Lush Diary #25 | Brightside

Hello my Bunnies,

I’m back today with another edition of the Lush Diary !

As the sun seems to have given up on us entirely, when I last took a bath I decided that I was going to bring bits of the sun into the tub with me, and that’s why I chose this bubble bar that looks and smells like the sun.

I’m talking about Mr. Brightside*.

Mr. Brightside is one of the bigger bubble bars, which means that you can definitely cut into two and have two baths with it. As I have more bath bombs than I could ever use I didn’t try that, but I’m pretty sure that you could even split it into three and still get a very decent bath.

As for the scent, I must admit that it’s not a bubble bar that I ever felt compelled to pick up in the shops, but boy how wrong I was.

Once in the bath, the scent becomes stronger and it smells of oranges. You can smell orange juice, orange peel and orange flavoured sweets at the same time. This means that the scent is fresh, deep and sweet all in one. Quite extraordinary !

As for the water, as you might expect, it turns a beautiful bright orange, very summery and very uplifting.

Similarly to all the bubble bars I’ve tried from Lush, Mr. Brightside will fill your bathtub with enough bubbles to hide an elephant (new saying ?!), which I loooove.

But you have to use it properly in order to get as much bubble as possible, that is that you have to crumble it under running water at the beginning so that it has time to create heaps and heaps of them.

All in all it is a very pleasant and fresh bubble bar both in terms of the scent and in terms of the colour, that will provide you with an uplifting and summery bath when the weather has decided to stay in rainy mood. And a lot of bubbles (which as you may have gathered, I really really enjoy ^^)

I wish you a very happy weekend and I will see you on Monday for a new edition of the Monday Shadow Challenge ! (At last I can take part again !)

What do you think of this bubble bar ?


*product sent by the brand