Refreshing Leg Sprays | Good Allies for the Summer

Hello my Bunnies,

I don’t know if I should talk about the sun finally being here for fear that it’ll make it go away again, but I might just have to risk it.

Usually, with the arrival of the sun come the higher temperatures too, and who says warmer temperatures says heavy-feeling legs.

That might be a bit over-generalized and quite the shortcut, but it happens to many of us.

Whether you have a job where you’re constantly on your feet or are stuck in an office all day long, when the weather gets warmer, our legs can feel a little heavier and uncomfortable.

Well I might just have found a solution for us ! I didn’t really know that refreshing leg sprays were a thing but I got two in the mail during the past few weeks so I tried them out.

Or rather I’ve been trying to try them out. As the weather’s been quite bad lately, it was too cold to really tell if they’d work but I still managed to give them a go and I’m ready to report back.

On the one hand you have the  Spray “Glacial” jambes légères* from Skin’ Minute from their range Slim Minute and on the other hand, the Dr. Hauschka Revitalising Leg & Arm Tonic*.

Both are quite good at doing their job and do indeed refresh my legs. They’re a good alternative when jumping in the lake/the pool/the sea or the shower isn’t an option. But both product are also quite different.

That’s why I came up with a comparison of the two, that way you’ll know just about everything !

Maybe we should start with the most important thing, the effect they have on your legs. Both sprays are very refreshing upon application, both have a fine mist that distributes the product evenly and pleasantly. The immediate refreshing effect is similar, though one could argue that the one from Dr. Hauschka is slightly more noticeable.

On the long run however (that is after a couple minutes ^^) the effect is very different. The Skin’Minute spray delivers an ice cold effect on the skin. Much like what you experience when you apply mint essential oil on your skin. You can intensify the effect depending on how much product you apply. The first time, as I thought it wasn’t doing much, I kept spraying my legs and after a couple minutes my legs were really feeling ice cold. It definitely takes a couple minute before it starts being as strong as it gets. There could also be the question of skin sensitivity as my mom doesn’t feel the effect as strongly as I do.

On the other hand, the effect of the Dr. Hauschka spray isn’t as “intense”. Your legs won’t feel ice cold but rather they’ll feel nicely refreshed. The effect is just as noticeable but it’s more subtle. I also feel like I can feel the spray working on the inside of my legs, whereas the one from Skin’Minute really works on the surface.

As for scent, the Skin’Minute spray smells like mint and camphre, so that is between toothpaste and muscle cream (ahahah that’s a terrible way to describe it ^^) so you either like it or you don’t. I personally quite like it. The Dr. Hauschka one on the other hand smells of plants. It reminds me of the Puressentiel room sprays. M told me that it smelled like mosquito repellant to him and I must admit that he’s not entirely wrong. There are notes that are reminiscent of mosquito repellent but I do like the scent anyway. And my mom loves them both.

As for the price, the difference is quite obvious. The Skin’Minute spray is 14.90CHF for 150ml and the Dr. Hauschka tonic is 30.-CHF for 100ml.

So the difference is rather important but the Skin’Minute spray isn’t supposed to do anything else than refresh your legs (quite intensely so) whereas the Dr. Hauschka tonic is also supposed to stimulate blood flow (this would explain why I feel like it’s working inside my legs too) and quite a few reported fans have said that it helped in case of muscular soreness.

All in all I really enjoy using both of these. Personally, I like to use the one from Dr. Hauschka when I’m sitting at my desk or after an intense sport session and the one from Skin’Minute when I’m running in the sun, when I’m working at the restaurant as it’s more cooling.

I also sometimes use them before bed when it’s a little too hot in order to fall asleep more easily and more quickly.

At the moment Skin’Minute can only be found in two Body’Minute beauty salons in Lausanne (Rue Caroline 6 et Place de Chauderon) but the brand should hit pharmacies and stores very soon.

Are they essentials ? Absolutely not ! Are they pleasant to use ? Absolutely !

Did you know about leg sprays ? Is there one you would recommend ?


*press samples