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Hello my Bunnies,

Who says spring says fresh pastel colours, am I right ?

Today I have two new products to talk to you about and as a matter of fact, they’re both pastel (what a coincidence !) You may have seen them in shops already as they launched in march.

Personally it was my first encounter with Shiseido and I must say that I’m quite happy with what I tried out.

Maybe I should start by explaining my title …

The word pressed, comes from what must have been taken into account during the creation of the products. Indeed, they created a masque  intended to help the skin of those of us who can’t sleep 8h/night (honestly though, who can ?! ^^) as well as a mist that is supposed to be a quick way to refresh the skin on the go.

The word princess comes from yours truly. That is because I consider these products to be “princess products” as they’re by no means essential but such a pleasure to use !

Let me explain why, it’s just there, down below.

Shiseido Ibuki Beauty Sleeping Mask*

As I was saying earlier, this masque is supposed to give your skin all the benefits of 8 hours of sleep even when you can’t sleep for that long.

It’s supposed to visibly corrects dullness and tired looking skin.

That’s what they tell us anyway.

So what happens when you actually get it out of the box ?

The masque has a gelatinous consistency that’s extremely slippery. It’s also very fresh and delicately scented.

Its freshness is very enjoyable and I dare say that it’ll be even more appreciated come summer time.

It’s a real pleasure to apply it on the face. It’s very smooth upon application and isn’t sticky. Its gel formula means that a little product will go a very long way. (I’ve been using it for weeks and I just can’t seem to get used to it. I always have enough product to do my face, neck, cleavage and arms… up to my elbows …)

The masque comes with a little spatula that help to take the product out of the jar without putting too many bacterias in. It also makes it a lot easier as the slippy texture makes it really hard to take it out of the jar using fingers.

Another characteristic is that the masque is that it contains little white beads (condensed vitamins capsules they say) that offer a light face massage upon application.

And the results ?

After using this masque overnight, I have to admit that the next morning my skin is very soft and hydrated.

It doesn’t feel tight at all and is very supple to the touch.

However, due to my many blemishes and scars, I must say that I’m not the best judge of my skin in the morning as I find it horrible anyways. But it feels really nice both to the touch and to “wear your skin”.

However, I must admit that results wise it’s not terribly different to a good hydrating night cream and I can’t say I can see a real difference.

In my opinion, the difference lies in the experience when you’re using the masque.

The smell, the light massage of the vitamins capsules, the lightness and freshness of the formula make this masque an extremely pleasant and relaxing addition to any night time routine.

Here’s why, in my opinion, this masque is a princess product. In terms of results, it’s not terribly different to a good night creams.

However, it is a lot more pleasant to use and that’s what makes the difference.

So it’s for each and everyone of us to decide whether that’s important or not.

You can find this product where they sell Shiseido products (in Switzerland you can find it at Coop City for instance) and it’s been available since march.

Shiseido Ibuki Quick Fix Mist*

This product is also a gel but it transforms into a mist when you spray it. It is a product that is supposed to visibly corrects shine, dehydration and day-worn skin conditions caused by day-time stress.

You could see it as your ally to keep a fresh looking skin all day long.

It’s also a very fresh and delicately scented product that is already pleasant to use now but that will be even better during the summer months.

The bottle is fairly small (iPhone 5 but thicker) and can thus easily be carried around in your handbag.

I loooooove using this product, because when I use it I can feel that my skin is relieved. The effect is refreshing but not only because the product is cold, but also because it as cooling ingredients.

It’s supposed to fight shine, and I must say that that’s what attracted me to it immediately. You shouldn’t expect this product to have the same effect as a new layer of powder but it does make a difference. I’d say that it balances the skin, hydrating any dry area and visibly reducing shine on greasy areas.

I also like using it when I feel like I used too much powder to get rid off the overly powdery look on my skin.

Once more, as you can see, this product is by no means a necessity but it is terribly pleasant and it really makes a difference.

After using it, my skin feel more comfortable and looks nicer too. It gives your skin a very natural look. It’s not essentials but it sure is pleasant.

You’ll find it at the same places as the masque, but I must go and look up the price as I have forgotten it =/

And don’t forget, being a princess, with moderation, is extremely important 😉

What are YOUR princess products ?


*product sent by the PR company for consideration

  • Hah! I just posted a post with a product I couldn't tell the price too. So happy I'm not the only one 😉 I don't know either of the products and haven't tried anything from Shiseido but they do sound like great princess products 🙂 I like to use refreshing sprays like the Caudalie Eau de beauté or the new Eau de raisin, that's my kind of princess product.
    Looking forward to seeing you again!

    xx Cheryl
    Cheryl | SwissBeautyTalk

  • It's quite similar to Caudalie's sprays but the ones from caudalie tend to make me a little bit shiny whereas this one tends to help me get a little less shiny. Which is why i love it a lot more =)
    see you in june =D

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