Lush Diary #22 | Floating Island

Hello my Bunnies,

I’m back after a week of absence. Lack of time, and lack of inspiration too, but now I’m here and I hope that you’re all doing great !

I’m back today with another review of a Lush bath product.

The product we’re going to talk about has crossed over the channel not that long ago, it’s one of the bath oils and it’s called Floating Island*.

I’ve already talked about bath oils on the blog (here for instance) but in case you missed it, bath oils, are a lot smaller than bath bombs or bubble bars. They’re made out of solid oils and/or butters and melt in the water. They turn it into a very rich liquid that’ll make your skin really soft thanks to their hydrating and moisturising properties.

If you go to the Oxford Street Lush Store, you’ll be able to see that they have a ton of these bath oils available. The good news is that some of them have started travelling all the way to us and Floating Island is one of them.

As the name would suggest, Floating Island looks like a little island that floats on the water and melts away slowly with its little vanilla palm tree.

Lush tells us that it smells of lemon and sandalwood, and maybe it does, but I smelled things that I found to be reminiscent of their fresh face mask Cupcake when sniffing this bath oil.

This bath oil will indeed make your bath water very nourishing and the scent is extremely pleasant.

When I got out of my bath, my skin was very soft, hydrated and I smelled great all day long.

All in all, I find that this little island is great at doing its job ! You shouldn’t expect a colourful bath but something simple, soft, that smells nice and that’ll truly nourish your skin.

The other good thing about bath oils compared to bubble bars or bath bombs is that they are quite a bit cheaper. Just saying.

You can find it in your Lush store for CHF4.90 or on their website (here) along with the three other bath oils that have journeyed to us from England.

Have you ever used a bath oil ? Convinced ?


*product sent by the brand for consideration