Lush Diary #27 | 5 Gold Rings | Christmas Collection


Hello my Bunnies,

What would you say if I told you that today’s post was Christmas related ? I hope you don’t mind because it is !

The problem is that I still have quite a few christmas bath bombs leftover and I really want to include them on the blog. So if you’re not interested, just skip it. I’ll be back later this week with very summer-appropriate posts !

But today’s bath bomb is a reusable bubble bar called 5 Gold Rings in relation to the famous Christmas song “12 days of Christmas“.


As the name would suggest, this bubble bar is made out of 5 golden rings. Once in the water, you realise that it’s just a gold overlay and the rings are actually a browny orange underneath.

It’s also the colour that the water takes once you’ve put the bubble bar in the bath. However there also are quite a few golden specks of glitter due to the serious overlay, so if you don’t like glitter, steer clear of this one. It even stayed on my skin a little.

As with every reusable bubble bar, you can get several baths out of your 5 rings. My first instinct was to hold the whole thing under the running tap like I usually do with reusable bubble bars and to stop when I felt like there were enough bubbles. Unfortunately though, the rings melted very quickly and fell into the tub, which means that I had a pretty intense bath.

So I would advise that you break up 1-2 ring(s) under the running tap if you want to be able to use it several times.

But I did have a very pleasant bath all the same. With loads of bubbles as it’s usually the case with Lush bubble bars.

As for the scent, it’s a very spicy one that is also reminiscent of a spa. It’s something between a hammam and a chaï tea. Very pleasant !


All in all, I really liked this bubble bar as it created loads of bubbles and smelled really nice. However, if I was giving points, I would take off a few points because I was a little disappointed that I had to use it all at once against my wishes.

Usually you can just hold reusable bubble bars under the tap (as it is the case with Bunch of Carrots or Magic Wand) but I would advise against it in this case.

Oh well.

Do you know this bubble bar ? Would you like to see it again this Christmas ?