The Blush Tag | The One That’s Really Helpful

Hello my Bunnies,

I want to start by saying that today’s post has me really really excited. This post, as the name would suggest, is the Blush Tag. The idea is simple, I have to answer 14 questions about blush.

My friend Myrona from the Youtube channel Smugnificent has tagged me to do it and I didn’t hesitate for one second before I decided to do it.

I don’t really do Tag posts, but blush is my weakness. It’s the makeup product that I enjoy buying the most because it’s often really pretty, even though it’s not my most used product.

So, as I was saying, I was only too happy to have an excuse to go and have a look at my blush collection. I was even surprised by some of my answers. Who would have thought ?!

But enough with the chit chat already and let’s get cracking !

1. The Best Packaging 

I hesitated for quite a long time but I ended up choosing Tarte packaging in general. But the old one, not the new one with the gold logo on the front that doesn’t look nearly as nice.

It’s my favourite packaging, partly because it’s colour-coded, which makes it super easy to find the blush you’re looking for. They also have a big mirror which is always useful. And I just find them pretty in general, without being too much and they’re also easy to store because not too bulky.

For a while Tarte was exclusive to North America but they have changed their shipping policy and you can now order from their website (but the P&P is crazy expensive ..!)

2. The Prettiest Colour

Here I have one of said Tarte blushes, in the shade  Natural Beauty, which has often been described as Snow-White’s blush.

Yup … apparently if Snow White was to wear blush, that’s the blush she’d wear.

On a pale skin like mine, you have to be careful when using it because it’s quite pigmented but the finish is soooo pretty. It gives a really nice touch of colour to the cheeks, as if you had been outside.

3. The Most Pigmented

I thought that the answer to this question was going to be Urban Decay’s Rapture or Sleek’s Flush but actually they’re just the darkest ones I own.

The most pigmented powder blush I own is Becca’s Flowerchild and my most pigmented cream blush is Topshop’s Afternoon Tea.

I could also have put Max Factor’s cream blush that I used for question 11, but I wanted to have different answers as often as possible.

4. The Every-Day Blush

I have two blushes again for this category because it depends a little on the season. For the autumn-winter time I really enjoy using the You Sweeten My Day blush by Essence. Unfortunately it was a limited edition.

However, for the spring-summer time, if I’m looking for an easy every-day shade, I often wear Mac Peaches. It’s a bit more orange, but also fresher than the other one, but just as easy to wear.

5. The Party Blush

I first considered cheating and wanted to talk to you about Gwen Stefani’s palette for Urban Decay because of the following reason : I don’t have a specific party look so by choosing this palette I can have a few options to choose from depending on the party look I’m creating.

However, if you imagine a typical party look with either some kind of smokey eye or a bright red lip, I’d choose to wear Tarte Exposed as it’s a muted down shade that won’t clash with anything else I’m wearing but that’ll still add a little bit of colour to my cheeks.

7. The Least Used

This one is easy, my least used blush is Too Faced‘s Something About Berry. I think that this blush isn’t quite for me.

It’s a little too dark for my skin tone and it’s quite shimmery, which makes it quite intense. I can wear it if I’m quite careful, but this means that I don’t really ever wear it.

It’s a shame ! Have you seen how pretty it is ?!

8. The Most Used / The One I Wouldn’t Let Go Of

Once more it’s a Tarte blush, this time with the shade Dollface. This blush is important to me both because of the shade and because of the story that goes with it.

I had asked a friend to bring me back the shade Natural Beauty from New York and she brought me back this shade, convinced that it was the right one. I never had the heart to tell her that it wasn’t what I’d asked for (we’ll see if she reads this ;)) But it was a very happy mistake and a great discovery ! It’s also one of my first more expensive blush and the one that really got me to wear blush regularly.

I’m actually really really happy to have this blush now. The shade is very pink, and as the name would suggest, it kind of gives a doll effect, which when used in moderation, is very pretty.

9. My Favourite Blush Brand

I don’t really have a favourite brand. I choose my blushes depending on the colours and the designs that I see, regardless of the brand.

But if I really had to pick, it would have to be Tarte or Mac. They have fairly large ranges, the quality is good, the packaging is nice and reliable and though the price point is a little higher than Milani or Essence for instance, it’s not nearly as expensive as Nars for example.

That being said, Sleek blushes are also really good, but for me to fall in love with them, they lack a little something-something, a tad of glamour perhaps.

10. The Best Discovery of the Year

It’s nothing out of the ordinary as it’s nothing but a MAC blush and it doesn’t even look that great on pictures. But once you apply it on your cheeks, that’s when it reveals its magic. It’s the shade Spellbinder.

It’s a peachy-pink shade with a satin finish that makes me look like a princess, or an elf, or a fairy …

I could have come up with something that wasn’t limited edition but it would have been a lie because this is truly the best blush I’ve discovered since january.

11. The Most Practical

The first one that came to my mind was Max Factor‘s Soft Pink as it’s teeny tiny and can be applied without a brush, which makes it ideal for travel.

For the same reason, I wanted to add shade 01 of the Bourjois cream blushes and the Cosmopolite Pink Cheekstick from Dior. Just like the Max Factor one, they can be applied and blended without a brush. The Bourjois one even has a mirror.

Following another train of thought, I decided to also include the Smashbox L.A Lights palette in the shade Malibu Berry because it contains two blush shades as well as a pinky highlighter, all encased in a very slim compact, which makes it quite practical.

12. The Least Practical

I don’t really own a blush that I would say is unpractical so the only one that could fit in this category is the Watercolour fluid blusher from Daniel Sandler in the shade Cherub.

This blush looks incredibly beautiful on the skin, however it’s a liquid, which means that you have to pour it on the back of your hand before working it onto the cheeks with a brush, finger or Beauty Blender.

That being said, the result is so pretty that I really don’t mind the slightly unpractical application process. I did a review on this almost two years ago. (here)

13. The Most Expensive

I’m not 100% sure this is the most expensive blush in my collection but it definitely the blush I spent the most for.

I bought it on a whim, without any voucher or discount code. But I have no regrets.

It’s the Tease blush from Estée Lauder. It was a spring limited edition some years ago that I’d paid 72.-CHF for.

But I don’t regret it because it looks absolutely stunning and I have nothing like it !

14. The Least Expensive

I realised that I’m a bit of a snob and don’t own that many cheap blushes. I have quite a few mid-range ones but I don’t really have any of the cheapest brands.

So the least expensive blush I own is probably the Essence blush I was talking about earlier. I’m not sure how much I paid for it but it must have been less than 5.-CHF.

Honestly, the quality is absolutely insane for the price and it’s just as good as many of my more expensive blushes.

So that’s it for all the questions.

I also added a little picture with swatches for most of the blushes I mentioned so that you can see them in action and compare them.

You may have noticed that I skipped question 6… That was entirely intentional. Question 6 is : The blush I regret purchasing. And I’m happy to tell that I don’t regret purchasing any of the blushes that I own.
(the true reason being that if they look pretty in my collection, I’m happy enough ^^)

I don’t really want to tag anyone in particular to answer these questions but I must say that I would absolutely love to see Cheryl’s answers ! And I tag each and everyone of you who want to do it and I’ll be more than happy to read your posts or watch your videos, so let me know if you do it.

Here’s a link to Myrona’s video (here) that made this post happen and another link to Natalia’s post (ici) whose answers I really liked and who has a fantastic collection !

What about you, what’s your absolute favourite blush ?