Changing Your Hair in an Instant ?!

Hello my Bunnies,

I’m not too sure what’s going on at the moment but I find it really hard to sit at my laptop and write to you. I lack inspiration and motivation.

But I’m determined to get over it and as I already have pictures for quite a few posts, it’s just a matter of writing them now 😉

Today I want to talk to you about my new hair colour.

*here starts a ramble on my past experiences with hair dye. Jump to the next star to start the review.

Ever since I can remember, I’ve always enjoyed the thought of changing my hair colour. When I was a teenager I went through a phase where I had carrot red hair (not my brightest moment …) and a few years ago, I had brown hair (ranging from dark blond to almost black) for quite a few months.

I’ve always been one to use semi-permanent hair colours as I was never ready for the big commitment of a full on salon colour. Also, I didn’t want to have to deal with roots.

As I was washing my hair everyday I didn’t have any problem with my roots as the colour would fade away as quickly as my hair would grow back.

But then I stopped dying my hair for a few reasons :

I started washing my hair every other day, which meant that the colour wasn’t fading quickly enough and you could definitely see that my roots weren’t the right colour.

But mostly, I started to realise that the kits didn’t have enough product in them to cover the whole length of my hair. If the new colour wasn’t too different from my natural colour it was fine, but if the new colour was darker, you could clearly see that locks of my hair stayed lighter and it wasn’t a good look.

I’ll admit that quite a few brands have a warning on their package saying that people with very long or thick hair should buy two kits in order to cover their whole head, but I just found it unfair to have to pay double the price and instead I just stopped dying my hair.

But somehow, I never completely gave up the idea of dying my hair, it was just not powerful enough to have me go to the shop and buy a new kit. I was a bit too scared to have lighter locks in a beautiful brown mane.

And that’s why, when Coolbrandz started their new campaign with the L’Oréal Casting Crème Gloss, I applied to participate as it was just the push that I needed.

*here starts the review …

And that’s how I decided I was going to dye my hair again !

The idea behind the campaign is quite simply to promote these L’Oreal hair dying kits and every candidate in the campaign had to choose three colours amongst the 26 available.

I chose 600 blond foncé*, 535 chocolat* and 530 praliné* and when I saw all three in real life, I realised that my 3 steps action-plan could actually work.

My idea was to start by using 535 Chocolat as it’s the middle one, it’s not as dark as praliné but not as light as blond foncé, it’s slightly darker than my natural hair colour and a bit warmer (a lot warmer in the sun). I will then go for Praliné which is slightly darker but less warm and therefore, slightly closer to my natural hair colour. And I will finish with Blond Foncé which is very similar to my natural hair colour, in order to get my hair back on track once my little experience is over.
(of course this will take place over the course of several months…)

As I’m writing, I’ve been sporting Chocolat for about two weeks

I found the application process very quick and easy.

On a saturday morning, I suddenly decided that I was going to change my hair and an hour later it was all done and dusted.

The directions are pretty straightforward and easy to follow, it presents two ways of dying your hair : one for people who haven’t dyed their hair in the past three months and one for people who have.

As it’s always the case with at-home-kits, you have to mix the products together before you can start applying it. Here it’s very simple, you empty the pink tube into the white bottle with the pink cap, you shake and start applying.

You have to start at the roots, applying the product lock after lock and then go on to the lengths. Don’t forget the gloves if you don’t want to end up with oumpa loumpa hands and wear an old t-shirt, just in case.

What I didn’t see however, is that I could/should have wet my hair before applying the product, which would have made the whole process even easier.

All the steps are presented on one side of the leaflet BUT on the other side, amongst with the boring warning about allergic reactions and all that, you also get a few useful tips, which I only saw after dying my hair. Woops !

I think that working on wet hair could have made the task easier, but it worked well on dry hair too.

Regarding what people fear about at-home hair-dying :

It’s gonna go everywhere (the sink, the floor, the walls, my ears, my neck, etc.) and be a gigantic mess !

Well I found that this dye was surprisingly easy to use, the few stains I made on the sink and the floor were wiped away with just a little water, my old t-shirt is still looking good (as the product is a cream, it doesn’t really go everywhere) and my ears are still white as snow (I wiped away any dye on my ears and neck with a damp cotton pad and it went away very easily.)

And the result ?

Well I’m really pleased with the result.

If you looked at my hair very closely (when I had just done it) you could see that, as it had been the case for me in the past, another box could have been a good thing. Indeed, a few locks, in the length of the hair weren’t quite as dark as the rest of my hair. But you could barely see it and I haven’t really noticed it since. It merely looked like a highlight, but I feel like it’s important to point it out as some of you might have even longer or thicker hair than me.

However, I’ve realised that it’s not something that L’Oréal seems to think useful as they don’t mention anywhere that a second box might be needed for people with longer or thicker hair.

As for the colour, it’s just what I wanted; a tad darker and a bit warmer than my natural hair colour. It’s different but not too drastic of a change (my father didn’t notice anything, even after I told him …) and it also made my hair shinier (it probably won’t last but it’s a nice added bonus ..!)

And last but not least, the conditioner that you get in the kit, rather than being a tiny sample sachet, is a 60ml bottle. This conditioner really helps to smooths my lengths and ends and smells of roses.

All that’s left to do now is to show you the pictures =)



You can also find two pictures on my instagram: here and here.

All in all, I’m really happy with the result. It’s a very refreshing change ! My hair looks nicer now (it’s clearly improved the appearance of my split ends) and in about a month and a half I should be back to my natural colour unless I go straight to using Praliné.

It’s only been two weeks so I can’t say much about that, but it seems like the colour is fading away evenly.

My thanks go to Coolbrandz for allowing me to step outside my comfort zone (baby steps … baby steps…) !

Tip : if you’re really unhappy with your colour : I’ve realised, quite sadly, during one of my previous dying experience that going to the thermal bath was fatal for semi-permanent hair dye. After an hour in the bath I was back to being blond again. Just FYI 😉

Do you ever dye your hair yourself ?


*products sent by the PR agency