Lush Diary #23 | Snow Angel | Christmas Collection

Hello my Bunnies,

I have a little wonder to talk to you about today.

I know it’s completely out of season, and I know that you probably won’t find it anywhere BUT bear with me, I’m pretty sure it’ll be back next year as it really is a good one.

Also, I’ve made it my mission to talk about every single Lush bath product I try (you’ll understand why very soon …!)

Anyway, today’s wonder isn’t a bath bomb but a bath melt and is called Snow Angel.

*Yup I dropped it in the water before I could finish taking my pics =S

I want to start with a little intro about bath melts and bath oils. In english speaking countries the difference between the two is quite clear as Lush has two different categories but in french speaking Switzerland, bath oils and bath melts are sorted under the same catefory : bath melts.

But is there a difference ? Technically I’m not sure what the difference is but I’ve studied the question and one thing I can tell you for sure is that bath oils are much smaller and made out of solid oils and butters. They melt away very slowly and make the water extremely nourishing.

On the other hand, bath melts are bigger, pretty much the size of the other lush bath products (more or less) and are made out of hydrating ingredients (like butter or oils) but also out of effervescent elements just like the bath bombs.

I’d say that bath melts are a mix between bath oils and bath bombs as they have properties from each category.

It’s what I’ve observed using Snow Angel anyway. Indeed, the white part is effervescent like a bath bomb and melts away very quickly, whereas the goldeny yellow part melts very slowly and feels a little greasy to the touch.

Snow Angel is the promise of a golden sparkly bath that’ll leave you skin soft and hydrated.

The water does turn yellow (and like I’ve said many times, it isn’t my favourite) but it’s a goldeny yellow with a lot of glitter, which makes it a lot nicer than straight up yellow. The white bit also creates a thin layer of white foam which makes the bath look like a lemon meringue pie 😉 yeah right ^^

It’s also a product that smells just like a Lush store does. I couldn’t describe the scent any other way, it just smells like Lush and I love it !

Once more, this is a product that I thoroughly enjoyed using and would purchase again ! I enjoy hydrating bath products more and more and this one did a great job at nourishing my skin.

And I really loved the scent !

However, if you’re not a fan of glitter, don’t go for this one. I had a few on my body afterwards (but nothing too dramatic)

Are you a glittery bath kind of person ? Do you like your bath to be nourishing ?


  • Yeahhhh, the glitter part kinda holds me back. The pumpkin from Halloween was similar. LOVED the scent and the color but maaaan the glitter just got everywhere.

    • fab

      I totally get it, I have quite a few friend who loathe glitter.
      But personally I'm a bit of a unicorn at heart so I really love it. The more glitter the merrier.