead.

The decoration in the well in the centre fo the store is also worth seeing especially as it changes quite often (by the main entrance, just behind the florist)

Once more, everything is a little too expensive to be bought but I’ve caved a few times in the beauty hall (quite badly very recently, see more about it here) at the Hourglass counter or to get the eccentric molecules, molecule 01 fragrance.

The Christmas Room is also the ideal place to get a little gift for someone who enjoys their Christmas decorations. No one can do Christmas decorations quite as well as the brits.

Where ? Regent’s Street, at the top of Carnaby Street

liberty's flowers store deco

And that’s already it for this first City Guide.

I hope that you enjoy this new category, please don’t hesitate to let me know if you did or didn’t. And tell me if there’s anything in particular you’d like to see in my future City Guides.

Do you know London or any of these shops ?


  • It’s been years since I last visited London but I do really love the city. Thanks for the recommendations, will try to remember!