Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess Collection 2016 | 1st Impression


Hello my Bunnies,

Two weeks ago I was lucky enough to attend the Estée Lauder Summer Party in their gorgeous mansion in Zürich. Even though it was fairly cold and pouring it down with rain, we pretended it was summer and swooned over the gorgeous summer collection.
How many time can I say summer in just one sentence ?!

I’ve started using this collection and I want to present it to you as well as my first impressions.

The collection contains a fair few products and I have 5 of them to talk about today.


Let’s start with the Whipped Body Creme*.

As you may know, each year, Estée Lauder release their signature Bronze Goddess fragrance. The packaging is always slightly different, but if I’m not mistaken, the scent is always the same.

This year they released the fragrance, a shimmering body oil, the whipped body creme and an exfoliating body cleanser,  all sharing the same signature Bronze Goddess scent.

If you don’t know what it smells like, I think that the best way to describe it is : “chic summery holiday”. To me this is exactly what it smells like.

The body creme isn’t too thick or too sticky but it’s quite rich which is perfect when your legs are parched by the sun, the sea, the salt and all that holiday goodness.

The food thing about this body creme is that if you use it, you won’t need to put on any perfume as the scent is strong enough and will last all day on the skin (at least it lasts all day on me)


At the moment, in Switzerland the weather is miserable but it’s really nice to use products that smell just like summer.

The body creme in itself, though it’s very pleasant, isn’t incredibly unique or different, but it’s a good body creme. It’s really the scent that makes it unique and worth checking.

Bronze Goddess Whipped Body Creme : CHF 52.-


Next up is the Lip and Cheek Summer Glow* gloss and stick duo.

This product contains a creamy stick on one side that can be used on the lips or on the cheeks and a lipgloss on the other side.

It’s available in three different shades. A golden one (03 Sunburst) which is the one I have, a red and a coral.


The stick side is quite nice to use as a cream highlighter but I wouldn’t use this shade on the lips and the gloss is quite nice on the centre of the lips, to give the impression of a fuller pout.

It’s good but it’s nothing that particular and I haven’t been reaching for it as much as I have the rest of the collection. I don’t wear lipgloss very often and I much prefer a powder highlighter to a cream.

I’m not saying it’s bad by any means, I’m just saying it’s not quite a product for me. The lipgloss does actually look quite nice, shimmery and wet on the lips and I find the shade of the highlighter gorgeous. They’re just not for me.

Lip and Cheek Summer Glow in 03 Sunburst : CHF 44.-


Next we have the Gelée Bronzer* which is basically a bronzing gel.

You can apply it on top of makeup but I personally prefer using it before foundation. I don’t like applying cream/gel products on top of my foundation because I need quite a bit of coverage and I don’t like to move things around after I’ve applied my foundation.

However, I really enjoy using this product underneath my foundation.


Indeed, if your foundation’s not too thick and your skin is quite fair, adding this product to the perimeter of the face before foundation will add a very nice warm glow to the skin.

If you have really good skin or simply don’t wear foundation, it looks really nice on its own too.

The colour is a really nice match for me as it really makes me look like I’ve been tanning in the sun.

You can apply it with you fingers but I personally prefer using a stippling brush as I find that it blends the product more seamlessly.

Gelée Bronzer : CHF 52.-


Then we have the ginormous Powder Bronzer*.

When I first opened the box I was really surprised by how big it was and my second thought was “oh my ! this is waaaay too dark for me” but actually it’s not that dark.

It’s just a little darker than my Make Up For Ever bronzer that I talked about last week (here) and it works great on my skin.


I like it a lot better than the bronzer in the palette but there’ll be more on that later.

I’ve been using this bronzer almost everyday since I got it and I’m very happy with it. It applies well and evenly and it gives me a nice glow.

It’s not entirely matt as it contains very teeny tiny specks of gold shimmer. But it’s really nothing to be afraid of.

I really love using this bronzer but I don’t know that it’s so much better than all the other bronzers I have (for instance than the ones I talked about last week (these ones))

In my opinion, the best thing to do is to go to a store and swatch away on your arm and see what colours works best with your skin.

It’s a really good bronzer and I’m really enjoying using it but it’s not as unique as other things in the collection. However if you’re in need of a bronzer, it’s a strong contestant.

Bronze Goddess Powder Bronzer : CHF 60.-


Now for the Summer Glow Multi Palette. Oh that palette !

I first saw it on instagram months ago when it was still winter (and I mean actual winter not summer that thinks it’s still winter) and have been desperate to have it ever since. I refrained myself from purchasing it because I was hoping that I would get it as a press sample.

When I saw it I immediately thought of the blusher that they released a few years back as part of the spring collection (that I keep mentioning on the blog) called Tease. I absolutely adore this blush and I’ve been looking for similar products to come out.

My first encounter with the palette was at the event when one of the Estee Lauder girl applied it on my face and I was wowed ! It made me look so glowy and healthy I was in love immediately. (I mean I already was but at least then I knew I had good reasons to be ^^)


I’ve been using the palette a lot since I got it and I still love it.

The highlight shade is beautiful and not too intense so that it can be used on the cheeks, under the brow bone but also down the nose and on the centre of the forehead for a more glowy look that still looks good (and not like a disco ball)

The blush shade is just as beautiful, and makes me look very healthy. It’s quite a typical peachy pink that is very subtly shimmery and oh-so-flattering.

The bronzer however isn’t quite as good as the rest of the palette. I’ve read online that people found that it was too orange and not very pigmented.

It’s true that it’s more orange than the big bronzer (there are swatches at the end of the post of the bronzer side by side) but I don’t find that it looks weird on me.

However, it’s true that it isn’t the most pigmented bronzer. I’m very fair so I must say that it’s not the biggest problem for me but I have to build it up to get the result I want so I’m guessing that someone who isn’t as fair as me will struggle to have it come up intense enough.

I still use it but I like my other bronzers better.

Personally I would buy the palette despite the bronzer not being quite as good as the other two products because I find that the highlighter and the blush make it worth it, but it’s something that’s worth mentioning as it could really bother some of you.

Summer Glow Multi Palette : CHF 64.-


Now I’ll briefly compare the palette with the aforementioned Tease blush.

I initially thought that they would be very similar but they’re actually not that close.

As you can see on the swatches below, the blush shade in the palette is more peachy and warmer than the blush that’s a lot more of a true pink.

I thought by combining the blush and highlighter in the palette we could get something more similar, but actually the highlighter in the palette is also warmer and more golden than the blush that has a more metallic and icy highlight to it.

But the products are very very similar, it’s mostly the shade that’s different. So if you’ve been dying to get your hands on this limited edition blush, maybe this palette could be the next best thing. Even if the bronzer kind of lets it down a little.


And to round up this presentations and first impression, let me show you the swatches of all the products mentioned so that you can get a better sense of how they compare.


Now let me tell you what I think is really worth a try, what is okay and what can be avoided in this collection.

If I had to buy something from the collection I would definitely get the palette ! Even though the bronzer in it is a bit of a let down, it’s still okay to use and the other two shades make it entirely worth it in my opinion. I would also go for one of the scented products because the scent is gorgeous and though the whipped creme is very nice, I maybe would go for the body oil instead as I quite enjoy using oils in the summer.

The bronzer gelée and the big powder bronzer are both really good, however if you already have bronzers in your collection they’re not that special that you need to run and get them. The gelée is a bit more unique, but like I said, I prefer powder products (but that’s just personal preference, if you like cream products then it’s a brilliant one and it applies very evenly and beautifully !)

And lastly, the Lip&Cheek duo is a pass for me. Like I said, I’m not a big fan of cream highlighters and I have already more glosses that I can use. That being said, it’s good too. Just not quite that extraordinary.

Are you tempted ? Already got something from the collection ?


  • I posted a little list of my favorites yesterday. The blush trio is (obviously!) my number one favorite 🙂

    • I saw that on facebook ! I’ve got to check it out =)

  • I really like the bronzer in the summer glow palette, I’m not a fan of the highlighter though… 😉

    Cheryl | SwissBeautyTalk

    • Really ?! Can I ask why not ?