Lush Diary #26 | Flower’s Barrow

Hello my Bunnies,

After a short break, I have no choice but to talk to you about another Lush bath bomb I’ve used.

Especially because *spoiler alert* this one is just too amazing not to be addressed ..!

Today’s bath product is a bath oil called Flower’s Barrow.

You may have already seen this little number in my last Lush haul that I posted in December (here) in which post she looked a lot more pretty.

When you buy it, it’s a little green ball, covered in pink petals. Unfortunately it didn’t like traveling very much or that I kept it for “so long”. The green has turned a little grey compared to how vibrant it used to be and the petals have lost their beautiful pink hue. (But I guess this is kind of the price to pay when you have products with natural ingredients and no conservatives…)

But fortunately I didn’t buy this little number solely based on its look but mostly because of its scent, which didn’t mind travelling or staying in my collection for a few months.

As for all solid bath oils from Lush, Flower’s Barrow melts away slowly in the water. You can speed it up by squishing it if you’re a little impatient.

The water turns ever so slightly green and the petals floats at the surface. Obviously it’s much prettier when they’re pink, but even when they’ve lost their gorgeous hue the vibe is still quite poetic.

As it is a bath oil it makes the bath water nourishing, which I love. When you get out of the bath the skin is extremely soft and you don’t need moisturiser.

But the best has got to be the scent. It’s a floral scent but I haven’t met someone who didn’t like it. It’s incredible !!!

And it perfumes the bath, the skin, the towel and the bathroom for the remainder of the day !

It’s one of the bath oils that I got in the Lush store on Oxford St. and sadly it isn’t amongst the products that have come all the way to Switzerland. However, I feel like there are more and more bath oils available here so it might still come.

I personally loved it ! Particularly because of the scent but also because it looked quite cute and because I love nourishing baths.

Have you tried it ? Tempted ?


  • It looks kinda… icky. Haha 🙂 But you definitey got my curious about the scent now.

    • I can bring you one back from London if you want
      I’m boarding 😛