Empties Worth Mentioning #7

Hello my Bunnies,

I’m back today with another batch of products I’ve used up to share with you.

I’ve bought wuite a few things lately and it’s quite nice to see that I’m also emptying my drawers at the same time.

But enough with the intro, let’s get into what really matters, have I enjoyed using these products ? Will I repurchase them ?

I’ve sorted them into categories : hair, body, skincare and makeup.

Colab Sheer Invisible dry shampoo
My love for the Colab dry shampoo isn’t a secret anymore. I suggest you go and have a look at my previous empties post (here) where I also talk about the difference between the ranges available but to sum it up : hair is refreshed, smells nicer, it adds a little volume and leaves absolutely no white residue.
I think that these three, Rio, London & Monaco, are my favourite scent.
Will I repurchase it ? Absolutely, already have.

Björn Axén shampoo & conditioner
I talked to you about this brand not long ago on the blog (here) and I suggest you go and have a look there to read the whole review. But to give you a quick overview : I haven’t used a shampoo & conditioner that made my hair look so incredible in a reaaaaally long time
Will I repurchase it ?Yes, I already have. I went to purchase the full size bottles before the minis were even empty.

L’Alpage Mielicime shower oil
This is another product about which you’ll find a detailled review on the blog (here) but I discovered shower oils this winter and I immediatly fell in love.
This one falls into the category of the shower oils that I would definitely recommend.
Will I repurchase it ? I’m not sure yet. If I need to recommend a good shower oil I’ll recommend this one and it’s also the one I’d choose to give as a gift but for myself, I know very little about shower oils at the moment so I want to explore what else is out there before repurchasing.

Rituals Sakura Scrub body scrub
I talked about this scrub on my instagram (here) and I’m quite sad that it’s empty. This body scrub is fantastic !!! It’s scrubby enough to be efficient and yet not so scrubby that it’s uncomfortable. It’s made out of sugar and oil which means that it polishes AND nourishes the skin at the same time. This means that once I’ve used it, my skin is amazingly soft, more so than after using any other scrub.
It might also do something about blood circulation because after using it, I always feel sort of warmer inside. Quite weird. But pleasant.
The one thing I didn’t really like was the scent. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a nice scent, but I don’t really like it. However, the good thing with Rituals is that they have each product in a variety of scents. I’m therefore bound to find a version of this scrub that I love.
Will I repurchase it ? Absolutely ! I still have a pot from the orange range (Happy Buddha) but I’ll be sure to repurchase this scrub in the future in one scent or another.

Rituals Sakura Spring shower oil
I was also talking about this shower oil in the post that I mentioned earlier (find it here) and I suggest you go and have a look there for all the info.
I’d say that it’s a great shower oil, however, like for the scrub, I’m not the biggest fan of the scent.
Will I repurchase it ? It’s very likely that I’ll try this shower oil in a different scent next time I walk into a Rituals shop, but like I said earlier, I also want to see what else’s out there in terms of shower oils.

Rexona Aloe Vera deodorant
For the first time in years I caved and bought a deodorant that contains aluminum. They’re obviously a lot more efficient than ones without aluminum but I can’t quite get rid off my conscience telling that I’m slowly injecting myself with breast cancer through my armpits. charming
Other than that, there isn’t much to say about it. It was just what I wanted : discrete scent and very efficient.
Will I repurchase it ? I don’t think so. I really want to get back to using aluminum-free deodorants.

Bourjois Net & Frais deodorant
Now this is a deodorant that doesn’t contain aluminum. This one is actually really good. Almost as good as deodorants with aluminum. And it has a delicious citrussy scent.
The only downside: it’s quite hard to find.
Will I repurchase it ? Yes. As soon as I can find it, I’ll buy a couple of cans.

Reficis Soie-Douce hydrating serum
When I first talked to you about this serum (here) I wasn’t particularly excited about it. However, since then, my skin has started to be a little more dehydrated, especially through the winter. As I have very oily skin at the same time as it is dehydrated, I found it really hard to find a product that was hydrating enough but not too rich. But then I stumbled upon this product in my collection and everything went smoothly again.
This serum is extremely lightweight, which means that it’s adapted even for the oiliest skin types and yet it is extremely hydrating, which means that it sorted out my skin in no time.
Will I repurchase it ? Well … it is 79.90CHF which is a bit hard to swallow. Especially as my skin is a lot less dehydrated at the moment. However if I had to recommend a good hydrating serum or if my skin was feeling tight again, I wouldn’t hesitate anymore.

Michael Todd Blue Green Algae Toner
It must be about my third bottle of the stuff. I bought it for the first time when all the british youtubers were talking about Michael Todd and I’ve been so happy with this toner ever since.
I told myself that when this bottle was finished I was going to use the other toners I had rather than repurchase it, but I lasted two weeks without it and now it’s back in my life.
This toner is hydrating, calming, soothing, smells of lavender and is anti-bacterial, which means that it helps stop breakouts from spreading.
Will I repurchase it ? I started using a toner from clinique (smellt so strong of alcohol =/) but after a few days I caved and reordered it. The inconvenient is that you have to make it come all the way from the states.
Edit: You can now find the brand on BeautyBay (here) and they offer free delivery to Switzerland on orders over 20CHF and with no import fee on orders under 60CHF.

L’Alpage Le Nuage micellar water
I talked about this micellar water in one of my previous posts (here) and my opinion hasn’t changed. I’m really happy with this micellar water as I find it to be very good at removing makeup.
Will I repurchase it ? Not at the moment because I’m more into cleansing my face with balms and oils. However, it’s earned its place into the top 3 with la Roche Posay and Eucerin.

Caudalie makeup removing micellar water
This micellar water on the other hand didn’t really work for me. It works for face makeup but I found that it wasn’t very good at all at removing eye makeup and it would sting my eyes too.
Will I repurchase it ? No. I’d suggest looking into la Roche Posay, Eucerin or l’Alpage if you want a good and gentle micellar water.

L’Oréal GlamBronze bronzer
I adored this bronzer. I’m pretty sure that it’s the first bronzer I ever bought. I should probably have thrown it away a long time ago but I decided to finish it instead.
It was one of these two tone bronzer with a lighter and a darker side but I always used them together. I really liked this bronzer because it have a really natural finish, not too orange, not too muddy.
It also wasn’t overly pigmented which means that it’s fool proof even if you’re pale, a beginner or simply not that good at applying bronzer.
Will I repurchase it ? At the moment I have about 236 bronzers in my drawer, so I’m not going to purchase a new one. However, I would if I needed one and it’s definitely one I would recommend if you’re looking for a good and affordable bronzer.

Soap&Glory Archery brow filling pencil & brush
Every brow product from Soap&Glory I’ve tried has been amazing and this was no exception.
I’ve done a comparison post about two of the brand’s brown pencil (here) and my opinion hasn’t changed since.
It’s a brilliant eyebrow pencil, with a very fine nib and a spoolie on the other hand which makes it very practical.
Will I repurchase it ? Yes. Next time I’m in England I’ll be sure to pick one up.

Essie Good to Go top-coat
I rarely take the time to paint my nails so when I do it has to be quick and that’s why I need to have a quick drying top-coat on hand.
This particular one from Essie was really good at helping my nail polish dry. In a minute or so it was touch-dry, but you still had to be careful no to stump your nails for about an hour but it means that you can live sort of normally after just a minute !
The downside is that it would pick up the colour on my nails quite easily and mine turned slightly pink fairly quickly. Also, it becomes a bit thick once you’ve used about half of it.
Will I repurchase it ? I’m currently using the one from Seche Vite which seems to be a tad better as it isn’t gloopy yet and it hasn’t changed colour. But I’ll decide once I’ve used it a bit more which one I like best.

Helena Rubinstein Lash Queen Feline Blacks mascara
I talked about this mascara in my last mascara cycle post (here) and my opinion hasn’t changed.
It’s absolutely fantastic !!!
Will I repurchase it ? Well … I have a lot of mascaras in my drawers and the price isn’t particularly encouraging so I’m not sure. BUT it’s a mascara that I love giving as a gift and one that I would definitely recommend.

My Little Box mascara care & volume
This mascara has also been reviewed earlier on the blog (here) and I must admit that I’m not a fan.
It had a tendancy to be a little clumpy all the while not being really good at adding volume or length. Also, I found that it smudged a lot more than my other mascaras.
Will I repurchase it ? No. There’s much better out there. For instance the one from Helena Rubinstein mentioned above or the Maybelline Lash Sensational.

This Works Sleep Plus+ pillow spray
I got this mini spray in the Feelunique advent calendar and I’m really happy with my discovery !
There are two versions of the pillow spray by This Works : Deep Sleep & Sleep Plus. From what I’ve understood, Deep Sleep is supposed to help one calm down and fall asleep (but I haven’t tried it) and Sleep Plus is supposed to help one stay asleep throughout the night.
Personally I don’t have any trouble falling asleep or sleeping, but I found the scent to be gorgeous and it was a pleasure to spray this every night on my pillow before sleeping.
I also heard that they were great product to calm down stress in general, for instance when travelling.
Will I repurchase it ?  I don’t know where to find the brand in Switzerland but if I stumble upon a counter while I’m next in the UK, I’ll be sure to pick up a bottle of that version or of the other one. If not both.

So that’s it for today. But don’t worry, I’m already working on collection more empty bottles for you 😉

Do you know these products ?