This Spring’s Rose Scented Fragrance | Elie Saab Rose Couture

Hello my Bunnies,

Today I have a little fresh, pink and deliciously scented post for you all.

I’ve always liked the scent of roses, but I always found that it became overpowering and sickening in perfumes.

But, as you may have seen, last year, I was talking to you about Aerin‘s Evening Rose (here) which I was recommending either for you or as a gift for mother’s day. This was my first encounter with a gorgeous rose scented perfume.

A year later, my bottle is considerably emptier and I still like this fragrance just as much as I did back then. Very chic, seductive and as the name would suggest, very evening appropriate.

Well this year, I want to share with you another rose scented perfume that won me over, it’s the Elie Saab Rose Couture*.

Here’s how the brand describes the scent:

“Magnified and showcased in the new eau de toilette, the rose asserts itself more majestically.
In the soaring top notes, it blends with fresh Peony into a whirlwind of silken petals. The delectable dew melts into an exquisite Rose Nectar, enhanced with fruity facets and softened with a dash of Vanilla. This addictive accord is carried by a breath of Jasmine as sheer as silk chiffon…
A sumptuous woody base bolsters the airy composition, just as a tight-woven fabric adds structure to a flowing sheath. The voluptuous satin of Sandalwood. And the dark velvet of Patchouli which, by contrast, exalts the freshness of these radiant floral materials…”

So that’s how the pros talk about it, let’s see what I can do:

I can’t help but compare this perfume to the Aerin one even though they don’t have anything in common aside the fact that they’re both based on rose.

As I was saying, the Aerin fragrance is very evening appropriate and though you can also wear the Elie Saab perfume at night, I find it very pleasant for day-time.

Indeed, its notes are lighter and fresher. The scent of the rose is well and truly present, but they’re not overpowering and are accompanied by other floral notes. It’s like a bouquet.

But it’s not only a bouquet as the floral notes are accompanied by much deeper notes, slightly woody that make the fragrance deeper (man I was struggling writing this in french, let me tell you it’s even worse in english when I don’t know half the words -.-)

Down below, I included the visual for the campaign because I find that it does a really good job at describing the scent.

Like the dress, it’s fresh and light, and like the train, it leave a gorgeous trail behind itself. It is sophisticated but without being heavy like sophisticated fragrances often are.

Finally, like the presence of the city may suggest, and as opposed to what one might fear when imagining a very floral fragrance, the perfume isn’t “old” at all. It works just as well for young modern girls as it does for more mature women looking for a bit of freshness.

I could talk about the bottle too, but I find that the pictures do a better job than I could. The light pink hue, the touch of gold, the transparency and the shape that is reminiscent of a diamond make it a gorgeous bottle that would improve the appearance of any vanity. Just like the scent, it is simple and elegant.

One little drawback perhaps, I find that this perfume doesn’t last particularly well on my skin. But perhaps this is a good thing as I don’t have time to get sick of it that way 😛

visual from the press release

I guess that my descriptions as well as those from the brands, as pretty as might be, don’t really help you much. That’s why I strongly recommend walking into a shop and giving this a sniff.

Personally I fell in love with it and I particularly like to wear it on beautiful sunny days, when I want something fresh but present and slightly sweet.

With mother’s day coming soon, I can only suggest that you go and have a look at it as I’m sure that this lovely bouquet encased in its gorgeous bottle will please many moms.

I briefly thought of giving my bottle to my mum but actually I like it way too much to even consider giving it away !

What’s your fragrance at the moment ?

I’ll see you tomorrow for another edition of the Monday Shadow Challenge, where I’ll be tackling Navy Blue.


*product given by the PR company