The REALLY Mattifying Hydrating Fluid | Caudalie Vinosource

Hello my Bunnies,

I don’t know what you think, but at the moment, I’m not particularly happy with my posting schedule. The MSC has thrown me completely off balance and I post on mondays before abandoning you until sunday. But I’m trying to make things better !

On this note, there won’t be a MSC post tomorrow as I unfortunately didn’t manage to take enough pictures or do a good enough look with yellow shadows. However, I’ll be posting a picture on my Facebook page (here) as well as on the MSC Facebook page (here).

But enough with the updates, let’s get down to today’s business, the Caudalie Vinosource Moisturizing Mattifying Fluid* that’s coming out this month.

I’ve had oily skin for as long as I can remember and when I realised that I needed hydration I tried to use mattifying hydrating lotions but I was always disappointed as I didn’t find them mattifying enough. They weren’t making me shiny by any means but they were not making my skin more matte either.

I then started to use nothing but the La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo+ treatment as my morning routine (sometimes paired with a toner or a serum) and I would use hydrating lotions at night when I wouldn’t mind getting a bit shiny.

But that was before … Before I discovered Caudalie’s latest launch.

I few weeks ago, I found a very cute parcel on my doorstep, full of lovely pink tubes, amongst which, this mattifying fluid. (You may have seen my instagram picture (here))

While I’m at it … let’s start with the packaging. I don’t have much to say apart from:
Pink, cute, pink, convenient, pink, adorable, pink, fresh, pink, spring-appropriate, pink, summery, pink, prettyyyyyy !

So yes … I’m in loooove with the packaging. But is what’s inside any good or will it just serve to decorate the side of my sink ?

So, did this little pink tube change my life ? Well … it kinda did. (To the extent a skincare product can change someone’s life that is ..!)

Inside this little pink tube, you’ll find a white gel, extremely fresh, light and delicately scented.

The product glides on the skin effortlessly and leaves a very pleasant feeling. The mattifying effect doesn’t disappoint and a minute or so after applying, the product has dried and my skin is well and truly mattified.

Makeup applies very well on top of it and I’d go as far as saying that I don’t need to touch up my skin with powder as much as I usually do when I use this product in the morning (I’ll never be able to go through a whole day without repowdering anyways, my skin’s too keen on producing heaps and heaps of sebum -.-)

I think that it’s important to note that this is a moisturizing mattifying fluid and not a mattifying moisturizing fluid. The difference is perceptible on the skin.

What ?! Well, what I mean is that this product’s purpose is to mattify more than anything else and they’ve added moisturising properties to it, but it’s not a moisturiser that will also mattify.

This means that the product doesn’t give a ton of moisture but rather focuses on mattifying the skin.

On a day to day basis, this works great on my skin, and gives enough hydration. I’ve kept on using more hydrating products at night which means that I don’t need as much moisture in the morning.

However, on days when I feel that my skin is a bit tight, I add a hydrating serum to my morning skincare routine (for instance the Reficis Soie-Douce hydrating serum which I loooove) and end the routine with the mattifying fluid, which works just as well on top of a hydrating serum as it does on its own.

So … what we have here is a great little product if you’re looking for a hint of hydration and a lot of mattifying power. I find that it’s a real pleasure to use it everyday, as it feels really nice on the skin and is exactly what I’m after in terms of daily skincare product.

If you’re looking for a mattifying treatment, I recommend that you go and give this one a try. Like I said, it’s out this month and you’ll find it at any good Caudalie counter at CHF27.60 for 40ml.

For those of you who don’t have oily skin, or are in need of a bit more moisture, Caudalie has launched three other products at the same time as this one: a moisturizing sorbet, a moisture recovery cream and an intense moisture rescue cream so as to cater for every skin type (all of these also available in pink packaging, of course !)

What’s your favourite daily skincare product ? Have you tried any of the products from this range ?


*product sent by the PR company for consideration