A Wellness Weekend at the Royal Savoy Hotel SPA in Lausanne

Hello my Bunnies,

This weekend I was lucky enough to live something quite extraordinary. Before leaving, I didn’t know if or how I was going to share this experience with you, but as soon as I got there, I knew I just had to share it with you.

I spent a fabulous weekend at the Royal Savoy Hotel in Lausanne and I want to share with you why, and why I think that this kind of weekend would make the best kind of gift.

As you’ll see, I didn’t take pictures of everything, or rather, I chose not to share all my pictures with you.

Why ?

Well it may sound odd, but that’s how I experienced it and I found it great. Let me explain.

Before going there, I had a look at a few pictures, but not very many because I wanted to have things to discover, I wanted to be awed and I wanted it to be a surprise when I opened my bedroom door.

So to go with the few pictures I chose to share with you, you’ll have my words, and just like my pictures, they’re only going to share parts of the experience. I want you to be able to have your own pictures in your head. And if you like what you see and what you read, I encourage you to treat someone or yourself to a night in this fantastic place.

But let me start at the beginning, why I was there.

With a few other bloggers, we were invited to spend 24h at the Royal Savoy hotel in Lausanne in order to discover their brand new SPA that opened on the 1st of June.

The program for the weekend was extremely appealing.

An Early Afternoon Tea, a tour of the hotel, several hours to enjoy the SPA and a massage, a cocktail, dinner in the hotel’s brasserie, a night at the hotel and a wonderful breakfast buffet.

I liked the vibe of the hotel as soon as I walked through the door. It’s warm and beautiful without being too much. It’s not oppressive because the rooms are very bright and airy with high ceilings.

The decoration is not unlike quite a few luxurious hotels I’ve been given to see in England and Scotland. You could think that it’s eclectic, but everything works perfectly together. Just like the many pictures on the wall, above the different but assorted cushions on the various chairs in the hotel lobby.

Every nook of the hotel is comfortable and peaceful, both for the eyes and the body.

In the bedroom, dark grey carpet around the bed and dark wood floor, a princess bathroom with a rain shower and Japanese bath.

There’s also a bed, comfortable enough to convince any insomniac that night is indeed the best time of the day.

And a flower bouquet, that in fact isn’t one. Yum !

Nothing compares to fresh, crisp, white hotel sheets and the bed is such a nice place to be, that the promise of a somptuous breakfast buffet will just about be enough to get you out of bed.

But trust me, it’s worth it !

In the SPA itself, the lights are dimmed. A pop of light here and there, a floor and walls made out of beautiful black marble, that can be a little slippery but you quickly get used to it. There’s also wood here and there to make the atmosphere more cosy and warmer.

A common space, with a jacuzzi, an ice cold bath, and ice fountain, two steam rooms and a sauna.

A relaxation room with many water beds, oh so comfy and so relaxing, magazines, soft light and curtains hanging from the ceiling for more intimacy,

The male changing room. Uninteresting.

The female changing room. Lovely, with a jacuzzi, a steam room, a sauna and 4 water beds, just for us ladies. Sometimes life really isn’t fair.

There’s also a private SPA, that can be booked for a memorable birthday party or the perfect hen do.

All of which scattered with water bottles, tea fountains and as many fluffy towels as you want, to ensure that the whole experience is as pleasant as can be.

And then, as if that wasn’t enough already, we got a massage. There are individual rooms for the diverse treatment available at the SPA and rooms for couple massages (or friends, or mother-daughter or who ever you want to get massaged with)

Not that that’s very useful as the massage is so relaxing that I was very quickly almost asleep.

Let’s not forget all the helpful hands that make sure that every moment is pleasant, from the moment you walk through the door until they see your back, and do everything they can to ensure that everything goes smoothly and that are ready to answer any question and fix any problem.

And that’s why, amongst many other reasons I couldn’t possibly mention without inflicting upon you a 37 page-long post, I can only recommend that you gift this kind of experience to someone around you.

If there’s a special birthday or anniversary coming up, if a difficult exam session just ended, if work was just a little too much, then I strongly encourage you to gift (yourself) 24 hours away from the world.

24 hours during which every minute will be comfortable and pleasant. 24 hours during which all of your problems will be forgotten (that’s a lie) or at least attenuated.

24 hours during which your biggest problem will be to know at what time you should go down to the SPA and what cocktail to pick from the large selection of signature cocktails. If you choose to not try them all.

A friend told me that she wouldn’t like spending time in a luxurious hotel like this one because she feels like it’s too stressful, too intimidating and that you always have to be careful of how you behave and dress, and that you can’t even breathe normally. I totally get that and it is a feeling that you can have in many luxurious hotels but I didn’t find that it was the case at the Royal Savoy. Maybe it’s because the staff is young and dynamic, but the vibe, though it’s still luxurious, isn’t uptight at all and I didn’t feel uncomfortable wearing casual clothes or walking across the hotel in my robe with no makeup on after the SPA.

And I end this post with this beautiful picture of Charlotte and me, who assured me that I had the right to post it. You shouldn’t ever be too serious, even in such a beautiful place as this hotel.

I couldn’t thank Lucy and her team enough for making this possible, as well as Morgane and Léa for taking such good care of us during those magical 24 hours, and every member of the hotel staff who participated in making our time memorable.

What hotel do you love ? What would be your dream hotel stay ? Would you see yourself gifting something like that to someone ?

Personally I got sick of material gifts and I try as much as possible to gift meaningful moments to the people around me.