Lush Diary #24 | Holly Golightly | Christmas Collection

Hello my Bunnies,

I’m back today with a post that’s not in line at all with the season : what I have in store for you today is a new edition of my Lush diary, about one of their Christmas bubble bar … why not eh ?!

But like I was telling you last time, I want to be able to have a complete catalogue of all the Lush bath products that I’ve tried in order to be able to recommend people as well as possible in the future.

As for limited editions, we never know which will come back, so I choose to include them all, just in case.

Today’s limited edition is called Holly Golightly.

Holly Golightly is a big bubble bar.

I’ve already talked to you about my hesitation regarding splitting bubble bars to use them several times, but when it comes to Holly Golightly there’s no need to hesitate, it’s plenty enough to make two baths. You could probably event split it into 3-4 baths but I haven’t tried doing that.

Like with every bubble bar, you need to crumble it under running water and then sit back and watch as it creates heaps of bubble.

As for the smell, this bubble bar smells exactly like candy canes, which is pretty much the Christmas sweet. A mix of cinnamon and mint I’d say.

It’s a nice at Christmas time but it’s also very pleasant in general.

This bubble bar works just as well as the best of them and creates a fantastic amount of bubble.

As for the colour, the water turns a gorgeous shade of green, Emerald green I’d say. The silver glitter that covers the bubble bar then floats in the water, which adds another dimension to the colour, making it even more pretty.

All in all, it’s another bubble bar that those who like emerald green and Christmas sweets will love.

As for me, I will see you at the weekend with a review of the new Nars summer collection !!!

Have you tried it ? Would you vote for its coming back next year ?