3 Bronzers Under the Microscope | Bourjois, Make Up For Ever, Guerlain

Hello my Bunnies,

Two weeks ago I talked to you about my blush collection through the Blush Tag (here) and today I want to talk to you about bronzers.

In my last empties post (here) I said that I wasn’t going to repurchase the bronzer I had used up because I had already about 37 to go trough. That was obviously an exaggeration but I realised not long ago that I didn’t have many bronzers in my collection so I went a bit crazy and bought three new ones almost at the same time.

I’ve been using them for a while now, and as I’ve been skilled lucky enough to choose three good ones I thought I would share my observations with you ..!

These three bronzers are the Bourjois Mat Illusion Bronzing Powder in the shade 21 Fair, the Make Up For Ever (later referred to as MUFE) Pro-Bronze Fusion in the shade 10M and the Guerlain Terracotta Jolie Teint in the shade 01 Clair-Brunette.

The easiest thing to compare is the price it’s relevant as they each fit into a slightly different price range. The Bourjois bronzer is fairly affordable at a little over 20.-CHF, the MUFE bronzer is already more expensive at almost 50.-CHF and the Guerlain one is almost 70.-CHF #crazy
(it seems like the Bourjois bronzer isn’t available in Switzerland at the moment. I bought mine last time I went to France. I hope that they’ll bring it soon, especially as their chocolate bronzer seems to have disappeared from the shelves …)

I just added up how much i spent on bronzer in a very short amount of time … whoops.

When it comes to texture, the MUFE bronzer is very strange as it isn’t powdery at all. At all ! You could almost thing that it’s a cream because no matter if you use a brush or your finger, you won’t see any powder particle like you usually do. But it is well and truly a powder.

The other two however have a very normal texture. They’re not too powdery and they’re not not-powder-at-all either.

This particular texture means that the MUFE bronzer is very easy to work with. The product applies very evenly and little by little, which means that you can’t really overdo it, but also that you can’t get a very intense result with just one application. (But that’s not what I want anyways so I don’t mind)

Another point that could sound silly to some of you, but I absolutely love the scent of the Bourjois one. It’s very sweet and you can smell it as soon as you open the compact. The one from Guerlain smells nice too, though it’s a lot more subtle, and the one from MUFE doesn’t smell of anything.

As for the shades, you might want to have a look at the swatches down below, but all three are matte and neither too orange nor too muddy. The result looks very natural on me, no matter which one I use. It’s mostly the intensity that makes them different.

The one from Guerlain is the one that’ll give me the most natural result as it’s the lightest of the three and it really melts into the skin and the shade works particularly nicely with my skin tone. It really makes it look like I’ve been out in the sun for a while in the most natural way possible (one could argue even too natural.) The little peachy-pink corner on the right of the powder adds a little pink hue to the powder which gives me even more of a healthy glow, but honestly the difference with or without grabbing the pink shade is hardly noticeable.

I can easily get a more intense result using the Bourjois bronzer as it’s a bit darker and more pigmented. The brush picks up more product too, which means that you get a more obvious bronzed look more quickly. It’s also easier to overdo it with this one.

Finally, the MUFE one, though it looks darker on the swatches, is a happy in-between. As the shade is darker, this could result in a more intense result but as the brush doesn’t pick up as much product, the end result is in between the other too. After one swipe it’s more noticeable than with the Guerlain one but less noticeable than with the Bourjois one.

In terms of longevity, they’re all pretty good. But I’ve observed the swatches on my arm quite carefully and I can tell you that the MUFE bronzer survived through a soapy shower. So sure the inner arm is not the part of my body that I scrub the most vigorously but it’s still impressive.

Yeah okay … but which one to pick ?!

The Bourjois bronzer has the advantage of being, and by far, the most affordable and to be more than good. To be honest, it doesn’t have any real drawback. It’s matte, the shade is spot on, the longevity is good, the application process is easy, and it smells incredible. I’d say that it’s the best value for money. It’s the perfect everyday affordable bronzer.

The MUFE bronzer has the advantage of being the most long-lasting. If you want your bronzer to last through a day at the sea, the pool, if you plan on spending the day out in the rain, sweating a lot or crying, it’ll be your best option. It’s the bronzer for the days when you really want your makeup to last.

The Guerlain bronzer has the advantage of carrying a prestigious heritage, which may be important for some of you and not important at all for others. But also, and that’s what I find really important, it’s a true fool-proof bronzer. There’s something about the texture of the powder and about the shade that I can’t quite explain but no matter whether I apply it in 2 seconds or take a few minutes to do my bronzer, it’ll always looks good and natural. The shade as well as the formula blend perfectly into my skin, no matter which brush I use or how much time I spend doing it. The healthy bronzy look is always achieved. It’s the magical bronzer that will brighten any day.

So you may have gathered that the Bourjois bronzer does just as good a job as the other two for just a fraction of the price, whereas the other two are perhaps more destined to those who collect makeup, who are in love with makeup or those who need a super long lasting bronzer or a magical one.

What about you, what’s your go-to bronzer ? Do you know any of these ?


  • Hmmm taking everything in consideration I’d probably go for Bourjois then.

    • It’s definitely the most sensible/reasonnable pick.
      The other two just have some added glamour really. But in terms of actual needs, the Bourjois one is indeed more than enough.