Sun Care Products for Summer 2016 | Shiseido, Lush & Dr. Hauschka

produits de soin et crème solaire été 2016

Hello my Bunnies,

Even though the summer is being completely crazy in Switzerland and constantly coming and going, I’m trying my best to be a good blogger and to test out new sun care products.

This year I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to try out a bunch of products that I didn’t know and to help you find your way through the jungle of spf’s, sun oils and after sun products, I thought I’d share my experiences with you.

What you should know to start off with is that I’m not the type of girl to lay out in the sun all day but I do like to go down by the lakeside and sleep read in the sun for a few hours, especially so when my shift starts at 5:30pm. So here’s where and how the products have been tested, under the sun of Switzerland, by the lakeside, a few hours at a time.

Today we’ll be talking about solid spf, luxurious sun lotion and natural after sun care.

crème solaire wet force spf 50 shiseido

Let’s start with the Shiseido Wet Force* sun lotion that offers a highly water resistant strong protection (spf 50) and that’s suitable for sensitive skin and children.

The texture is relatively common, it’s a very liquid milk that feels very soft and velvety on the skin.

I found the application process very pleasant as the lotion is very light and glides on the skin effortlessly. A little goes a very long way. It’s so light that you don’t feel it on the skin anymore as soon as you’re done spreading it.

I was actually so pleasantly surprised by it the first time I applied it that I mentioned it on Snapchat ..! (If you want to see more behind the scenes, my snapchat handle is feathersnbrush)

The scent is pleasant though not particularly strong.

I can tell you that the spf works well (though I was hardly expecting anything else) as after a whole afternoon out in the sun I hadn’t gotten much of a tan (less than I would have with another sun lotion I feel) and nothing even remotely related to a sunburn. Even though I didn’t reapply it after going for a swim.

That’s for the pro’s.

consistance avis shiseido wet force

However what I didn’t really like about this cream was that it left a light white veil on the skin. It wasn’t anything massive like what you can sometimes see on the beach but there definitely was some whiteness to my skin and I don’t find that particularly nice.

I also found that my skin felt a little dryer after an afternoon out. You might say that it’s normal to have dry skin after an afternoon out in the sun but that meant that when the white veil from the lotion faded it was replaced by the whiteness that accompanies dry skin and I was definitely more trying to go for the tanned-sexy-beach-look than for the white-on-white look.

I must say though that I usually use a sun oil which obviously is more nourishing for my skin than any other sun lotion. So it’s probably not bad compared to other sun lotions.

So I’m a bit on the fence about this one as it’s extremely pleasant upon application and offers an extremely good protection about the sun but on me it does leave a bit of a white veil and I think that I might need a more nourishing spf for my skin type.

crème solaire solide lush sunblock

Now let’s talk about solid spf ..! And as you may have guessed it, this one comes straight from the Lush labs. It’s called Sunblock* and contains an spf 30.

At first I was really excited about a solid spf but there actually are some pro’s and con’s.

I really like the idea of solid cosmetics because I find them much more convenient, especially for travelling. You don’t have to worry about it being over 100ml if you only have a cabin bag and there’s no risk of it spilling all over the rest of your stuff. Among other things.

Regarding the application process, Sunblock is meant to be used in the shower. You break a piece off and rub it all over your body. As it’s made out of oils and butters, it melts effortlessly in contacts with the skin.

I didn’t find the process quicker or more convenient than with regular sun lotion, nor was it longer or less convenient. Though when you only have a very small piece left, things can get a little tricky but nothing that can’t be managed.

As for the sensation on the skin, Sunblock feels quite rich and moisturizing and, as opposed to when I used the Shiseido sun lotion, my skin didn’t feel dry at all. However, if you don’t like the feeling of cream on your skin, you won’t like it because it definitely leave a little residue on the skin.

It doesn’t feel sticky really, it just feels like a nice barrier and I didn’t find it uncomfortable to get dressed on top of it. But if you like to feel like you’re wearing nothing, you won’t like this spf as you can definitely tell it’s there. Personally I really don’t mind it and I enjoy the fact that my skin isn’t dry at the end of the day.

solid sun cream sun care lush

As with the other sun lotion, I didn’t get any sunburn.

However, there are a few drawbacks such as the price and maybe a little problem regarding practicality.

On the packaging, it says that one chunk of Sunblock is enough to do your whole body. However, Sunblock is made out of 3 chunks and retails for CHF 20.- So either there’s something I’m not getting either it suddenly got really expensive to lay out in the sun. What’s more is that you should reapply it ever two hours. Following that train of thought, if I were to spend a whole day at the beach, I would pretty much need a whole Sunblock (but we really shouldn’t do that …)

What I’ve seen though is that half a chunk is enough to cover my whole body and I rarely ever spend more than two hours in the sun, which makes the price a lot more bearable. I think … (However, we should keep in mind that other factors such as the ingredients, the ethic, the fact that they’re handmade and innovative also have an influence on the prices of Lush products and it’s for each and everyone of us to choose for what, how and why we’d like to “invest” our money.)

But there’s another problem regarding the fact that we should reapply Sunblock every two hour. If I were to do that, this means that I’d have to take Sunblock with me on the beach … where it’s hot … really hot ..! And Sunblock is made out of butter … you can see where the problem is right ?

I actually know what I’m talking about as I inadvertently left it on the living room table on a sunny afternoon and later found it completely liquid. It hadn’t been opened at the time so it stayed in its packaging and after a little while in a cooler place it went back to being solid.

I can still use it (I checked with Lush) but that’s why it looks a bit odd on the pictures.

All in all, I find that Sunblock offers a good spf as well as a very rich hydration to my skin in a format that is both highly practical and horribly unpractical.

soin après soleil after sun dr hauschka avis

Now let’s talk after sun care with the lotion After Sun* from Dr. Hauschka.

As I was saying earlier, when I lay in the sun for a while, my skin tends to become a bit dry and that’s when I like using after sun products.

I’m lucky enough to “never” get sunburnt so I couldn’t possibly tell you how good it is in case of sunburn and I don’t know either if it really makes my tan lasts longer as I should have applied it only to one half of my body to be sure of that.

However I can tell you that the scent is quite pleasant as it’s not chemical at all (that’s be weird seeing as Dr. Hauschka is both natural and organic …) As for all the Dr Hauschka products I’ve tried, the scent is very natural, it can be plants, herbs or flowers depending on the product but it always smells “natural”.

The texture of this lotion is really nice on the skin as it’s quite liquidy, light and fresh. I imagine that the refreshing properties would be really nice if one got sunburnt.

The hydration level is fairly light which is extremely pleasant for people who don’t like sticky after sun lotions, especially when it’s hot, but that could also be a drawback for people whose skin get really really dry as maybe this wouldn’t be quite enough.

I’m personally quite happy with it as I find that it’s very refreshing and just hydrating enough without being sticky which makes it very pleasant for hot weather. I’m not the biggest fan of the scent which to me is slightly reminiscent of mosquito repellent (it’s probably because it contains MELISSE…) but if it’s the reason why I didn’t get eaten alive by mosquitos so far, I don’t mind at all.

consistance après soleil dr hauschka

So that’s it for the sun care products I’ve tried so far. I hope this was helpful !

What have you been using in terms of sun protection this summer ?


*press samples

  • Not a fan of that after-sun. But I’m dying to try that solid sunblock!

    • Well it’s not my favourite thing in the whole wide world but I quite like it I must say.
      Give it a go if you get a chance, it’s quite something. Though I’m not sure I’m completely sold.