Empties Worth Mentioning #8

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Hello my Bunnies,

I’ve worked like a crazy person to finish a few products and finally have enough empty tubes, pots and bottles to talk to you about them.

As you’ll be able to tell I’ve gotten rid off quite a few of my mascaras but I also did some damage in my hair care, skincare and body care cabinets.

Let’s start with body care.

product empties body care rituals the body shop rexona

Rituals Zensation – foaming shower gel sensation

I really loved the consistency of this shower gel that’s reminiscent –if not exactly the same– to a shaving cream. When you squirt it out, it looks like a gel but it instantly turns into a rich white foam.
It feels extremely nice on the skin as the foam is really thick and soft. It feels a lot more luxurious on the skin than a regular shower gel. That being said it’s just a body cleanser and it doesn’t do much else than cleanse the body, apart from being extremely pleasant on the skin.
However, as I mentioned in my last empties post regarding the scrub and shower oil from the same range (here) I’m not a big fan of the scent of this range.
Will I repurchase it ? I could repurchase one of the rituals foaming shower gel but I’d choose a different scent.


The Body Shop Wild Argan Oil – body lotion

I loooooooved the scent of this product ! When the argan range first came out all the bloggers went crazy about it and I decided to wait a little for the hype to calm down before I finally caved and bought it.
I really liked this lotion because it was quite moisturising but not as rich as their body butter which I sometimes find to be a bit too much. I know that the level of hydration can depend on the range but I found that this lotion was a good in-between. I also, like I said, absolutely loved the scent !
Only downside, the packaging that doesn’t allow you to get all the product out.
Will I repurchase it ? At the moment I still have enough body lotions but I might repurchase it later and I’d definitely recommend it !


Rexona Motion Sense Active Shield – deodorant

Unfortunately this deodorant contains aluminum … I caved when I was on holiday because the size was very handy. And I must say that it’s one of the best deodorants I’ve used. But I still can’t cope with the idea of spraying cancer under my arms.
Will I repurchase it ? Probably not. Unless I really “need” to. I’ve repurchased my Bourjois deodorant with lemon (you can see it here) which works brilliantly and is aluminum free but a bit harder to find.

produits terminés colab aussie philip kingsley soin cheveux

Colab Sheer + Invisible Monaca – dry shampoo

Can I keep talking about Colab or should I stop ? I mean there’s at least one can every time I do an empties post. I still try and test other dry shampoos but I still haven’t found anything that was nearly as good as these.
With Colab you’ll get your fresh hair back with no white marks, no weird uncomfortable residue and a delicious scent.
Only downside, you can only find them on Feelunique from Switzerland.
The Monaco fragrance is my favourite for the summer.
Will I repurchase it ? Yes ! I already have three cans waiting in my drawer. I can’t live without it anymore.


Aussie 3 Minute Miracle – deep conditioner

The famous Aussie products … I bought this conditionner/mask during one of my first trip to London because everybody was talking about them.  But that was 5-6 years ago.
I actually wasn’t very impressed by this product. It does smell of bubblegum and that’s quite cool but I didn’t feel like it did much for my hair.
Will I repurchase it ? Well no.


Philip Kingsley Elasticizer – mask

I did a full review on this mask as well as of the the next one which you can find here. This mask also has a great reputation on the other side of the channel but when I tried it for the first time I was a little let down. I then decided to leave it on overnight and I understood why everyone was raving about it. After using this mask my hair is smoother, more bouncy, softer and shinier.
Will I repurchase it ? I already bought a mini travel size.


Philip Kingsley Stimulating Scalp Mask – scalp mask

Once again, you should go and read my detailled review here. I loved this mask because it added a lot of freshness to my roots. After using it my hair felt incredibly light and airy which was very pleasant.
This mask is supposed to stimulate hair growth which I don’t know if it did but I liked how it made my hair feel.
Will I repurchase it ? Not at the moment because I have enough hair products and it’s a little hard to find (they usually stock it on feelunique) but I’ll remember it and I definitely recommend it if you’re looking for something that’ll freshen up your roots.

produits terminés soin peau first aid beauty clinique dr hauschka

First Aid Beauty Deep Cleanser with Red Clay

A red glittery face cleanser ? What more could a girl want ?! More seriously I loved this cleanser because I felt like it deeply cleansed my skin without stripping it. What’s more is that the ingredients are quite good.
I also love the scent that was reminiscent of a SPA.
Will I repurchase it ? As you may know, at the moment I’m using exclusively Dr hauschka products on my face so no, but I’d definitely recommend it !


Clinique Clarifying Lotion 2

I almost didn’t use thus product and sort of emptied it down the sink … It contains so much alcohol that I just couldn’t handle it. You can feel it on the skin, around the eyes and smell it too, which I didn’t like.
Will I repurchase it ? No !


Dr. Hauschka Soothing Cleansing Milk

I’m not going to tell you anything about this product as I’m still planning on doing a review of my full routine with Dr. Hauschka. I’m just gonna tell you that I’ve opened my second bottle.


Dr. Hauschka Clarifying Toner

Same goes for this tonic, I’m not telling anything right now. I bought a little set of minis for my holidays in London and Edinburgh, finished it and I started using the full size.

product empties makeup helena rubinstein lineage bourjois kiko soap and glory

Soap&Glory Archery 2-in-1 brow – brow pencil and setting gel

It’s not the first time I’m talking about Soap&Glory brow products and so far I’ve liked all the ones I’ve tried (I have a comparative review here)
This product in particular contains a brow pencil and a setting gel. The pencil is really good in terms of the texture, colour and longevity but the gel wasn’t my favourite. I found that it delivered too much product at once and it made my brows a little too crispy. You can see it in action here.
Will I repurchase it ? I’ll repurchase some archery brow products but perhaps not this one. Rather one of the two that I reviewed in the post linked above and here.


Laneige Jet Curling – mascara

I did a whole review on this mascara here and as I said then, I don’t like this mascara. I find that the result it gives is too subtle for my taste and it clumps when you try to add coats.
Will I repurchase it ? No.


Bourjois Volume Glamour Max – waterproof mascara

I really loved this mascara. It wasn’t the best waterproof mascara but it was really good at curling my lashes. It made my eyes look very open.
It wasn’t too hard to take off too which is a good thing but it also meant that it wasn’t the best waterproof formula.
Will I repurchase it ? In terms of waterproof mascaras I like Revlon’s much better but I might try the normal one, just to see if it looks as nice.


Kiko long eyes+ – mascara

This mascara was quite good but not amazing. It made my lashes look longer but it didn’t last very well. As soon as things got a little humid it would smudge on me.
Another drawback was that it wasn’t very volumising and sort of clumped when I tried to add more coats.
I reviewed it here.
Will I repurchase it ? No. It’s not long lasting or volumising enough for my taste.


Kiko ultra tech – mascara

This mascara was a bit better than the other Kiko mascara I just mentioned in terms of volume but it had the same longevity problem. It’d sumdge as soon as things got a little humid.
The second drawback was that the wand was a little agressive and it was quite easy to stab myself in the yes which isn’t very pleasant.
Will I repurchase it ? No.


Helena Rubinstein Lash Queen Feline Blacks – mascara

I’ve already talked about this mascara a fair few times and I still love it !
It makes my lashes look pretty much perfect ! It’s exactly what I’m looking for in terms of length and volume and it makes my lashes look very fluttery.
I’ve mentioned it here.
Will I repurchase it ? I was lucky enough to get another one as a gift but I don’t know that I’ll ever be able to purchase it myself …


Bourjois 1, 2, 3 Perfect – foundation

This foundation is my favourite foundation ever I think. I’m pretty sure it’s the only foundation I’ve ever repurchased and this must be my tenth bottle.
I like that the coverage can be built up, it doesn’t break me out and works great with my oily skin.
Will I repurchase it ? I already have !


And that’s it for today !

Have you finished anything recently ?


  • I adore the smell of the Rituals Zensation range and the Wild Argan range from TBS!

    • Sadly have to disagree with you on the scent of the Zensation range but the wild argan range is LIIIIFE !