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mini macaron kit manucure gel

Hello my Bunnies,

I’m back today to talk about nails. If you’ve been around for a while, you’ll know that I rarely ever talk about nails. The problem is that since I started climbing, I stopped painting my nails altogether.

Indeed, I don’t see the point of taking the time to do my nails when I’m going to go and rub my fingertips against rocks and abrasive walls two days alter.

However, a few weeks ago, I was approached by Le Mini Macaron who asked me if I wanted to try their new semi-permanent manicure set. As it was the promise of an easy application with long-lasting result, I agreed to give it a go and to share my observations with you.

I also, and mostly, agreed to try it because of how freaking cute it looks !!!

mini macaron lampe uv manucure

I therefore got the Kit Gel Manucure in the shade Cherry Red*.

The set contains everything you need to do your manicure and to take it off.

That is : a file, a little tool to push back cuticles on one side and to remove the polish on the other side, a 3-in-1 nail polish that serves as  base coat, top coat and colour, a cute little macaroon-shaped UV lamp to dry the polish, a USB cable to plug it into your computer, an adaptor to plug it in the socket and 10 little patches to remove the polish.

mini macaron lime à ongle

I’ll start by complaining about the rubbish quality of the file that’s so flimsy that your nails are more likely to file it than it to file your nails. But nobody cares really, I’ve got a good one so I just tossed this one.

The little tool to push back the cuticles on the other hand is pretty good.

The application of the polish is made easy by the shape of the brush that’s really good. The first layer doesn’t look very good (it scared me a little) but once you add the second layer (as you should) the finish is beautiful, opaque, and really very glossy.

The shade cherry red is actually just a little too bright and too orange for my liking but that’s a question of personal preference and there are other shades available  (I’m already eyeing up Latte, Pêche and Cassis)

mini macaron manucure gel

Once you’ve applied a layer on one of your nails, your put your finger in the little macaroon lamp, push the button and after 30 seconds the lamps turns itself off and you can move on to the next nail. You do all 10 nails, then you move on to the second layer, back into the lamp, and you’re done.

I was quite surprised to see how quick it was. All in all, in about 15-20 minutes the manicure is done and completely dry. You don’t have to be careful about anything, you can just live on ! So yes, it does take a little longer to apply compared to a normal polish BUT YOU DON’T HAVE TO WAIT FOR IT TO DRY. AT ALL ! (i’m sorry for yelling but to me that’s amazing. I ALWAYS mess up my manicure waiting for it to dry)

mini macaron manucure gel résultat avis

What I don’t like is the sensation during the first sort of 10 seconds under the lamp. I don’t know if I’m particularly sensitive or if it does that to everybody but for about 10 seconds it kind of feels like it’s burning. It then stops and everything is fine but I’m not sure I like the feeling.

The bad thing about semi-permanent nail polishes is that you have to be super careful when you apply your polish because –and I didn’t know that before because I’d never used them– you can’t just clean the edges afterward like I do with my usual polishes. But if you’re aware of it, the solution is quite simple : either apply the polish super neatly or clean it up before using the lamps with a little wooden stick for instance.

What I found a little disappointing however was the longevity of my manicure. On the packaging it says it’s supposed to last for about 7-10 days but that hasn’t been the case for me. You can see on the picture of my right hand (after 3 days of wear) that there’s already a little chip at the end of my ring finger and quite a big piece missing on my middle finger (no idea how I did that though). So it’s true that I don’t exactly lead a calm and peaceful life (though I refrained from climbing for the sake of the game) but I didn’t find that it lasted better than my Essie polishes for instance.

There was also quite a big bubble on my right thumb, but I think that’s because of the way I applied the polish.

That being said, what’s great it that you can very quickly redo just one of your nails if you realise it’s chipped right before an important meeting: you take it off, apply the two coats and after about 1 minute and a half you’re good to go (2x 30 seconds to dry and 30 seconds to apply it 😉 )

mini macaron patch de dépose

Finally, when it comes to removing the polish, you take one of the patches, tear along the dotted line, put you finger in it (making sure that the little coton inside is on your nail) and use the sticker on the outside to wrap it around your finger. After 10-15 minutes, you remove the patch and use the little tool to scrape off the polish.

After 15 minutes, I could see that the polish had sort of bubbled up and it was fairly easy to scrape it off. You will however need to use the tool, particularly towards the tip of the nail.

And that’s what I don’t really like. I’m fairly surprised to see that my nails look pretty good considering I had to scrape nail polish off of them, but I’m wondering if it wouldn’t be damaging after several uses.

For science Out of curiosity, I tried scraping off the polish without using a removing patch and that was a lot harder. As you can see on the picture below, on my middle finger is what I managed to scrape off without using a patch without forcing too much, that is, very little. I also tried using the Essie nail polish remover that contains acetone but I don’t think that it worked at all.

So when it comes to removing semi-permanent nail polish, I’m not too sure how I feel. On the one hand, it’s so much less messy than removing a standard red nail polish as you won’t end up with red everywhere. On the other hand it’s a bit longer and I’m a bit concerned about scraping off nail polish. I also like to be able to remove my nail polish in the blink of an eye as my grandma taught me that it was much better to have no nail polish at all than to have –even very slightly– chipped polish.

mini macaron comment enlever le vernis

So … all in all, what do I think of it ?

What I like: I absolutely adore the concept and the look of the set. This little macaroon is soooo cute ! I really want to get one for each of my friends. I also loved how quick it was to do my nails. In less than 20 minutes and with only 2 layers, you get a beautiful manicure that’s completely dry. I mean that’s just the dream ! I also really like the glossy finish.

What I’m not so sure about: I wasn’t very impressed with the longevity. I really didn’t expect my nails to be chipped on the third day. Maybe I didn’t cover the tip of the nail properly  but I really tried so I don’t know. It may also be because I use my hands too much on a daily basis, and not for typing. Other than that, I don’t like having to scrape the polish off of my nails because I feel like they would get damaged (though I must say that they look good now after one use !)


Am I going to keep using it ? Yes ! Would I recommend it ? Yes, if the points I mentioned don’t bother you too much, I’d definitely suggest checking it out.

I’m thinking of getting myself a set of removing pads (the set only comes with enough pads for one application) and perhaps another shade of polish too and try it all again.

The sets are available from Manor in Switzerland for CHF 39.90 and are available in four shades. There also are 11 other nail polish shades, so 16 shades in total (only 8 of them are available at Manor) and cost CHF 14.90. The set of 100 removing pads cost CHF 14.90 which means 1.49/manicure which isn’t too bad (you can also totally use each pad twice of you do one hand after the other, though it’ll double the time)

Le Mini Macaron at Manor : here
Their website : here & their facebook page : here

Do you know these sets ? Cute aren’t they ?


*product sent by the brand