A Luxury London Makeup Haul


Hello my Bunnies,

As you will quickly realise, last week when I was in London I went completely crazy at a few makeup counters.

There are a few brands that I’ve heard a lot about, that I know very little about and that I’ve wanted to try for a really long time, that combined with the fact that my bank account wasn’t completely empty and the very nice and competent sales rep I encountered resulted in quite an indecent makeup haul.

All of a sudden I forgot all sense of reason and bought just about everything I wanted from Charlotte Tilbury, Hourglass and Benefit.

Let me show you !


It all started with Benefit.

I was looking at their beautiful blush & bronzer palette called Cheekathon when the girl working there walked up to me. She wanted to convince me that Dallas wasn’t too dark a bronzer for my skin.

She therefore applied it on my face (I must say I was quite scared of what I would end up looking like) and immediately made me look like I had spent weeks in the sun. Amazing ! So I bought it.

The fact that the palette contains 5 full-size products and costs less than buying two of them individually really worked to convince me too. Such a bargain !


The next day, I went to Selfridges to look at Charlotte Tilbury makeup. And again I found a girl working there who was both really nice and competent (which is surprisingly rare at makeup counters) and she used a few products on me.

I was quite decided not to cave because I knew that if I did I would have to buy everything that I wanted to try and wouldn’t be able to just choose one or two things. Well I did cave and I did buy pretty much everything that I wanted to try.

I got the Lip Cheat lip pencil in Pillow Talk because Amelia Liana keeps talking about it and I don’t really own any lip pencils. I also looks like the perfect nude lip.


I also went for the Cheek to Chic Swish & Pop blush in the shade Ecstasy because blush is my biggest weakness. Which you’ll know if you’ve had a look at my Blush Tag (here)


And as I’m very much into cheek makeup at the moment, I also got the Bronzer and Highlighter duo, the Filmstar Bronze & Glow.

The girl had again made me look like a friggin’ bronze goddess with the bronzer from the palette.


And finally I went for one of their eyeshadow palettes, because I thought I might as well. I also wanted to take the opportunity to see if their eyeshadows were as good as everyone is saying.

All the palettes were beautiful and it was quite hard to choose but I ended up picking the Dolce Vita which has quite neutral, yet different to everything I own, shades. Also, the glittery shade looks absolutely insane !

And that was it for Charlotte Tilbury. However … I also went to Liberty’s. Whoops !


I entirely blame the guy working there for what happened next. He was soooo nice and so competent that he managed to make me leave with two products.

To be honest I’ve been wanting to try Hourglass powders for ages as everyone is raving about them.

So I went for one of their ambiance lighting powder in the shade Diffused Light which is slightly yellow, good for redness, sets makeup whilst being slightly mattifying and gives a light blurring effect.


And as I was saying earlier, I can’t resist a pretty blush, so logically, I caved and bought Mood Exposure as well.


Apparently this meant that I had spent enough to get a gift with purchase (I didn’t know that until I reached the till, what a nice surprise !) in which there was a mascara, a red lipstick, a primer and three samples. Cool !

And “that’s it” ^^,

I think that most of these products will appear in upcoming reviews. But if there’s one that interests you more than the others, please let me know !

Have you gone completely crazy recently ?